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  1. You already have a billion page thread about you :hmph: so I'm not getting one then???
  2. it's my birthday tomorrow and I fear I will not have my very own b-day thread. I need to get out more.
  3. someone tripped over some wires again
  4. i'm having trouble logging in still.
  5. We are back up. All 12 need to report back.
  6. YES! Some bloodhound trojan. I got hit with it. Fortunately Symantec grabbed it before it rooted.
  7. Let me know what you got. I was really wanting an electro 2 but the mellotron on the 3 made me flip out. Let me know your price shipped to Atlanta. I also have a fulltone TTE that I can trade towards it if you are interested. Thanks.
  8. I love mine. It is bassy but that's what I love about it. It's got massive gobs of bass without being muddy. I have the internal trim set to all Diode clipping. You can blend between the diodes or LEDs for clipping or set either or. I love mine.
  9. EHX BBD's? perhaps Visual Sound has their own BBD's which are possible Chinese BBD's rebranded. I would not get too hung up on whether or not the BBD's are Chinese made. The Echoczar uses Chinese BBD's. I had one and it sounded great. I sold it for a lot of money
  10. SWOLLEN PICKLE MKII Massive amounts of low end and sounds gorgeous. Also pretty cheap around $160
  11. YEAY AND MAKE SURE YOU INVEST IN A GOOD HEALTH PLAN FOR WHEN YOUR ARM RIPS OUT OF THE SOCKET TRYING TO LIFT IT Yes they are heavy. I will be playing my rhodes through it and that damn piano makes everything seem light.
  12. I found the perfect one for me. If my amp sells I'm buying it!
  13. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=517703
  14. music go round has one for $760 right now , im standing right in front of it which one? Are they still in alpharetta?
  15. there have been a few in the ATL CL, but mostly $1000 or so, give music go round a call, i know they had a twin and a dual showman not too long ago right on. thanks
  16. I will avoid ebay at all costs. Local is best or a couple hours drive at most. I call
  17. I've seen 2 in birmingham... I don't know maybe they have dried up! craigslist?? I can drive to Birmingham easily
  18. i have one well let go. I want it. Seriously. Can I have it:cry:
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