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  1. It’s not an Epiphone though lol... it’s the gibson slash les paul.
  2. Geez i checked my 15 year old myspace page the other day and yup, i’m still following you on there hahahahaha.
  3. So i bought a slash appetite amber burst and found a blem i couldn’t live with, so i took it back and traded it in for one that had just come off the truck while i was there. We unboxed it and the guy there almost thought it was the wrong guitar at first... it was a natural maple finish with zero amber tint! At first i didn’t want to take it, but then i thought it was really nice looking and maybe pretty unique? Any one else seen one with no amber tint to it?
  4. he just sent me a neck and body......... here's what i did with it. pics of before and after...... he didn't want the finish changed, so i just put a little clear over the top. o.k. so after searching my photo bucket...... i lied i don't have any before pics:facepalm:
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