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  1. Slim Phatty with original box / midi cable / rack ears and power cable. $550 shipped lower 48 No trades please. Trying to sell this thing quick so I can pick up an Arp Solus I may be a little flexible on the price. Maybe a little. It's already a good price. The only issue is a metal flange on the back is a little bent. This is shown in the second picture. Does not affect it's function and is just minor cosmetic. The wood kit would cover it which is what I planned to do but never got around to. *This will be available as long as the Arp is so if you want it grab it. *
  2. Whammy 4 with True Bypass Mod and power supply. TB mod has an LED indicator as well. $125 shipped to lower 48.
  3. $1350 OBO plus shipping - I may be down with trades. Don't really know for what though. Maybe a monosynth. Would not mind an original Whammy pedal again. I have a fully reconditioned Juno-60 with all blue leds, recapped, calibrated, lighted bender, custom wood ends, midi and sounds fantastic. The only issue is the bank four button is a little janky. You have to push it a little hard. I think it needs to be cleaned but I'm not brave enough to open it up. There is also a small dent on the top of the synth near the J in Juno. It's not gouged to bare metal. You can see the dent in the pics. Here are some pictures:
  4. FULLTONE CLYDE WAH $135 shipped. Very resonant and long sweep.
  5. $125 Shipped in lower 48. Great sounding wah with plenty of resonant quack. this week only. Just $100 shy on my new Nord so lets move this thing!
  6. Paranoid about Googles new spying and collecting policies? They are now harvesting from Google, G-Mail, YouTube, Maps etc. and keeping this in a file about you. I am never logged in anymore to any of Google's sites. I use Ghostery to help block harvesting. I wonder if they are able to track other tabs? It's a rabbit hole. Don't get sucked into it.
  7. I don't own a goddamn thing that I did in the original post. The only thing I miss is that old RMC wah.
  8. I have a lovely Juno 60 that had the works done by the synth spa. I have about $1300 in this synth. It was fully recapped / calibrated / lighted bender wheel / Blue LED's / real wood sides. It still has the DCB as I have been using a JSQ-60 sequencer with it (not included but I will sell it) Functions perfectly but I'm not a poly synth guy. I have the Rhodes and my Hammond for chords. I have been mainly playing my minimoog D lately and this guy is getting no love from me. I'd like to trade for an MS-10 / MEK PE / Nord Electro 2 or sell it for $975. Here is a photo without the slider caps (they are on there now) $150 for the JSQ-60. If anybody is really serious I'll take and send you some more detailed pics. It's currently on Ebay with 6 days left as of this post. I'll probably buy an MS-10 or Nord Electro 2 with the proceeds. Unless one of you dudes want to trade.
  9. FT: Teese Wizard Wah for another wah I have a made in 2004 Teese Wizard Wah. No scratches and functions perfect. The only blemish is that some of the bottom label peeled off with some velcro I removed. I have the box and it has the fuzz buffer in it. I'd love to trade for a fulltone clyde / wilson rippah Q / Teese picture I need something with a very pronounced resonant quack in the heel position as I like to park my wah before a fuzz. The Wizard is a great wah but not the sound I'm looking for.
  10. You already have a billion page thread about you :hmph: so I'm not getting one then???
  11. it's my birthday tomorrow and I fear I will not have my very own b-day thread. I need to get out more.
  12. Here's the thing. I don't have any problem with the whole garage revival thing. What I do have a problem with is a bunch of rich kids from Dunwoody pretending like they are street people. It's just embarrassing. If you want to hear some proper ATL bands, check out Hawks, Royal Thunder, All the Saints et. al. I would like to add Zoroaster and Telestrion and Pickmans Model
  13. someone tripped over some wires again
  14. i'm having trouble logging in still.
  15. We are back up. All 12 need to report back.
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