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  1. New 2-channel mic preamp version based on SPL's flagship Crescendo, set to ship April 14, 2020 Montreal, Canada - March 31, 2020 - SPL of Germany has announced the new 'Crescendo duo' mic pre that extends SPL's 120V technology microphone preamplifier portfolio with a two-channel version of the SPL Crescendo. The new product is set to ship worldwide April 14, 2020, and is distributed by Focal-Naim America in the US and Canada, it retails for $2,499 USD. Crescendo duo excels with the same outstanding sonic and technical features as the flagship of the product line - Crescendo, an 8-channel mic pre, released in September 2018. It is nearly impossible to overdrive this preamplifier. It excels with absolute signal fidelity and clarity and lets microphones appear in a whole new light - they have never been amplified like this before. Besides the switchable +48V phantom power for condenser microphones, Crescendo duo offers a high-pass filter to eliminate low-frequency noise, the ability to reverse the polarity of the signal and a PAD to lower the input level. The two large VU meters visualize the output level of the amplified signal. The ability to reduce level, shown on the VU meter, by 10dB makes it easy to display the dynamics of high levels. A highlight of the Crescendo duo is the individual control of Mic Gain and Output Gain. This way, the microphone signal is amplified in the best way possible without wasting a single dB. The output signal can be accessed at the rear via two parallel XLR outputs per channel. For example, two different recording systems can be used (for example for creating a back-up) or two different signal paths can be fed. The Crescendo duo is the perfect start for an engineer entering into the world of the SPL 120V technology microphone preamplifiers. The Crescendo duo is perfectly suited for the most demanding stereo recordings but is also ideal for mono signals such as vocals. It is the ultimate front end for all professional recording studios. "After having brought my vision of a 120V technology microphone preamplifier to life with the Crescendo, I am now pleased that this philosophy is being continued with the two-channel version Crescendo duo. It is the ideal front-end for studios and production spaces that only require a few, but high-quality, microphone preamps to get the most out of their microphones and recordings using SPL 120V high dynamic linear technology," said Wolfgang Neumann, Chief Developer at SPL. The new SPL Crescendo duo is set to be available in stores starting April 14, 2020, with a US retail price of $2499. USD Find further information on the Crescendo duo product page: https://spl.audio/crescendo-duo/?lang=en For more information about Focal Naim America visit their website at https://www.focalnaimamerica.com or call (800) 663-9352. About SPL SPL has been developing and manufacturing analog and digital audio gear for the music, film, multimedia, and broadcasting industries for more than 35 years. SPL products are respected worldwide for their innovative approach and user-friendliness, but most of all for their outstanding performance. Among SPL's most celebrated developments are the patented Vitalizer(r) sound-optimization processing, the first-ever level-independent dynamic processor known as the Transient Designer, the 5.1 microphone system Atmos, as well as compact monitor controllers and channel strips. The development of the SUPRA op-amps by SPL allowed analog signal processing to outperform the best digital processing in terms of quality. These op-amps, which make use of the unsurpassed 120 Volt Technology, were first used on the MMC mastering console. Ever since, the 120V technology has become a quality trademark of SPL products, laying the foundation for all SPL Mastering devices as well as various devices of the SPL Studio line, like the 120V microphone preamplifier Crescendo. Within the SPL Hi-Fi series "Professional Fidelity" this technology gained popularity under the name of VOLTAiR. SPL stormed the USB and MADI audio-Interface market with the introduction of the Crimson, Madicon, and Madison interfaces. Its collaboration with German company Brainworx resulted in the Analog Code(r) plug-Ins, which translate to the digital realm the same quality expected from all SPL products. This relationship has led SPL to become a member of the Plugin Alliance. About Focal Naim America Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services) is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands including Focal Professional, SPL of Germany, Lauten Audio, IsoAcoustics, Zaor Studio Furniture, Vicoustic, and EarSonics. Based in Montreal with U.S. shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, the company has sales personnel located throughout the United States and Canada to professionally service their active roster of more than 350 specialty A/V and Pro Audio dealers. The company specializes in products and services for the professional audio and performing musician markets, as well as the home theater and custom integration (CI) market - both residential and commercial - for North America. For more information about Focal Naim America visit their website at https://www.focalnaimamerica.com or call (800) 663-9352. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.
