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  1. Hi, I'm a singer song writer who is looking for a device, or devices that will allow me to dial in the effects section of my vocal signal. Specifically I'm looking for compression, reverb and delay. I'd like pretty detailed control over these parameters, I want a high quality studio sound, that uses these effects in a subtle way. For example, the compression, I want the basic controls such as ratio knee, attack, release, threshold. For reverb and delay, I want multiple styles along with decay, mix, saturation, level, etc. I've found only a couple pedals made my TC, BOSS, Flamma that have what I'm looking for but they don't seem very robust. For example, the TC Helicon VoiceTone T1 compression pedal, which they advertise as a tone pedal, only has 2 knobs. Is there a company like Keeley making portable effects for vocals? Are guitar compressors, reverbs, delays interchangeable for vocals? ie. Could I buy guitar effects and somehow use them on vocals? Also, how would you get away with the guitar being 1/4" and the microphone being XLR?
  2. I'm a singer songwriter and I currently have a Shure GLX-D16 wireless guitar transmitter. I would like to now also have my mic and in-ear monitor be wireless as well. I could get another Shure Wireless transmitter and receiver to handle the mic, and also a Shure kit for in-ear monitoring. Is buying these piece by piece the best way to go? Instead of buying 3 separate wireless units, is there a single device that will handle these specific 3 items for me?
  3. Hey guys, so I'm in the market for my first tube amp. I'm looking at the Princeton Reverb 65 or the Night Train NT15HG2. I know the Princeton Reverb has a true spring reverb where the night train has a digital reverb that probably does not sound as good. In the long run, what do you guys think is the better choice in terms of sound, versatility, style. I like to produce music and do all sorts of stuff. I like that a vintage, classic, john mayer, old school sound but versatility into heavier alternative stuff would be nice as well, Weezer, Black Keys, Cage the Elephant etc. here is an example of a song I produced any ideas? open to other amps as well
  4. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msd/3611434770.html In like new condition, used for making music and never toured. My style has changed and so I'm moving on. It is perfect for live performances. This has been kept in a smoke-free home/officee. It comes with the original manual, and upgraded with 1gb of memory, which is used for sampling. But yeah, like I said, I just went through this thing top and down, there is 0 wear and tear, has been treated with extreme care and the original owner. (424)-354-38 nine nine
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