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  1. The Fractal Axe FX III Mk 2 showed up yesterday.  Four main impressions:

    1)  This is a well built piece of equipment.

    2)  A single-page quick-start guide would be a really good idea.

    3)  There are some great modelling sounds in the box, but it's going to take some serious effort to coax them out.  Not as easy and quick as the Kemper, but the flexibility is clearly there to do just about anything you want.

    4)  The FX in this thing sound absolutely incredible. 

  2. ...and ordered a Fractal Axe-FX III.

    I love my Bogner, but I'm just fed up with carrying it around.

    Add to that the fact that my vintage 90s rack rig has started to make some really great, creative sounds that I never programmed, and it's time to try something new for a while.

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Axe-FX?   Good?  Bad?  Ugly?

  3. On 2/24/2021 at 10:08 PM, Eshawn60 said:

    Hey guys!


    it’s been ages since I have been back on these forums!

    I’ve finally gotten back into a place where I can start finishing my rig at home.

    I have the following:

    Soldano SLO30

    Rev G Mesa Dual Recto

    Engl Artist series 50


    loving each of the amps, but what would you add in with these 3 amps to complete it?

    Bogner XTC

    Axe FX III

  4. Excuse me for a few minutes guys......


    .......I have a fire to light....


    ....that Custom Shop LP was sitting around here somewhere.....

  5. Maybe it's a difference in the area, but:

    I have played 8 paying shows over the last three weekends, one of which was virtual.  Audiences were smaller (covid-limited), but present for the other 7.  I have another 6 nights booked in early May, and I was offered a 6-night show in April that I had to turn down due to conflict with my daughter's wedding.  I also have a few nights booked in June and October.

    Even better, I am scheduled to get the vaccine 1st dose tomorrow afternoon.

    It's not back to what it used to be, but it's coming back .......  slowly.......

  6. Over the holiday break, I decided to start playing around with some recording.  I ended up getting roped into doing some large group mixes for a virtual benefit concert....and figured out that I'm in a bit over my head. 

    I know the basics of how things function, but knowing what to do with them to make a recording sound good is where I am a stone-cold beginner.   Below is a link to a really rough song that I've put together to us as a learning tool.  What I'm looking for is an idea of what's wrong with this mix, and what I should be listening for to make it better.  Nay and all input is welcomed, and feel free to be brutally honest.  That said the playing/singing isn't the point - I'm specifically using this to work on my recording/mixing skills.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zsjvpyh2gtgyyv/Amie - Rough Mix 1.wav?dl=0

  7. They say:

    I have too much gear, and need to trim down my collection

    What they really mean is:

    I finally got a good amp and now realize how awful this thing really sounds

    They say:

    Mint condition, only occasionally used in my home studio

    What they really mean is:

    I got taken when I bought this, I refuse to be seen playing it in public, and want it out of my sight.

    They say:

    It's a real vintage beauty with tons of mojo

    What they really mean is:

    It's beat to hell and may not work for more than another 15 minutes before going up in smoke.

    They say:

    This was my main gig rig, but no longer playing shows so I don't need it anymore

    What they really mean is:

    My parents bought me this piece of junk in junior high, I'm not good enough to get any gigs and have finally given up trying to learn to play.

    They say:

    This is a great rehearsal amp that needs a home

    What they really mean is:

    My wife sold my Squier strat in a garage sale, and she wants this thing out of the house, too.


    They say:

    Plenty of life left in the tubes

    What they really mean is:

    I changed the tubes and it still sounds terrible


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  8. 19 minutes ago, The Other Paul said:

    Marshall JCM900 100w (set to 50), 2x12. Not really a pickup connoisseur. Plus the pre-amp gives plenty of guts, and tone options. I'm thinking maybe an EMG just for looks.

    With that amp, you can make almost anything sound good.  The EMGs have a very characteristic sound, very good for high-gain metal tones (IMO).  I would never mix an EMG with something else, as they don't mix well with anything else in my experience.  Put in a complete set or stick with something more basic like a PAF-style passive.

  9. 23 hours ago, Freeman Keller said:

    For what it is worth, the official depth of a fender pocket is 5/8 (0.625) with a flat bottom.   Fender necks are 1 inch thick (neck plus fretboard) at the center line, typical total overstand at the center (neck plus fretboard) is 3/8.   Here is a good look at the standards


    This is very helpful - should be on a sticky somewhere around here.....

  10. On 11/3/2020 at 2:17 PM, The Other Paul said:

    I have a SH-1000 that I bought in Vancouver in 1981. Sadly the rear pickup is kacked and I don't have the guitar-fu to know what to replace it with. Any suggestions?

    Pickup selection has more to do with what sound you want from it than what was there before.  What amp do you.use with it?

  11. On 10/10/2020 at 4:06 PM, miktak said:

    I've seen a simple way to acheive what you are asking to do using another amp as an external speaker.  First find the wires to the speaker and cut the wire if you have enough so you can attach a female 1/4" plug, then with the wires coming from your amp to the speaker, connect a male 1/4" plug.  Then plug them together and you can use the amp as usual.  When you unplug the speaker and connect a male 1/4" plug from the line-out from your main amp, you will bypass the amplifier of the second and use only the speaker.  Simple.

    Did you realize that you were replying to a question from 11 years ago?

  12. Well, do you view the guitar as a tool, or as something that you may someday want to sell and get your money back from?

    For selling later, keep it original.  If it's a tool that you want to make music with, mod away to your heart's content.

    IMO, those don't have any real special significance as great instruments, so there's probably not a whole lot of "collector" value to destroy.  Make it work for you.

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