  2. San Diego, CA – March 25, 2020 – Positive Grid, creator of the acclaimed BIAS FX 2 desktop software, invites guitar and bass players to create with their BIAS FX Mobile application with a 90-day FREE full download. Users can download the app for the next 14 days, from March 25 to April 8, 2020, and utilize every feature offered in the BIAS FX Guitar Amp & Effects app at no charge. Simply download the app and sign up for a new ToneCloud account to unlock all the features and expansion packs that BIAS FX has to offer. “It can be difficult for many musicians to remain creative and positive right now,” shares Robert McCullar, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing for Positive Grid. “We want to create an opportunity for them to keep playing and stay connected to music.” BIAS FX Mobile is a powerful application that turns an iOS device into an incredible sounding guitar amps and effects processor built on the backbone of Positive Grid’s award-winning pro-level software. Like the desktop version, the BIAS FX app also comes with a library full of realistic-sounding guitar and bass amps, effect pedals, and studio racks for players to create tones using only an iPhone or iPad. BIAS FX Mobile also seamlessly integrates with Positive Grid’s BIAS AMP 2 Mobile and BIAS Pedal Mobile applications to let players dive deeper into limitless tone customization. Cross-platform ToneCloud® access allows users to share and download thousands of custom presets, for easy mobile access to favorite sounds. BIAS FX Mobile supports IAA, allowing guitar and bass players to pair it with other iOS music applications. Plus it supports AudioBus, AUM, GarageBand, Cubasis, and more so that musicians can easily integrate it into their mobile recording rig using any iOS device. BIAS FX Mobile can also be controlled for live use using a simple LiveView controller, so now you can take your full rig anywhere! BIAS FX Mobile is available in the App Store for FREE for use for 90 days if you download from March 25, 2020 to April 8, 2020. Simply download the app here and sign up for a new, complimentary ToneCloud account. Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay positive. BIAS FX for iPad BIAS FX for iPad BIAS FX for iPhone BIAS FX for iPhone About Positive Grid: Based in California, Positive Grid has satellite operations in Germany, Italy, Australia and Taiwan. The company began in 2008 by designing and developing a core technology base, and focuses on delivering superior and highly creative experiences for musicians in both hardware and software. Positive Grid’s current product portfolio features some of the best-selling solutions in the industry for guitar technology, including not only BIAS AMP and BIAS FX software, but also JamUp, X Drummer and their award-winning Spark amp with smart technology. Find out more at positivegrid.com.
  3. EastWest offers 10,000 Free ComposerCloud Subscriptions for Students at Home Due to School Closures The entire world is currently faced with unprecedented difficulties, and never before have so many students had to stay home because of school closures. EastWest would like to help and is offering 10,000 ComposerCloud X EDU subscriptions for free for 90 days to high school and college students across the world. These students will get access to the same 40,000+ award-winning instruments used by the top professionals in the industry. ComposerCloud has been the #1 subscription service for music creators, and is widely popular among music producers and composers. EastWest Producer Doug Rogers says: “Together, we'll get through this, and the world will need the music produced by these 10,000 students more than ever before." Hurry and enroll, EastWest expects these ComposerCloud X EDU subscriptions to go quickly! Students can sign up at http://www.soundsonline.com/stay-at-home-trial About EASTWEST EastWest Sounds has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality of Virtual Instruments for more than 30 years, setting the industry standard as the most critically acclaimed sound developer. Find more about EastWest Sounds at soundsonline.com.
  4. KRK SYSTEMS ROKIT G4 GRILLE COVERS NOW AVAILABLE ROKIT G4 Customers Can Now Protect Their Investment With Durably Constructed Grilles NASHVILLE, MARCH 30, 2020 – KRK Systems, part of the Gibson family of brands, introduces the ROKIT G4 Studio Monitor Grille Covers, providing a protective shield and sleek aesthetic for the range of powered near-field studio monitors. Made specifically for the 5-, 7- and 8-inch ROKIT G4s, these grille covers are comprised of premium components and built to spec, ensuring a seamless integration into the monitor’s cabinetry system. “We deeply respect the time and effort that our customers put into their music, and KRK ROKIT G4 Studio monitors are an investment into that dedication,” says Jimmy R. Landry, Global Director of Marketing, Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands, Inc. “With the addition of grille covers to the ROKIT G4 line, users can now protect their investment in style. Whether you’re a producer on the move creating tracks in different places or a touring DJ out on the road, ROKIT G4 Grilles Covers will have your speakers protected.” Constructed with top-grade 22-guage powder-coated perforated steel, these durably crafted grilles are the defense mechanism in place to protect the high-quality drivers. Super high-strength magnets manufactured with alloy metal ensure that the grille covers stay in place—protecting the ROKIT G4s in any environment. The form factor of these monitor accessories has not only been tested for solid protection from environmental factors, but also to ensure that frequencies are not hindered by their use. For more information, please visit: www.krksys.com/Studio-Monitors/Rokit-G4-Grille-Covers About KRK Systems: Over the past three decades, KRK Systems, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, has become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance in the world of studio monitors, subwoofers and headphones. KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of home studios and professional studios alike no matter the style of music or application. For more information, visit www.krksys.com. About Gibson: Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Catalinbread Release New Pedal For Charity Portland,OR, March 28th –– Here at Catalinbread, we’ve been hard at work coming up with any way we can to help our country’s most vulnerable citizens. Our Blood Donor pedal does just that: we pledge to donate 100 percent of all this pedal’s profits to the American Red Cross, along with a little gentle encouragement to give your own blood to the cause. With that said, our Blood Donor is a revamped and fine-tuned version of our venerable Katzenkonig with a slew of changes that truly unlocks the circuit’s potential. We’ve added a carefully selected transistor set that pushes the boundaries of saturation and gain to their electrical limits, giving the old cat a little more fur and bite. The noise floor has been trimmed while widening the utility of all controls, giving an increased range of input sensitivity that mimics the volume knob on your guitar. Get into it! And give blood! The Blood Donor goes for $179.99 and starts shipping on April 6th. Pre-orders are available now through participating retailers and Catalinbread.com The American Red Cross now faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now to help patients counting on lifesaving blood. https://www.redcross.org/
