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    Cort M200

    I have been playing for 5 years, but this was my first electric guitar which i bought a year ago (sad isnt it?). I also own an Ampeg Dan Armstrong and a Gibson Firebird Studio. To be honest, i play this the most, partly because i obsess over the other 2 and dont want anything to happen to them, while this is my carefree thrash guitar, but this is also a very good guitar. Its more suited to metal than the other 2 due to its deep tone, the SD '59 neck pickup is deep and rich, and the neck and action are fantastic- better, dare i say, than the others Im not saying its better than my gibson or dan armstrong, it lacks in the tonal quality and clarity than the others (some notes are hard to distinguish apart), but considering this guitar cost me $800 AUD after mods, it comes very close. Was originally considering buying a cheap ibanez (RG170DX... i think that was it), but i fell in love with this guitar when i saw it and just had to have it. I love this guitars action and playability, its versatility, its impressive quality, its finish and the fact it was cheap/great value. Hated the crappy parts (strings, neck pick up, bridge, nut?), but hey i guess thats what made it cheap in the first place. Out of the box this is a great guitar with crappy parts, but upgrading the parts makes a huge difference. Dont honestly know if id but this again if it got stolen seeing as how its my first electric and it wouldnt feel right replacing it. I would however definately look at another cort because they obviously make fantastic guitars - i would love an MMP3 *drools* I highly recommend this guitar to beginners. Its a great, very playable at an affordable price, then when you get better, instead of ditching it for a new guitar you can mod it and end up with a very good guitar by any standards. Cort make excellent guitars.
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