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Daniel -xdWJ4

BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

Running this into a Vox Clyde-> Keeley TS9->Voodoo Lab Preamp->BBE Maxcom->Digitech GSP2101 (effects only)->Carvin T100 poweramp-> (2)1-12" closed back cabs with Eminence Cannabis Rex speakers. The Voodoo preamp has no effects loop...so I run this thru the front end...yes, it essentially just adds gain and a bit of volume on the distortion channels...altho' the cleaner stuff is a HUGE volume boost. The preamp has 3 channels.Clean/rhythm/lead. The rhythm and lead channels are very very close, so I set the lead channel at a higher volume and set my Boosta Grande and TS9 as auxiliary levels of extra gain and fatness. This pedal is transparent. It DOES add balls,bottom end..some volume and I guess an extra level of perceived gain thru the distortion channels..but really..it just seems to make it thicker...fuller.But with no loss of detail. It is pretty quiet...true bypass for sure. Made in China...found this out after the fact...but hey. It was a cheap pedal.I try to buy domestic stuff only...but this one snuck in..lol. It is my 5th channel for my preamp. I dunno what else I could ask for from this simple device. Comes with adapter. Solid 9.


Seems well built...Yeah..I would go w/o a backup.I don't "need" this pedal for my rig..it just helps a bit to go over the top for metal stuff..and it is easy to hit a button to back off on tone when I need to... Solid button,steel casing..hope the insides are not rotten...lol

General Comments

I play all sortsa crap... fusion-y metal type music...Shred..that sorta thing. Perfect fit...but not vital to my sound. Been playing over 20 years..barf...Les Pauls,Strats,Teles,etc...Not sure I would buy it again for *THIS* rig...if I had only a clean/dirty channel and an effects loop...and could get a more comprehensive dedicated volume boost...it would be invaluable to me...but as it stands...I could certainly get by w/o it. It does help me make music...I utilize it for different shades..but it really does not affect my tone much...but it is NOT supposed to!

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