  6. Students and musicians alike can benefit from new type of reed Music & Arts Partners with D’Addario Woodwinds to Launch New VENN Series of Synthetic Musical Instrument Reeds Students and musicians can benefit from longer-lasting, low maintenance accessory National retailer is exclusive online and in-store retail partner for initial launch (March 30, 2020) – Music & Arts is proud to debut D’Addario Woodwinds' newly announced VENN Synthetic musical instrument reeds – available exclusively through Music & Arts online from now until April 30, 2020, and in select locations starting April 2020. Currently available for Bb Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, this new species of reeds combines a natural, cane-like feel with the durability and low maintenance of a synthetic reed. Megan Waybright, National Retail Marketing Manager at Music & Arts comments, “VENN reeds are a perfect new complement to fit the needs of students and pros alike. They’re not as prone to chipping and splitting from active use, and they enable young players to ‘find their sound’ more easily than an all-synthetic reed, so it’s like getting the best of both worlds. We invite everyone to be the first to discover VENN at Music & Arts, and we’re excited to see all of the great music that gets made using them.” For more information about each of the VENN reeds on Music & Arts’ online store, visit www.musicarts.com/venn-advanced-synthetic-reeds. To contact a nearby location in April to check availability, please visit stores.musicarts.com. # # # About Music & Arts In 1952, Music & Arts began as a single location in Maryland. Since the 1990s, the company has expanded nationwide through organic growth and a series of acquisitions and mergers with other music dealers. Countless students across the U.S. have benefited from their fun and safe learning environment, and many have gone on to further their musical studies on a higher level or pursue a music-related career. Presently, Music & Arts has more than 500 retail and affiliate locations, 140 educational representatives, and teaches over 2 million lessons per year, making it one of the nation’s largest school music retailers and lesson providers. Visit MusicArts.com for more information. About D'Addario & Company, Inc. D’Addario is the world's largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories, marketed under several product brands: D’Addario Fretted, D’Addario Orchestral, D’Addario Woodwinds, Promark Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, and Puresound Snare Wires. A family-owned and operated business with roots dating back to the 17th century, D’Addario now has over 1,200 employees worldwide, and manufactures 95% of its products in the U.S. while utilizing Toyota's Lean manufacturing principles. D'Addario musical accessories are distributed in 130 countries, serve more than 3,300 U.S. retailers, all major e-commerce sites, and are the preferred choice of musicians worldwide such as, Keith Urban, Zac Brown, Brandi Carlile, Dave Matthews, Gary Clark Jr., Chris Thile, Ry Cooder, Joe Satriani, Julia Fischer, Anderson .Paak, Kacey Musgraves and more.
  7. — Plans are underway for a virtualization of the Convention Technical Program — New York, NY, March 30, 2020 — With the health and safety of our attendees, membership, exhibitors, and staff being of utmost concern during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and following weeks of discussions with the host Austria Center Vienna, the Audio Engineering Society has officially canceled the live, in-person components of the AES Vienna 2020 Convention scheduled for May. AES leadership, the Convention organizing committee and headquarters staff members are working diligently to organize the logistics of a virtualization of the Convention technical program into an engaging, compelling, educational and productive online experience. Details on the virtual Convention, which are being developed to include video presentations of Papers, Workshops, Tutorials, Tech Tours and other technical program content along with live- and forum-based dialog with presenters, will be shared as they become available. We appreciate your patience and understanding as the myriad of options and details are finalized. . Audio Engineering Society About the Audio Engineering Society The Audio Engineering Society, celebrating over 70 years of audio excellence, now counts over 12,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East. The organization serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination of technical information for the industry. Currently, its members are affiliated with 90 AES professional sections and more than 120 AES student sections around the world. Section activities include guest speakers, technical tours, demonstrations and social functions. Through local AES section events members experience valuable opportunities for professional networking and personal growth. For additional information, visit aes.org. Join the conversation and keep up with the latest AES News and Events: Twitter: #AESorg (AES Official) Facebook: http://facebook.com/AES.org
  8. Synchro Arts Offer Free 90-Day Licenses For Customers Who Can't Use Their Software Due To COVID-19 To ensure customers can continue working remotely with both VocALign and Revoice Pro despite many workplaces being closed due to COVID-19, Synchro Arts are offering all owners of their products free duplicate 90-day licenses until further notice. If you're an individual Synchro Arts customer who needs to request a free duplicate 90-day product license just complete the form on this page. Alternatively, companies or institutions that need to request multiple licenses should contact Synchro Arts directly. About Synchro Arts: Founded in 1994 and based just outside of London, Synchro Arts create tools and technology to help craft great vocal performances. Their products enable music producers, engineers and audio post professionals perform complex manual editing tasks both quickly and intuitively, saving countless hours of studio time. Their first product VocALign was released in 1995 and is now the world’s number one audio alignment plugin. Then in 2012, Synchro Arts launched Revoice Pro, their flagship vocal production software which offers not only timing and pitch adjustment across multiple tracks, but advanced tuning and vocal doubling too.
