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Sound Quality

It sounds like a vintage SG. Just Great. It is exactly what I was looking for. Les Paul sound, free & easy acess to the entire fretboard. Just like a vintage SG! Without the ugly "Cherry" or Brown finish.


I wouldn't have any fear gigging or touring with this little guitar. It may say Epiphone but it's all Gibson. Very solid feel, quality components, well built, top notch. Solid inside & out. No worries. Never smart to gig without a back-up assuming you can afford it. If I had to play with only this little guitar I would have no fear.

General Comments

Bravo. Epiphone did working musicians a huge favor with this little guitar. Beautifully crafted re-creation of a vintage SG. Looks like an SG, sounds like an SG, plays like an SG. It IS an SG. A real SG at way under half the price of a real Gibson - what a steal. If lost or stolen I would definitely "steal" another one. I've been looking for a budget friendly double-cut guitar for about 2 years. I turned my nose up at the G-400 for a long time to my own detriment. Play one at a guitar shop near you. You'll be stunned at the overwhelming value of these little guitars. Nothing on the market can compete at 3 to 4 times the price.


Check the back of the headstock for the "Custom Shop/Limited Edition" logo. It matters.

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