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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Science! View Post
    really. hmmm.

    Glad I went with the red too then.

    The Red doesn't do low low gain very well, imo. Kind of sounds like the high gain channel on an amp backed way off. Not bad sounds, just not as clear as I like them to be.
    I'll be using this mostly for high gain anyway. smile.gif

    I was assuming that's where the blue would come in?
    If they match up to the XTC amp channels, then yes, the Blue would have a bit less gain and a bit more edge. Personally, I think of them both as being pretty high gain, but just a different character to the sound; if I need mid-gain, I use the Blue and back off the guitar volume.
  2. supposedly last 10x as long (that's what the package said). If that's true, then I suppose it works out to the same price over 10 years, or whatever. I dunno though.


    Incandescents run anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 hours on average. LEDs go 25,000 to 50,000 hours. They're almost a better buy just on replacement cost, let alone energy savings.

  3. they need to sell warmer CFLS. Most of them are too white/harsh for my taste


    Screw CFLs and the mercury in 'em.


    I'm in the process of switching over my whole house to LED. If you get the ones with a 2700k color temp, they look VERY close to a regular incandescent, and only use about 1/5 the power. I put a 14W Par 30 into a recessed can yesterday, and it was brighter and warmer looking than the 65W incandescent in the next fixture over. Add to that the fact that they last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours (regular incandescents are 1,500-3,000), and don't have the warmup time issues of CFLs, and it's a no-brainer.:thu:

  4. it's one song. play it. if it sucks and everyone hates it, *then* complain.




    I once was in a band where they decided to play a song that I absolutely DESPISE. Tha bass player and I made an agreement - I told him I'd play it ONCE, and if the dance floor wasn't packed to the hilt, I'd never play it again.


    What I didn't know was that the local baseball team was using that song in their seventh inning stretch - at every game. We played it, the dance floor was absolutely packed, I lost. :idk:


    The real question is this - are you trying to be an entertainer, or are you trying to be a "musician"? Entertainers draw larger crowds and get paid more......

  5. 1: Pinking the system seems like the real turd polishing, especially when it's more expensive than upgrading the speakers.


    Not true. Unless you're looking at REALLY cheap replacement drivers, a noise generator and some RTA software is a LOT less expensive. If you want to go bottom-dollar, look at PartsExpress.com for the noise generator and do a quick web search for RTA software. Heck, you can use freeware on a cheap laptop with a $69 cal'd mic and do a whole lot better than you can with your ears (unless you have lots of experience and training, in which case you wouldn't have posted the question to begin with). [Caveat: To go this route, you really do need the right sort of mic. Trying to use whatever vocal or drum mic is lying around unused will really screw up your results.]


    2: I seriously doubt that the cabs I have were tuned to anything when they put those speakers in. I'm willing to bet that the enclosure follows a universal design used by countless manufacturers (they look like every other PA cab out there) and that the differences in measurements and tuning frequency between these manufacturers are nil.


    Not likely - even at the very low-end (which is where Sonic lies). There's a LOT of difference between speakers that requires attention to the box size, backpressure, and resonance tuning. Using a mis-matched speaker will give you at best really bad sound or reduced output levels - at worst a blown driver.


    That being said, I'm not looking to use these cabs as the main units in a live situation. I'm sure that whatever place is worthy will have plenty of their own equipment and if a said place doesn't than it probably isn't large enough or important enough to care about top-notch sound.


    [Hint: Most bands that end up being successful do so by being the best act in whatever venue they are in - and that includes sound quality. Give them better than they're used to hearing, even if it's the worst place in town.]


    I'm a guy used to upgrading everything. I've swapped out all of the pickups in my guitars, electronics, put caps in my amps, built amps, built guitars - I know I'm not a fool to believe that upgrading doesn't make a difference when done appropriately. That being said, I was not simply going to toss in a said known speaker for the sake of having a placebo effect in buying some new, shiny hardware to make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. I'm looking for real results but expecting real outcomes.


    1) Swapping drivers in a PA cabinet ain't like swapping pickups in a guitar. Physically the process may be of similar difficulty, but the selection process is nowhere near the same level.