  9. — AES Nashville Chair Michael Hanson and Committee Member Jill Courtney investigate readily available tools to rapidly redesign learning spaces for online audio instruction — Nashville, TN, March 26, 2020 — As the global pandemic forces social isolation, educators are scrambling to apply available technology to online instruction to bring the classroom to their students. Audio educators face additional challenges as lecture content and interaction with students needs to be accompanied by high-quality audio playback and real-time demonstration of tools and techniques. Jill Courtney (AES Nashville Section executive committee member, doctoral student in Instructional Design Leadership at Franklin University, former college audio instructor and teacher in performance arts) and Michael Hanson (AES Nashville Section Chair, veteran audio engineer and assistant professor of audio production at Middle Tennessee State University) are among the educators challenged to find effective instruction methodology as their schools transition to online education as they enter quarantine. To assist other educators facing similar challenges world-wide, the pair are offering the results of their own investigation of the application of readily available technologies to meet the challenge. In a self-published PDF document titled Redesigning Audio Learning Spaces Quickly for Online Teaching, Hanson and Courtney outline their goals and experimentation and share the solution they are implementing. “This solution can help a lot of people migrate numerous audio classes to an online format with quality audio held sacred to its core mission,” Courtney concludes in the document. The study is available for immediate download at https://jillcourtneymusic.wixsite.com/jillcourtney/articles. www.aesnashville.org . Note: The contents of the study and opinions of the authors are theirs alone. No endorsement of specific recommendations or products by the Audio Engineering Society or the AES Nashville Section should be inferred.
  10. Roland and Skoove Make Piano Lessons Free and Accessible by Computer or Mobile Devices Across the Globe. Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 2020 — Roland, a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and professional video products, announces its partnership with Skoove offering three months of free online piano lessons to users across countries including the U.S., U.K. and Japan, among many others. Owners of qualifying Roland pianos* will receive unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses they can access anytime on their computers, smartphones or tablets. “At Roland, we’ve always believed in the power of music and the benefits that it brings,” said Roland Americas Vice President of Marketing, Chris Halon. “And in these uncertain times, when we’re advised to reduce contact with others, being able to sit at an instrument and play could help us more than we realize.” “Around the world, people now have a window of opportunity to pursue new hobbies or refine their skills,” said Florian Plenge, CEO of Skoove. “We are pleased to partner with Roland in sharing the joy of piano to newcomers and existing players alike. Together our aligned goal is to make this time at home more enjoyable and serve as a source of inspiration.” Skoove is the software developer behind interactive apps for learning piano, including the popular Skoove: Learn Piano. Users learn how to play piano step by step, receive real-time feedback and can play some of yesterday and today’s most popular songs. The platform is a great way for music teachers to work with students online and keep in contact with pupils from the comfort of their home. Sign up, stay safe and make music! To learn more, visit Roland.com. *Qualifying piano supporting free online lessons from Roland and Skoove include: DP-90, DP-90S, DP603, DP90e, DP90Se, F-130R, F-140R, FP-10, FP-30, FP-50, FP-60, FP-80, FP-90, GO:KEYS GO-61K, GO:PIANO GO-61P, GO:PIANO88 GO-88P, GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-in, GP-7, GP607, GP609, HP504, HP601, HP603, HP603A, HP605, HP702, HP704, HPi-50e, KF-10, LX-17, LX-7, LX705, LX706, LX708, RP102, RP501R --------- About Roland Corporation Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments, including keyboards and synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, audio processors, and multimedia products. With nearly 50 years of musical instrument development, Roland sets the standard in music technology for the world to follow. For more information, visit http://www.roland.com or see your local Roland dealer. About Skoove At Skoove, we want to unlock the magic of making music for everyone who dreams of playing an instrument. Skoove (Learnfield GmbH) was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. With more than 1 million users today, we make interactive apps to learn piano. We combine music learning science, audio technology, and machine learning to build a unique company in the music tech space. For more information, visit https://www.skoove.com/.
  11. DUAL CHANNEL ALL-TUBE SYNERGY MODULE Limited supply available now SYNERGY Amps to release the second module designed by ENGL Amplifiers: ENGL POWERBALL DUAL CHANNEL ALL-TUBE SYNERGY MODULE ENGL Amplifiers have a long legacy of well-loved, precise-sounding high-gain amplifiers. The legendary Powerball is one of ENGLs most iconic designs and allows metal players to find equally inspiring shades throughout the whole gain range. By partnering with such iconic amplifier brands like ENGL and designers such as Horst Langer, SYNERGY is able to offer these sought-after tones in all-tube designs that are perfect for the direct-recording, lower-stage-volume, and compact-guitar-rig demands of today. Just like the original head, the all tube preamp Module also features the standard 3-band EQ, gain, and volume controls, but two Gain Lo/Hi and Mid Boost switches per channel to put a world of these German-engineered tones at your fingertips. It’s easy to see why the SYNERGY preamp module system is taking the industry by storm. Engl Powerball Preamp Module Features: Built in U.S.A. All-tube preamp module custom designed by Horst Langer and Engl Amplification Two channels offer switching between Overdrive and High Gain Distortion Blue: Channel 3 Powerball - Gain, Volume, 3-Band EQ, Gain & Mid Boost Switches Red: Channel 4 Powerball - Gain, Volume, 3-Band EQ, Gain & Mid Boost Switches 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes ensure rich harmonic performance Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks Dual/Single switch allows the module to be used with older Egnater and Randall hardware Three-position cathode select switch allows you to configure the input tube bias setting for optimum input gain and bass response Visit www.SynergyAmps.com
