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  1. Great song from the legendary Painkiller album:
  2. Today Iron Maiden released their 17th studio album, Senjutsu, here is another cover of one of their songs:
  3. Maybe some of the higher end units from TC Helicon will have that amount of control over compression, but if you really need all this, you are probably better off buying an actual compressor/delay/etc. Guitar pedals won´t work well on vocals because they often have high/low pass filters, and don´t handle balanced signals so keep that in mind.
  4. Reaper has a pitch correction tool that you can pretty much use for free, not as powerful as other tools but should be enough.
  5. Just listened, yeah there is some digital distortion going on, probably some phone filter kicking in. You have a good pitch sense and as the melody rises your voice comes out more and sounds cool, maybe sing it one or two semitones higher to see if it works better?
  6. A cool song with all kinds of techniques and challenges, enjoy!
  7. After my Behringer B2-pro died, which is also a really good mic for it´s price if you are not scared of buying Behringer 😛, I got an AKG P420, so far no complaints, very little EQ necessary (on my voice at least). The P420 should be on the ballpark of 200 USD. Both have multi-pattern. The AKG in particular is rather well built for it´s price. My only complaint is that the case is kinda flimsy and they could have included a pop-filter on the pack. It comes with a shock-mount.
  8. On the aspect of difficulty, you just don´t have the same public appeal, people don´t just get together in their garages to do Opera, nor it´s something you will find on local pubs and smaller venues. Because of that, the dude that mumbles Riders on The Storm in exchange for a couple of beers will be very far from the quality he needs to get even a minor role on some Opera, so the bar to get in is indeed a bit higher, but once things get more serious the competition can be even harder on popular styles. Think for example someone on a corporate band, where you have to do multiple styles and shows can be ridiculously long. Or Heavy Metal where plenty of songs would make Ah! Mes Amis melody seem kinda low in comparision. Or a session singer, when you just have to show up and deliver sometimes without even the opportunity to prepare. Music Theatre has auditions all the same, the difference is, you will be competing also with the kid that has been performing professionally since age 5 and can go from Opera to Rock and all the variations people WILL ASK for on those pieces, without breaking a sweat, lol. In short, everything will be hard once you get serious about it. And everything is rather easy when limited to karaoke at home 😛
  9. Ohohoho what is this ? A challenge? Send over your version bro! Its the wicked game match up, I want to hear that feel and tone replicated!
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