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Sound Quality

I used my Intellifex (one of the first series) 4 years with a Dual Recto, now I've it with my DIEZEL Herbert setup. Although HERBERT's got a parallel loop and a switchable serial loop, I have the Intellifex in the always-on-serial loop, which means: no noise at all, even at high-gain settings it works vrey quiet. What I like most is the Rocktron HUSH in the intellifex, works really well. I don't use much effects on my guitar sound (btw, most Robin Custom Guitars and a Les Paul Custom), but I like adding some chorus on clean sounds, which are hard to find out how to set on the Intellifex, but once you managed the right settings, the chorus sounds superb. Also some short Delay for high-gain lead guitar, the funny thing is, delay effects are easily set with this unit, and are also sounding very, very good (I even used it once for recording Vocals, which I usually do with Lexicon. It sounded quite good!).


Never broke in 6 years. I think I'll have to replace the memory battery, just for the case...

General Comments

I don't like my guitar signal messed up with to much devices in the path. I go strictly (ok, through a Dunlop Wha) to the DIEZEL HERBERT.

I just want one device for all effects to handle, and since I need chorus and Delay, this one does the trick PLUS provides a gread working HUSH. What more can you ask for by about 500US$?

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