  12. Sound Magic introduces Laurel Pipa Version 2.0 featuring Pipa, popular Chinese instruments also known as Chinese Lute. ANAHEIM, CA, USA: cutting-edge audio technologies developer Sound Magic is proud to announce availability of Laurel Pipa — its latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit), featuring Pipa, a popular Chinese instruments also known as Chinese Lute — as of Mar 27th, 2020. Pipa is a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument which has a pear-shaped wooden body with a varying number of frets ranging from 12-26, belonging to the plucked category of instruments. The Pipa is able to express a wide range of emotions. It can be bright and harsh when you need to portray battles or great tension. The Pipa can also melt your heart with it's warm expressive tones on sad songs or love ballads. The Pipa, also known as the Chinese lute, is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years. In comparison to western instruments such as violins or guitars, the Pipa has traditionally been dependent on many performance skills to produce it's wide variations in sound. This 3GB library covers nearly all existing performance skills of Pipa, with over 15 categories. Sound Magic completely recording a new sample set for Laurel Pipa Version 2.0 using today’s best recording gears.. This deeply sampled 3GB Library is using the latest hybrid modeling technology, it can also represent Tremolo, bending and harmonic more vivid than other sampled instrument. The playability from modeling technology enables it to change timbre real time during playing, and this gives the sound more varieties and expressive than sampled instrument. What is more, we also include different playing noise inside the library so it can achieve a result you cannot even differentiate from the real ones. Modelling can do the things that sampling technology cannot. Users can start legato or glissando anytime you want, on any technique it has, not limited to the patch that has sampled legato. Also, musicians can change timbre in real times as a modeled instrument. With modeling technology, y an instrument’s sound will keep changing, not the fixed or dead as a sampled instrument. In audio demos, you can clearly hear how the instrument changes through time; give the sound unlimited possibilities and varieties. Sound Magic further expanded its technology to achieve more authentic sounds from sampling without sacrificing creative control. For perspective, this means starting with non-vibrato and then fading in vibrato sustain while changing depth and speed. Or, users can also change Tremolo speed in real time while optimize control or to leverage human behaviors in the vibrato for enhanced realism in the final version. Laurel Pipa has a MSRP as $99, now has introduction offer as $69 for three months. Laurel Pipa is available to purchase online directly via Sound Magic Co., Ltd for $69.00 USD from here: https://neovst.com/product/laurel-pipa/ Sound Magic also have announced the China Impression Special Sale Event offering up to 71% discounts on instrument and effect plugins until April 1st. Many diffferent Chinese Ethnic Instruments join in this special sale evernt. Direct Sale page is here https://neovst.com/sale/
  13. The world’s best, fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators SEATTLE, WA (March 27th, 2020) – Tracktion Corporation hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well in these difficult times. Tracktion’s Waveform Free is perfect for making and sharing music for anyone stuck at home, self-isolating. It has no restrictions, other than imagination and more capabilities than most enthusiastic producers will ever need. Stay safe at home, keep busy, get the creative juices flowing and dive into a genuinely complete, stand-alone, FREE DAW. The new DAW is suitable for all three major desktop operation systems; Windows, OSX and Linux as well as the revolutionary Raspberry Pi. It is fully compatible with the new generation of expressive instruments and also supports MPE. Waveform Free includes many of Tracktion’s recent popular innovations including; the MIDI Pattern Generator to create synchronized melodies, chord progressions, bass lines and more, the powerful 40SC Virtual Synthesizer and Micro Drum Sampler. The deeply capable Waveform Free can tackle a wide range of tasks and produce professional results. With an unlimited track count and a truly adept feature set, users can add as many plugins as they like to start writing straightaway, in fact the only limit is a musicians creativity! Getting started is easy with dozens of tutorial videos as well numerous fantastic templates such as EDM production, band recording and mixing, location recording for churches schools and many others. Whether producing the next smash hit, designing sound for video, recording & editing podcasts or live recording, Waveform Free, without limits or constraints, has it covered. Designed to offer immediate results, Tracktion’s Waveform Free is set to become a future standard. Plus, if musicians fall in love with Tracktion Free and want to take it to the next level, Waveform Pro has the perfect selection of deep dive tools. Take Care, Keep Well and Go Produce! To Download Waveform Free, visit marketplace.tracktion.com/shop/free-daw
  14. Self-isolate and learn an instrument with Encore’s best-selling ‘Play Now’ instrument packages with ‘free’ online tuition. