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Sound Quality

The clean sounds are ok ,but don,t sound like a real amp ,they sound to proccesed.(factory presets are swimming in effects) Offcourse you can backup the effects,but still clean sound stays sterile. Distortion(grunge etc) sounds are to overcompressed only the tube distortions sounds are ok. Effects like chorus,delay and reverb are accepteble but not topnotch(like tc electronic or lexicon or rocktron). A big minus is presetswitching there is a gap of a tend of a second but its enough to hear that gap. When using a good tubepoweramp you can breath some live in this sterile sounding box.


Seams to be a sturdy box and built for the road(if you put it in a good flightcase)

General Comments

After dialing in some sounds with the tube and adjusting some eq it sounded acceptable but not like a good tubepre-amp or head with effects.

I used a VHT two/fifty/two and Rocktron Velocity poweramp connected to a speakercabinet with vintage celestions.

The only all in one box i ever used that sounded any good was the Rocktron Voodu Valve(or chameleon).

VooduValve beats Digitech,Line6,Boss and many other all in one solutions.

This thing is way to complicated and sounds sterile.



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