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Devon Pelley

epiphone SG-310 "Hi-Performance" Electric Guitar Pack with Valve Junior Amp

Sound Quality

To be honest, I really like the sound of this guitar. I'm plugged into a Fender Frontman 65r combo, and the tones I get just by fiddling with the controls on my SG are really nice. Theres no hum, and a classic, bright SG tone, while still keeping a surprizing amount of power in the one pickup. Like the tone and accesibility, really don't like the feel of the neck.


I wouldn't trust this guitar to stay in tune for a live gig, basing my trust on the initial set up. With new tuners, I think this would be a great axe to play on stage. It's highly accessible, simple, and fun to play. The guitar's initial hardware was quite simple, and I feel it would be dependable in the years to come. That being said, I wouldn't use any guitar on a gig without a backup.


General Comments

Right now I've been playing for about a year, and I own a nice bit of gear for what I need it for:


Epiphone SG Junior (Refinished/Customized)


Fender Standard Telecaster


Fender Frontman 65r Combo Amp


Cry Baby Wah


Danelectro Chorus


I got it without being asked if it was the one I wanted, but loved it anyways, it was an excellent guitar to learn on, and the only thing I wish it had was a smoother neck. The fretboard's accessibility is probably my favourite feature.

Reviewer's Background

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