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing has quickly become the new norm, a dramatic change to our regular busy lives where we barely had 10 minutes to grab breakfast in the morning. Looking after our physical and mental well-being has never been as important as it is now, and learning to play an instrument is good for the mind to keep you sane in this current situation of people having to self-isolate. Playing the guitar is incredibly motivating and inspiring for anyone also looking to start a new hobby now with plenty of time spent at home, and there’s no better way to learn than from an Encore ‘Play Now’ package. These incredibly affordable and hugely popular Encore 'Play Now' packages contain everything you need to start playing the ukulele, nylon strung classical guitar, steel strung acoustic guitar, electric guitar or electric bass guitar. Encore ‘Play Now’ Classic and Acoustic packages are complete with accessories including a strap, carry bag, plectrum, tuition DVD*, pitch pipes and spare strings whilst the Electric guitar and electric Bass packages also include a Kinsman 10watt amplifier, guitar cable, tuner and stand. You’re never too young or too old to start to learn to play an Encore instrument, and there’s no need to be able to read music. The whole family can each choose an instrument, why not start a ‘New-tune-a-day challenge’ ? To help you get started, Encore has teamed up with ‘YourGuitarAcademy’ to provide ‘FREE’ online Encore tuition lessons with hints and tips which you can access with a simple sign up. Link to online lessons: https://www.yourguitaracademy.com/encore The benefits of music therapy are becoming ever more apparent, with schools, charities and health organisations recognising the therapeutic calming effects of playing guitar and at the same time enhancing your memory, dexterity and motor skills. Encore have also taken into consideration the worry of travelling in these current times, so there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home, simply buy online from your music store and have your new Encore ‘Play Now’ package delivered to your doorstep. The introduction of these highly affordable instruments is also paramount in supporting the younger generation to become musicians of the future. We are isolating, we are learning…the Encore way. *1/2 size junior guitar packs do not include tuition DVD. Encore products are distributed worldwide by JHS https://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/encore Encore - Brands www.jhs.co.uk JHS present a range of Encore products including acoustic and electric guitars and strings
  15. Waldorf Music announces availability of feature-packed firmware update for flagship Quantum Synthesizer REMAGEN, GERMANY: having began beta-testing last year, high-quality synthesizer developer Waldorf Music is proud to announce availability of the highly-anticipated version 2.0 firmware for its flagship Quantum Synthesizer — a major, feature-packed update centred around a new Kernel oscillator type alongside an array of other additions and improvements in keeping with the innovative instrument’s apt appellation — as of March 27… Dictionaries define quantum as a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents — or words to that effect in terms of physics, that is. Or, alternatively, an analogous discrete amount of any other physical quantity, such as momentum or electric charge. Certainly Waldorf Music’s Quantum Synthesizer flagship fits the bill by taking another quantum leap in terms of its already superlative sound synthesis capabilities courtesy of its version 2.0 firmware update, ultimately centred around a new Kernel oscillator type to complement the four (Wavetable, Waveform, Resonator, and Particle) synthesis algorithms already available to each of its three oscillators, opening up additional avenues of serious sonic exploration to those passionate performers or seasoned sound designers determined to tweak or dive deeper still. So what is this newfangled Kernel ‘oscillation’ thing all about? Simply speaking, it is a modular approach in which up to six so-called Kernel Operators can be freely combined into a single oscillator. Effectively, each is an oscillator in its own right, realising a diversity of timbres. These range from using sine and classic waveforms via wavetables through to noise. Needless to say, users could combine, for example, three wavetables with a sine wave and noise within a single Quantum Synthesizer oscillator. On the face of it, anything goes with anything. Access to those clearly creative Kernel Operators comes in two flavours. For intuitive sound design, without the need to dive into FM (Frequency Modulation) intervals, there is an innovative Template Mode featuring 14 factory templates to create classic FM sounds through to forward-looking inharmonic textures and abstract tones. Those templates feature five individual meaningful sound parameters each, and a further five macro parameters are available in the Quantum Synthesizer’s main Modulation Matrix. Moreover, creation and exchange of user templates is perfectly possible. For full scale editing of kernels — where each could conceivably be an individual wavetable, classic waveform, or noise — and all of their parameters, Full Edit Mode means business with the following features: individual audio rate modulations between kernels — classic Phase FM, true FM, wavetable position (allowing for strange structures in audio rate), amplitude modulation, and ring modulation; kernel self-feedback; free patching of kernels into algorithms with up to three modulation inputs for each kernel; classic FM algorithm presets; individual dual decay stage envelope for each kernel; three-segment individual level scaling over key range for each kernel; five macro parameters for each kernel oscillator; six-slot modulation matrix control of macro parameters within each kernel oscillator (with modulation destinations for each kernel including Level, Pan, Pitch, Freq Offset, Feedback, Wavetable — allowing for cross-wavetable modulations, Attack, and Decay); six pitch modes for each kernel (Ratio, Sub-Ratio, Radio + Offset, Semitones, Fixed, and LFO); individual phase control for each kernel; and import of legacy FM format. It is perfectly possible, then, to view the Quantum Synthesizer’s Kernel synthesis abilities as an oscillator construction kit, allowing for traditional approaches like a six-operator FM synth, as well as providing an experimental space for future-facing synthesis techniques. That’s not all, though. The highly-anticipated version 2.0 firmware for Waldorf Music’s flagship Quantum Synthesizer also adds an array of other additions and improvements in keeping with the innovative instrument’s apt appellation. As such, Wavetable synthesis engine enhancement comes courtesy of three new user interface display modes — 3D, Wave, and Spectrum (with the latter two reflecting Phase, Position, Stepped, Limit, Spectrum, and Brilliance parameters). Particle, meanwhile, maximises its grain length to one second. Sampling (in Particle’s non-granular mode and Resonator) features new (Forward and Backward) Direction parameters and also respects Loop modes (including the newly-added PingPong) while there is also crossfade functionality for loops; sample start position can be used as a modulation destination in the Modulation Matrix; a new Edit screen for Particle and Resonator shows all individual settings for each sample entry in the Sample Map; various zooming and selection options are now available; and there is a