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  1. Craig: I took a quick look through the posts but did not see the answer to this, unless I missed it: --- Just curious, why would the unit record/playback at 44/48/96/192 khz but not the 88 khz rate? Is there any particular reason, since all other rates seem to be covered? Thanks
  2. I haven't but I would be interested in the results as I picked up one of the old Casio MIDI guitars some time ago (Strat-like model).
  3. I have a Casio MG510. The guitar part is much nicer than the MIDI, but at least it has a real MIDI out. Usually it goes into an old Roland MT-32. Burnout... How well/fast does the old Casio track? I picked one up some time ago but have yet to get into it.
  4. I have a 71 Princeton Amp (the circuit is a bit different than the Princeton Reverb from the same era - more clean headroom / doesn't break up as early) that I scored, in thrashed but working condition from a local pawn shop for $80. Of course, I wound up putting a couple hundred + into it to bring it back up to speed... new grille, new caps, new blackface front plate, new RI Jensen C10 speaker... it's a FANTASTIC sounding amp. Princetons are, IMHO, one of the all time GREAT amps. Perfect for recording, and great for smaller gigs... or, miked up, larger gigs. If you find one in good shape for $400, don't ask - HIT NOW. I have about this same amp as Phil...picked mine up used back around 1980, (I think it was) for $50 bucks. What a score. I've seen them the last couple of years a few times going for $350-475 or so in Guitar Center and places like that. I think it's a 12-watt monster.
  5. I have exactly that guitar in my collection. Picked it up on ebay for a mere $106 in excellent/new condition. And picked it up locally so no shipping charges. A good player, but I think a pickup upgrade will happen sometime in the future. The HBs in it now are a bit "soft" if you know what I mean. Not a lot of clarity; a touch of mud. I have a Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell that I would consider for this guitar and maybe a P90 as well. Lots of folks like the P90 version of this guitar, more than the HB version from what I've read. At first I didn't like the neck. I like it a bit more after playing the guitar for awhile, but am unsure if I will grow any more fonder of it (neck) than I am now.
  6. Tech 21 Trademark 10 (analog, but not tube or digital) and the Fender Princeton come to mind.
  7. I am a great believer in avoiding things that may damage one's health....Hence, I would show little favor to fiberglass panels that were not 100% airtight, no matter what the "experts" may have to say about the matter. There's got to be another healthier way. I had the opportunity to work a bit with fiberglass many years ago to a very minor degree. Despite precautions I thought were adequate, the damn stuff still found its way on my skin and it is not a pleasant feeling. Itching is not quite how I would desribe it...more like little shivers of broken glass that has scraped your skin and planted itself where no amount of sanitation can remove it. It...sucks. Kind of like torture. What it can do to your lungs is probably much more dangerous. I would probably never use it in a studio, should I ever have anything larger than what I have now...a small, bedroom-type of set-up. I would seek other more natural solutions. And foam does leach chemicals into the air as well. I won't use a foam pillow. I dig the idea of the paper goo for diffusion/absorption, though I know little of the science of sound wave reflections/absorption and the like. Just a thought: Perhaps it would be beneficial to constuct a wired framing of some sort, a skeleton, so to speak, if you wanted the density to be less than it would be in the more solid framing done with foam, as MC did. Then apply the paper goo to it with a putty knife. Anyway, just a thought that popped into my head while reading this very interesting thread.
  8. DeathMonkey Quote: "Philadelphia" - Incredibly brave movie. The song still makes me weep as well. I had a relative die from AIDS back before any of the somewhat effective treatments were discovered.. This is the only song that can make me cry. The horror; the loneliness. It's making me sad now just thinking about it.
  9. Old Yeller. When I saw this movie as a kid, many years ago, I didn't think anything else could be more sad.
  10. Stopped in to wish the best for your son again, Kev, and to say a little prayer for him and GT5litre's wife. There just is nothing like the emptiness and sadness you feel when it's a family member that's hurting. And damn, when I saw you son's picture, I thought I WAS looking at Derek Trucks! Every day is a miracle. I need to remember that myself as too often I tend to be a cranky, mad person...and you miss out on what it's all about living that way.
  11. So, is this guitar off the market? No answer to my email.
  12. Just as a side-note to you astronomy buffs: I've been looking skyward for the aliens my entire life and I've been around awhile. Haven't seen 'em as far as I know but it doesn't mean they ain't there. Also, tuned in to Nostradamus, Cayce, Bible, Mayans, Numerology, future astral positionings, etc. December 23, 2012. All I can say is --- Beware.
  13. Read through all posts in the middle of the night, quite tired (and have not yet listened to any of the recorded samples) so I may have missed any comments on something similar, but: As a solo, I sing and play guitar, but throw in bits and pieces of little guitar leads as I go along, sometimes still singing, sometimes not. The lead bits are runs off the chord sequence I'm playing --- say for example, C-Am-F-G --- , usually after the chord is strummed. Would this foul the Vocalist up too much, causing me to tone down my normal style of performing, or would it be able to deal with it?
  14. Keyman: Just said a prayer for your boy. Since I'm in NJ (Toms River; used to live in Belleville), I know it got to him quickly. Kids are tough. They're stronger than we are. He'll make it. gt5litre: Just caught your post as well and said a prayer for your wife, too. Bless you all. Feel the love. We all pull for you guys and that's what it's all about.
  15. Don't know if this has been noted in the thread before but the Satellite's price has been dropped to $200 at Sam Ash and other places for those interested.
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