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  1. With some classic Mario Bava footage to help setting the mood \m/
  2. And the A side of the vinyl is done \m/, this is the powerful title track. Coming up next week, Country Girl Long Live Rock n Roll!
  3. We are remaking the awesome Mob Rules album, this is the 3rd song, Sign of the Southern Cross!!!
  4. My wife wanted me to cover this one for a while, so I did the whole thing (all instruments) from scratch: Enjoy
  5. A great song that we did with the help of the tenor Phillipe Castagner, and also a great excuse to dress up nice šŸ˜› Enjoy!
  6. Hi Jenni, took a listen to a couple of your new songs, and I see that you are singing a lot of them and having fun. This is awesome, keep doing it, on the most recent one I hear already more energy. You are on the right path: singing a lot, and often!
  7. This time we take a look at a very underrated song, from the last album Ozzy did with the guitarrist Randy Rhoads. Enjoy! \m/
  8. The last part of our tribute, and my personal favorite Long Live Rock n Roll!
  9. Following up on Heaven and Hell, We are releasing another cover in Tribute to RJD. This time we went backwards a bit to the 70s, and the song of choice is Man on the Silver Mountain. This was the first single he did with Rainbow, band formed with Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), and was also the first song of the album Ritchie BlackmoreĀ“s Rainbow. He did 3 albums with Rainbow and left after disagreements with Blackmore, who wanted to make more commercial/pop sounding tracks.
  10. On this day, may 16th, 10 years ago, the world lost one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock and metal singer of all times. WeĀ“ve put together some of his most famous songs and will be releasing them during the week as a tribute and to celebrate his life and work. Long Live Rock n Roll! \m/
  11. @kqcl Thank you so much! 1 - I think it took me 3 or 4 hours of work to get it ready and make the choices on how I would approach things; 2 - Yeah I remember that particular choice too... In this one it was kinda easy because our idea was to give it a different spin, so what I did is not using the other recordings as references, and avoiding the stuff I remembered easily such as the "do yah" as you meant. I also decided to use a more contained approach on the start of the song which also affects the vowels a bit and made "you" a more natural choice. But a lot of it is about testing ideas and seeing how they sound.
  12. Just took a listen to Forever, cool voice. I think the most effective way you could improve it is to take care on how you are attacking the notes, you are doing something called "portamento" to the notes you want to sing, a slide, but you often begin on a pitch that is not the one you intend to sing and slide up or down, depending on what the phrase is. Try to have it very clear in your mind how you want to attack the note, before you begin the song, really imagine that you are already singing it and then attack. The problem with this is that often the note you slide "from" is not in pitch or the scale/tonality of the song, and it gets in the way of the performance. Of course, if thatĀ“s what you want to do in a particular place, it could sound good, but in this clip it sounds not intentional. I hope it helps!
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