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  • EastWest offers 10,000 Free ComposerCloud Subscriptions For Students Stuck At Home

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    EastWest offers 10,000 Free ComposerCloud Subscriptions
    for Students at Home Due to School Closures
    The entire world is currently faced with unprecedented difficulties, and never before have so many students had to stay home because of school closures.
    EastWest would like to help and is offering 10,000 ComposerCloud X EDU subscriptions for free for 90 days to high school and college students across the world. These students will get access to the same 40,000+ award-winning instruments used by the top professionals in the industry. 
    ComposerCloud has been the #1 subscription service for music creators, and is widely popular among music producers and composers.
    EastWest Producer Doug Rogers says: “Together, we'll get through this, and the world will need the music produced by these 10,000 students more than ever before."
    Hurry and enroll, EastWest expects these ComposerCloud X EDU subscriptions to go quickly!
    About EASTWEST
    EastWest Sounds has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality of Virtual Instruments for more than 30 years, setting the industry standard as the most critically acclaimed sound developer. Find more about EastWest Sounds at soundsonline.com.



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