    2) If you want "real results", then you need to do the analysis. There are lots of freeware speaker sim packages out there - I think a few were linked above - and it would be a really good idea to give them a shot. Try a few different drivers against the boxes you have, and you'll see the range of results you can get. If you're hell-bent on trying to save the boxes, it can probably be done, and you may well be able to end up with something better than it was originally, but it won't be as simple as choosing a driver by brand, price, or reputation. The good news is that you seem like the kind of guy who'd enjoy doing it and would learn a lot in the process.

  6. Trying to find a good speaker match for your existing boxes can be tricky.

    The boxes will have their own tuning (volume / feq response).

    You'll end up spending more on different speakers than it would cost to buy new boxes.


    This. All the noise above about properly setting up a system (and the various ways to do it) is nice, but the fact is that junk speakers will still sound like junk, mid-grade will still sound decent, and top-end stuff will sound really good (if set up right).


    Unless you know something about speaker enclosure design and are comfortable doing the math around the T-S specs for the various speakers that would fit in your boxes, you're likely to end up with a very expensive mistake.

  7. Avoid hickory at all costs unless you like being hopelessly lost.


    Tru dat. If anyone tells you they're on "10th Street NW", abandon all hope.


    Valid street names include:

    10th Street

    10th Street Drive

    10th Street Circle

    10th Street Boulevard

    10th Street Lane

    10th Street Place

    10th Avenue

    10th Street Circle Drive


    ....and that's just in the NW quadrant.



  8. I'm thinking of starting a cover/bar band with a couple buddies, and I need to get together a song list of some popular rock songs that a wide audience would enjoy, but that are still fun to play. Unfortunately in my whole itunes there's only a couple songs that I think would fit the bill so I would like your input. It'll prob be a four piece or maybe five piece group, two guitars, bass, drums, and maybe keys, so that may narrow things down slightly. Thanks fellas.


    What's the age range of your target audience? What local clubs/bars are hiring, and what goes over well in those venues?

  9. Nearby - in Hickory - is a VERY good restaurant near the college.




    Rather pricey, but if you're a foodie you'll love it. Outstanding wine list, too, with the glass "cave" in the center of the restaurant! The owner's a great guy - my wife and I got to know him over 20 years ago, and have watched him make his way up. You can find the same sort of thing in Charlotte in the banking district, but here you get the top-drawer experience without the snobbery.

  10. anyone gig with the ada in a metal band?

    Modern metal or older stuff? It's the absolute deal for 80s and early 90s metal. Probably not enough gain for current high-gain stuff, though.

  11. What sounds better in your opinion for a live metal band?

    The players are Ada MP-1, Art SLA1, GSP1101, and if I need one I can buy a mesa 50/50 (the older ones).


    In that realm, one of may favorite ever setups was (is) an MP-1 through the power section of an old Marshall 3203 - but any tube power section will do. Just go straight into the MP-1, then run it's output into the FX return of a good tube amp - now you have SS or tube pre-amp and 100+ patch selections, all MIDI-selectable. Lots cheaper than any midi-capable all-tube amp, too..... That rig got me through the 80s in style.:thu:

  12. only do this if you're fixing it yourself.

    No actual mechanic will give a {censored} about what autozone told you. He will have his own diagnostic tool and will diagnose it properly. Don't insist on what autozone tells you, as you WILL draw ire.

    note: this only applies if you've got a CEL. No light, and the scanner won't tell you anything, and you will be wasting time.


    Not true - you can read intermittent codes with a OBD scanner that won't set the light - you just have to have the right scan tool, and know how to use it correctly (and the AutoZone/Advance guy may or may not know enough to help). Any code that the dealer can read, you can read as well - the key is knowing what they really mean.

  13. Take it to Autozone and have do a FREE ODB2 scan on it. The FREE scan will give you a FREE idea FREE of FREE what's FREE going FREE on.

    Did I mention it's FREE?


    What he said.


    That engine also has a tendency to have the intake manifold gaskets leak after that many years - you can tell if you're getting a "lean cylinder" code.

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