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  1. --DAM Meathead Clone --Brand new and true to the original with axial components, massive sounding fuzz. It is brand new but it does have a few small blemishes on the side of the pedal. The average person most likely would not notice these but I believe in full disclosure. The face of the pedal is pristine $98 I'm not particularly looking for trades but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't entertain them... Trades + Cash are considered above all else, PM me.
  2. Do you make the pedalboards in your pictures? How much would i be looking at for a 17x12 board? Check out the selloff thread in my SIG, I actually have a brand new one for sale
  3. Aaron SS


    Logan 5 Ring Mod - Brand new with a silver sparkle powdercoated enclosure and sweet skirted knobs. This circuit is really unique and offbeat, lots of fun. This is the only video I know of of it : [video=youtube;U4WWgLX0DiE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4WWgLX0DiE&feature=related I'm open to offers on this, just looking to try something new as I've got another one anyway. PM me.
  4. Aaron SS


    --Celestion G12T-75--16 ohm in excellent condition. $50 --BBE Free Fuzz--A few blemishes but works great. $40 Prices are firm, shipped, and paypal gifted. If you're not down with PP gift please let me know beforehand. No trades at this time. Feel free to ask any and all questions.
  5. Aaron SS


    Check back frequently, I have nearly 30 items to list for sale today.... --EHX Holy Grail Nano--Mint condition with original box and manual. $OLD --Proco Rat Clone/Landgraff M'OD --Brand new and has the LM308 chip + clipping toggle for more tonal options. This pedal is easily one of my favorite yet, from smooth to aggressive with everything in between. $OLD --DAM Meathead Clone --Brand new and true to the original with axial components, massive sounding fuzz. SOLD --SHO Clone--Brand new, clean build, and it crackles. $OLD --ROGW Custom Pedalboard--Brand new, same size as a PT-JR, 3/4" ply, metal edging, pro quality board. Comes with a fitted bag made by Gator. $65 --M-Audio Axiom 61--Excellent condition with only home use, missing one slider, only selling as I recently got an Axiom 25. $200 --UNO Modded FCB1010--Excellent condition, only used for a short time with my Axe FX. Still has the plastic on it. $OLD --Rocktron Midimate--Great condition with some signs of usage, again used for a short time with my Axe FX.$OLD
  6. Bump. Plugs are back in stock, build time is 1 week.
  7. So...I'd like to order five 6" monorail patches with pancake plugs. I sent you a message a while back about pricing and got no reply. Shoot me a PM please. PM'd, sorry I must've missed your PM.
  8. Aaron SS

    SHO Clone

    Sounds good, I'm completely fine with international shipping
  9. PM'd you a few days ago, I can build you one.
  10. Excellent condition - only used at home. $1250 shipped OBO Does not include the rack case or recording interface
  11. I'm looking for something to go in front of my chain, I at this time do not have any trade bate so how much would you charge for one straight up? Thanks Rory PM'd
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