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Think your reso head don't matta? (clip)

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I know most of us know that the reso head has more to do with the tone of the drum than the batter, but, here's a clip illistrating that!


First 3, reference point

Second 3, tuned reso head up 1/8th turn at each lug

Third 3, tuned batter head down 1/th turn at each lug

4th 3, tuned reso head down 1/8th (reference point)


The thing to listen for is how much the pitch of the drum shifts when I changed the tuning of the resonant side. Batter side changes didn't affect the sound of the drum so much, but did add some artifacts...(and the feel)


Sorry for the crappy tuning, this was done quick and dirty. ;)


Drum is a Mapex Pro-M 16x16 Maple Floor Tom, 8-lug w/ 2.3mm hoops, heads Remo Clear Emperor Batter, Remo Clear Ambassador on Resonant.


These are done as raw as possible, with a single overhead, no EQ, no compression...

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