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  1. It’s not an Epiphone though lol... it’s the gibson slash les paul.
  2. Geez i checked my 15 year old myspace page the other day and yup, i’m still following you on there hahahahaha.
  3. So i bought a slash appetite amber burst and found a blem i couldn’t live with, so i took it back and traded it in for one that had just come off the truck while i was there. We unboxed it and the guy there almost thought it was the wrong guitar at first... it was a natural maple finish with zero amber tint! At first i didn’t want to take it, but then i thought it was really nice looking and maybe pretty unique? Any one else seen one with no amber tint to it?
  4. Depends on what you call old lol. Been around awhile. 2006 to be exact.
  5. Don't be afraid to make an offer lol...
  6. Don't be afraid to make an offer lol
  7. Asking 85.00 paypal'd and shipped.
  8. Looking To sell my karl lovepedal fuzz. Like new, but no box... Lost it moving. Asking 100.00 paypal'd and shipped.
  9. Wanting to sell my like new, only used for about ten min, el capistan tape echo. 250.00 paypal'd and shipped.
  10. wow.... i'm a bit late on the reply, but i still do have it! i usually just check my email for pm's, so my bad
  11. last price drop.... 275.00 shipped, but paypal has to be sent as a gift you can check my past seller references, I'm legit.
  12. i got the micro xl new in a trade with a music store and just never found the right use for it with my music. my loss your gain willing to let it go for 350.00 shipped... it's 499.00 new, so i figure that's a pretty good deal:thu: paypal is fine with me. feel free to send me an offer though if you think the price is too high. you never know i might just go for it![ATTACH=CONFIG]341423[/ATTACH]
  13. feel free to send me an offer... price is not set in stone
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