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Sound Quality

i play an ibanez js100 through a daddy-o pedal then this pedal to a quadraverb and 3630 to a peavey minx bass amp. the pedal is relatively quiet in the off mode, recently (owned it for 2 years) i have noticed that when all the knobs are cranked and it is in the off mode it builds up a pulse, which is remedied by either turning the knobs down or turning it on for a couple of seconds. it has two different octave levels, one emphasizing a region around 130hz? and the other around 50hz?. as a result the lower octave will seem a lot quieter unless you are using equipment that detects those frequencies. when in use it may flip emphasis back and forth if the signal is not loud enough (i set the octaves mix at approx. 50/50), as if it can't decide which frequency to emphasize. at higher levels it sounds awesome, fattening, deepening the bottom end. i particularly like using it in conjunction with my overdrive pedal (daddy-o), playing leads in this fashion brings awesome low harmonics into play. it has a very unique sound, very strong lower octave pedal, much better than other octave pedals i have tried. if i were to design an octave pedal myself it would be just like this except with a little more consistency at lower levels (part of that problem is because i like to have it set with about equal mix of the two octave ranges, if one were to set it to one or the other range the problem would be no more). excellent sound for the money.


it hasn't broken yet

General Comments

i play dark classical style hard rock (neurosis-like) and this pedal gives me what i need. works well with guitar, i have no idea how it sound with bass. i recommend the combination overdrive to meatbox, produces exquisite lush tones that can be found nowhere else. if my pedal were lost or stolen i would definitely track down another (i think this product has been discontinued).

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