fine-grained control for sample start and end points as well as loop start and end points. There are also new Output Level and Pan parameters for the analogue filter and digital former. The Routing display now shows effect type names and state. An auto-scaling Envelope curve is now shown. The Destination encoder can now be pushed for flipping through groups of Modulation Matrix destinations. There is a new Parameter-only Sequencer mode with up to eight parameter tracks, and Arp (arpeggiator) and Seq (sequencer) screens are now merged into a common screen. Sync now shows musical values for sync ratios. Enhanced editing is enabled by pushing the Display encoder to toggle between Normal, Fine, and Super modes, and if a parameter from the bottom row is edited and in focus then that parameter can also be changed with the main encoder while in focus. File browsing now reacts to the main encoder for scrolling and when performing open/save routines, while pushing the main encoder also selects options when scrolling through menus. USB storage devices are now supported. Expanded AudioFile Editor functions include zooming, scrolling, selection, and editing (Various Normalize, Trim, Cut, Fade In/Out, Reverse, and Silence); single-level Undo/Redo; Record Trigger (Manual, Note, and Signal Threshold); Input VU, Input Monitor Level, and Physical Recording Level. Patch management improvements include: a new feature filter for use with Arp, Seq, Mono, and Layered sounds, and more; a new bulk delete action Load screen action menu; an ability to export patches with samples — all related samples will be put into a Samples subdirectory within the export directory; samples matching patches in the Samples subdirectory will be imported, and if a sample already exists in the internal flash memory then it will not be copied. A screen saver can be set to run after a selected number of minutes to protect the main display from burn-in if the Quantum Synthesizer is left running for hours on end without anything being touched. When Waldorf Music launched its flagship Quantum Synthesizer to widespread critical acclaim, it sonically signalled an exciting new chapter in its longstanding tradition of designing groundbreaking high-end synthesizers. Introducing its highly-anticipated version 2.0 firmware with so many additions and improvements indicates that this exciting-sounding synthesizer story is far from finished. For now, there are already more than enough fanciful features available to keep both tweakers and deep divers seriously sonically satisfied for some time to come! The Quantum Synthesizer is already available through Waldorf Music’s growing global network of distributors (https://www.waldorfmusic.com/en/international-distributors) at an SRP (Suggested Reseller Price) of €3,550.00 EUR (excluding tax). Owners of the Quantum Synthesizer can download the version 2.0 firmware update for free from their myWaldorf account (https://waldorfmusic.com/en/user-login) where they can also download a sound set with over 250 new Quantum Synthesizer patches for free. For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Quantum Synthesizer webpage here: https://www.waldorfmusic.com/en/quantum Watch Waldorf Music’s music-see teaser video for the Quantum Synthesizer’s highly-anticipated version 2.0 firmware update here: https://youtu.be/23BTqj0SSa8 About Waldorf Music (www.waldorfmusic.com) The well-known Waldorf Music marque has been synonymous with high-quality synthesizers for over 30 years; indeed, its innovative position in the electronic musical instruments marketplace dates back to 1989 with the release of the wavetable synthesis-based Microwave.This extraordinary reincarnation of the legendary PPGWave series — arguably amongst the most coveted high-end synthesizers of the early Eighties — was instrumental in bringing the dominance of Japanese and American synthesizers to an end. Waldorf continued this unique technology tradition with successive synthesizer releases ranging from the mighty Wave — perhaps the most impressive, expressive, and user-friendly sound synthesis tool ever built — to raising the bar for VA (Virtual Analogue) synthesizers with the introduction of the popular Q series from 1999 onwards.The new millennium saw the trailblazing company making a timely move into the brave new world of music software with the release of its first VST Instrument, PPG Wave 2.V, a tradition it continues to this day with more recent software releases including its Nave advanced wavetable synthesizer. Subsequent successes in the high-quality hardware arena include the Blofeld synthesizer — forging sound and design into an unbeatable price/performance ratio in both desktop and keyboard versions — and Zarenbourg, a contemporary electric piano par excellence, as well as the cost-conscious Rocket (synthesizer), 2-Pole (analogue filter), and Streichfett (string synthesizer) desktop modules. Meanwhile, Waldorf broadened its appeal further still by introducing Nave to transform any iPad into an advanced wavetable synthesizer. 2020 (and beyond) sees a slew of new high-quality synthesizers set to take the Waldorf name to the hands-on musical masses, whether working with its recently-released Quantum high-class hybrid synthesizer keyboard flagship, FPGA processing-powered Kyra VA Synthesizer desktop or other hardware (including a welcomed move into the popular Eurorack modular synth system format) or software (including iOS). © 2020 Waldorf Music GmbH
  16. PRODUCERLOOPS.COM RELEASES “ESSENCE OF ANALOGUE VOL 1: HOUSE” SAMPLE PACK 'Essence of Analogue Vol 1: House' by Producer Loops is just oozing with sensual, sassy, and smooth grooves. A well-crafted combination of saturated drum machines, vintage synths and processed rich bass work, this epic collection of House loops and one-shots guarantees to give your house track the analogue quality it deserves. This pack is the first installment in our 'Essence of Analogue' series, which was recorded and processed exclusively using analogue synths, drum machines and outboard. Equipment Used (for Series): Analogue Drum Machines: Linndrum 1, Linndrum 2, Boss DR-220, E-MU SP12 and Oberheim DMX. Analogue Synthesizers: Moog Voyager, DSI Prophet 6, DSI Poly Evolver, Novation Peak and SH-101 Analogue Outboard: SSL G Series Stereo Compressor, Empirical Labs Distressor, Pultec EQ The producer of choice has laid it all on the line in this expertly crafted collection that's loyal to the essence of house. Everything was recorded and sourced from the analogue domain to keep all of this content as warm, silky and smooth as possible. Nestled inside you'll find all the analogue induced synths, pads, and percussion loops to be grooving smoothly to some new House music. MIDI Files Included: Like so many other Producer Loops products, 'Future Retro' includes MIDI files for each Kit, allowing you to seamlessly mix your favourite synths and samplers with the sounds contained in the pack. Advantages of MIDI: While the supplied ACID/Apple Loops content is extremely flexible and powerful, MIDI has the added benefit of allowing you to go to extremes of pitch and tempo beyond which the loops were originally recorded, with no time stretching or pitch shifting artefacts. Furthermore, you can make tweaks to the riffs so they fit perfectly into your existing mixes. One-Shot Samples: Each kit includes a set of drums shots, allowing you to create your own beats, fills and loops to expand the existing material. