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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I can't say enough good things about this pedal (and this Digitech line in general). This pedal is super quiet and has the warmest, most tube-like overdrive sound of any overdrive pedal I've ever used. Use a humbucker equipped guitar and it nails amazingly warm plexi/AC-DC type sounds. Use single coils and you're in Hendrix/Texas blues territory. Kick this pedal in in front of an already moderately distorted tube amp and you've got an incredibly warm, fat ultra gain sound that sustains for days with clarity and best of all it doesn't create feedback like so many other pedals do. On top of the way it sounds through an amp you also get the emulated direct out for going straight to a mixer. It sounds just as fantastic for recording direct to the board. Yes, this pedal f***ing rocks!


I would never have expected this level of rugged build from a pedal in this price range. It weighs a ton and is very solid. It won't skid across the floor, and the battery access design is ingenious. Instead of the crappy plastic cover DOD approach or even the slightly less crappy "unscrew the plastic finger-screw" Boss approach it has two metal pins (one on each side) that you simply push in with a 1/4" guitar plug (or similar sized object). When the battery has been replaced, you just pop the top back down by hand and you're ready to rock again. Also, the battery life for this pedal is nice and long. I've run my current battery (a standard Energizer) in it for over 6 hours and it's still doing fine.

General Comments

I play mostly very hard rock. Live, I use this pedal into my Marshall TSL100 half stack. I've been playing for 20 years and I must say that this pedal surprised me. Now go buy one.

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