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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

The output on this guy is pretty hot and powerful. Right now Im using it through a VOX valvetronix. The VOX in itself is already a pretty warm amp but it seems to compliment the super distortion pretty well. I use the VOX in the "UK Modern" setting which I think is just a modern marshall amp sound. The distortion has really great power with this pickup. If Im not using my VOX Im recording through my PODxt using the Soldano model. Ive never heard my PODxt sound so awesome. Sounds really full, powerful and professional. I mostly play old school neoclassical type shred and this is definitely the pickup to pull that off. The overall tone of this pup I have to say is balanced. Its just really hot and distorts extremely well. But I dont really notice any overall bass or treble of mids killing anything. Its warmer than my old EMG style ones but I was expecting that. Great sound IMO.



General Comments

If it were stolen I would buy another one. There are other pickups Im interested in hearing but this pickup rocks pretty hard. Much better than the Ibanez stock EMG things.


Ive been playing guitar for about 15 years now. I was playing bass for about 4 years until I saw G3 and then I switched back to guitar :p


Ive gotten more seriously into metal leads and shredding for about the past 6 months now.


Ive read in some places that this pickup is "outdated" and thats kinda one of the reasons I bought it. I knew it would get that classic shred tone and yup, I was right. Although Im sure it has many modern applications. Its really great for anything heavy I would think. It is a shred master though for those looking for that tone. If you want power in your distorted leads this is a great choice.

Reviewer's Background

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