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  1. After my Behringer B2-pro died, which is also a really good mic for it´s price if you are not scared of buying Behringer 😛, I got an AKG P420, so far no complaints, very little EQ necessary (on my voice at least). The P420 should be on the ballpark of 200 USD. Both have multi-pattern. The AKG in particular is rather well built for it´s price. My only complaint is that the case is kinda flimsy and they could have included a pop-filter on the pack. It comes with a shock-mount.
  2. On the aspect of difficulty, you just don´t have the same public appeal, people don´t just get together in their garages to do Opera, nor it´s something you will find on local pubs and smaller venues. Because of that, the dude that mumbles Riders on The Storm in exchange for a couple of beers will be very far from the quality he needs to get even a minor role on some Opera, so the bar to get in is indeed a bit higher, but once things get more serious the competition can be even harder on popular styles. Think for example someone on a corporate band, where you have to do multiple styl
  3. Ohohoho what is this ? A challenge? Send over your version bro! Its the wicked game match up, I want to hear that feel and tone replicated!
  4. Opera companies are commercial institutions like any others, with perhaps the exception of government maintained instances, and they will choose the singer based on the result achieved *on the singing*, no matter how many years of training, technical demonstrations or certificates are presented (even in the case of the govnt maintained ones, for the lead roles hardly they will do something different). Some allow volunteering, which of course will be for minor roles but will allow the person to get in. If you take an audition for a role, you will be asked to sing a couple of pieces, the co
  5. With some classic Mario Bava footage to help setting the mood \m/
  6. And the A side of the vinyl is done \m/, this is the powerful title track. Coming up next week, Country Girl Long Live Rock n Roll!
  7. We are remaking the awesome Mob Rules album, this is the 3rd song, Sign of the Southern Cross!!!
  8. My wife wanted me to cover this one for a while, so I did the whole thing (all instruments) from scratch: Enjoy
  9. A great song that we did with the help of the tenor Phillipe Castagner, and also a great excuse to dress up nice 😛 Enjoy!
  10. Hi Jenni, took a listen to a couple of your new songs, and I see that you are singing a lot of them and having fun. This is awesome, keep doing it, on the most recent one I hear already more energy. You are on the right path: singing a lot, and often!
  11. This time we take a look at a very underrated song, from the last album Ozzy did with the guitarrist Randy Rhoads. Enjoy! \m/
  12. The last part of our tribute, and my personal favorite Long Live Rock n Roll!
  13. Following up on Heaven and Hell, We are releasing another cover in Tribute to RJD. This time we went backwards a bit to the 70s, and the song of choice is Man on the Silver Mountain. This was the first single he did with Rainbow, band formed with Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), and was also the first song of the album Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow. He did 3 albums with Rainbow and left after disagreements with Blackmore, who wanted to make more commercial/pop sounding tracks.
  14. On this day, may 16th, 10 years ago, the world lost one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock and metal singer of all times. We´ve put together some of his most famous songs and will be releasing them during the week as a tribute and to celebrate his life and work. Long Live Rock n Roll! \m/
  15. @kqcl Thank you so much! 1 - I think it took me 3 or 4 hours of work to get it ready and make the choices on how I would approach things; 2 - Yeah I remember that particular choice too... In this one it was kinda easy because our idea was to give it a different spin, so what I did is not using the other recordings as references, and avoiding the stuff I remembered easily such as the "do yah" as you meant. I also decided to use a more contained approach on the start of the song which also affects the vowels a bit and made "you" a more natural choice. But a lot of it is about testing i
  16. Just took a listen to Forever, cool voice. I think the most effective way you could improve it is to take care on how you are attacking the notes, you are doing something called "portamento" to the notes you want to sing, a slide, but you often begin on a pitch that is not the one you intend to sing and slide up or down, depending on what the phrase is. Try to have it very clear in your mind how you want to attack the note, before you begin the song, really imagine that you are already singing it and then attack. The problem with this is that often the note you slide "from" is n
  17. Cool! I like specially what happens at around 2:10 on the song The Next Right Thing. Listen how your voice sounds more clear and potent when you sing the phrase "the next right thing", I would try to explore that, it sounds really good and would fit musical theater style songs perfectly. Send more songs!
  18. Since we cant gig, we are doing some covers and uploading them on youtube, this a version we did for bass and vocals, something that isnt very common. Check our channel in YouTube, we are uploading a new song every 4/5 days. PS: for the vocal tech freaks there are some B4s at the end
  19. Main problem is that once confirmed cases appear in town, gigs will be canceled... Even if they were not, audience would be much smaller. But if you do have a gig, I am not sure there is much you can do, closed space, tons of people talking, coughing sneezing all around you... The mic will be the least of your concerns 😛 , though of course, COVID or not, its always better to use your own mic and to not lend it. I have one tomorrow and I am a bit worried tbh... Hazmat suit?
  20. In regards to closure/adduction, the most evident result in what you will do will be level of intensity, and secondarily (but very important too), clarity. So before looking for sensations, which is what most of these teachers are talking about with the idea of "zipping", it is important to explore sounds that are very loud vs very quiet, as well as very clear vs very hollow (falsetto). And then develop your own references of how these feel like. There is no actual "zipping" action you have to learn besides the folds approximating, as the OP correctly observed in 2010. T
  21. Cool song done almost entirely with by the book technique, using Head Voice (covering). https://soundcloud.com/felipevoxcarvalho/helloween-power
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