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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Set up: Gibson LP -> Alesis 3630 -> JMP-1 -> Eventide Harmonizer (FX Loop) ->Alesis 3630 -> EQ -> Marshall 9200 -> Marshall Cab. I am not sure if it is my particular model, but the level of dead noise is extreemly to high. When the Overdrive is on and nothing is being played it just hums and the other thing Im not to impressed with is the volume difference between the clean and overdriven. If you can get a model (Im sure any new one) that doesnt produce a dead noise then this is great, but I wouldnt use it alone. Not enough variety of distortion. Granted it is supposed to model the marshall sound, but it still isnt "that" close to it. I would use it in an FX loop of another preamp or serial for more gain, but overall it is a wonderful preamp for someone that just needs alittle push, but I have to admit - if you are going to spend money on this, dont. Get (sad to say) a Tech21 PSA1 preamp or a Mesa Boogie Triaxis.


Sent it in to the repair guy to many times. Always something wrong with it. Sold the dumb thing on ebay.

General Comments

As I said, its nice if you use as a preamp to another preamp, but not alone. If you stack two of these on top of each other, then I might like it better, but not one. I was actually quite let down by the quality of this item. All the hipe of over it..."The basic sound of MCIS sound"...um...no. It might be in their set up, but it isnt the sound you hear. Dont bother if you are a Pumpkins fan looking for the pumpkins sound. If you can find one on ebay for 300 or so, go for it - its worth that much. But for heavens sake, dont spend 700 on musiciansfriend for it.

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