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Sound Quality

This unit is very quiet, but I noticed the noise gates on the preset patches are set a little high for my playing( rock, heavy metal), however this is very easy to fix. I feel Digitech effects are the best in the business out of all the prossesers I have used, except for the wah, Digitech should go back to the drawing on this one. Its a good thing cry baby wahs are relativly cheap! The distotion tones are unbelievable! There simply isn't any tone you can't get with this unit. The blues patches are unreal and the dynamics via the tubes are "hair tingling". The reverbs, well I've yet to hear any that even compare, especially Gigaverb. I never even new how to play jazz until I hit the jazz presets on this unit, they are that good!


Well I think I just have bad luck becase the one I bought started making funny noises right out of the box. It wasn't a big deal though because the dealer I bought it from let me use another one until it is fixed. I've heard that if anything is going to go wrong on Digitech stuff it usually happens right away. I would always have some kind of back up on a gig!

General Comments

Except for the wah this is the best preamp/processor I have ever used, period! I should have bought this unit right from the start, especially considering the bath I took on all the products that I bought and traded in along the way, on my long quest for "guitar tone supremecy", oh well you live and learn I guess. If you want the confidance of knowing that you can get any tone, or play any style of music that you want,this is the unit for you.

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