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and beats. Royalty-Free: All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Product Details: • ACIDized WAV Files • Apple Loops/AIFF Files • REX2 Loops • Reason ReFill • Ableton Live Pack 8.1.3+ • Loops Synced To BPM • 44.1kHz/24-Bit • PC/Mac Compatible • Royalty-Free (No Exceptions) Price and Availability: 'Essence of Analogue Vol 1: House'’ is available for instant download exclusively at ProducerLoops.com for £29.95 / 34.72 EUR. More information is available at: https://www.producerloops.com
  17. Stunning 4K video capture, wireless binaural audio recording and much more March 25, 2020, New York, NY, USA – Hooke Audio is pleased to announce the release of Hooke App Version 2, a major software update now available as a free download for all iOS and Android users. The Hooke 3D audio and video capture app offers new flexibility and enhanced features for optimal video and binaural audio recording - with support for 720, 1080 and 4K videos, new 24fps frame rate, Wide Angle and Tele lenses, Voice-Over recording, improved focus, stability and expedited rendering, enhanced wireless Bluetooth performance and much more. The Hooke Version 2.0 App is available as a free download for all new and registered users from the App Store and Google Play. When used with the Hooke Verse, Hooke Audio’s wireless 3D audio microphone system, the Hooke App delivers flawless binaural audio and stunning videos - seamlessly pairing high-quality audio to any smartphone video camera with zero latency. The Hooke Verse and the Hooke App are the perfect solution for recording live music and concert videos, podcasts, acoustic and electric instruments, ASMR, film audio, POV Videos and more in immersive sound. Updates and new features to the Hooke 3D Audio & Video app include: - New iOS Background Video Export with expedited rendering to iPhone - Support for latest iOS/Android camera user interface for optimal video capture quality - Wide Angle Lens Support for compatible iPhone and Android users - Tele Lens Support for iPhone Android phones that support wide tele lenses - Improved camera auto exposure and focus for optimal video capture quality - improved image stabilization for video capture - Ability to add grids to recording screen - Ability to record separately to SD on Android - 720, 1080 and 4K video support - 24fps video capture - 1:1, 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio support - Fixed scaling on larger iPhone X - Improved Bluetooth performance - A slew of other bug fixes, stability improvements and app speed performance upgrades! Compatibility: The Hooke Audio app is compatible with iPhone / iPad using iOS 12.1 and higher, and for Android users using OS 9.0 and above on any Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, OnePlus and Huawei phone. Price and Availability: The Hooke App is a free download for all iPhone / iPad and Android users. Download from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hooke-audio-binaural-3d-audio/id1063748281 Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hooke.audio.app&hl=en_US The Hooke Verse wireless 3D audio recording system is available in the U.S. at B&H and Microcenter, as well is in Japan & EU through licensed affiliates. For more information about the Hooke Verse or the Hooke App from Hooke Audio, please visit www.hookeaudio.com
  18. ProducerSpot are pleased to announce that we have launched a new free sample pack for all music producers who spend most of their time in the house because of the pandemic situation. This free pack is completely free, no subscription, no sharing, ready to download and use. Site Link: The Cure ProducerSpot.com
  19. Ruby Two Notes IRs Offer Tone With Rich Musical Warmth, Mellow Highs and a Sophisticated Midrange Ipswich, UK (March 25, 2020) —Celestion is delighted to announce the availability of their Celestion Ruby Two Notes Guitar Speaker Impulse Responses, for use with the critically acclaimed Torpedo (Studio, Live, C.A.B) hardware, the speaker and miking simulation engine; and Wall of Sound software environment (a DAW plug-in version of Torpedo.) The Celestion Ruby Two Notes Impulse Responses have been fully re-created in Two Notes’ proprietary format and are available both in the Two notes store, as well as alongside the full line of other genuine Celestion Impulse Responses on CelestionPlus. The Celestion Ruby Two Notes speaker impulse responses ooze rich musical warmth and bring a familiar alnico vibe, complete with mellow highs and a sophisticated midrange. This Two notes speaker impulse response is the perfect digital representation of the Celestion Ruby delivering a mellow clean sound and rich, saturated gain tones all without sacrificing any of the character you’d expect from Celestion’s world-famous alnico speakers. Recorded in a world-class live room, the new Ruby Two Notes speaker impulse response collection provides a rich variety of guitar speaker tonality, with depth, balance and supreme musicality. The Celestion Ruby impulse responses in Two Notes format include five different cabinet configurations, available both individually and as a collection: 1×12 (open back) 1×12 (closed back) 2×12 (open back) 4×12(closed back) The Two notes IR format gives users full access to all the available functionality of the Two notes environment. These are all new IR captures, closely following the Two notes IR recording protocol. Each cabinet is recorded with 8 microphones, and the user has the capability to move around each microphone in the virtual room: an almost limitless number of IRs generated by the Two notes proprietary format. Each impulse response is fully compatible with the Overload Parameter (available in both Wall of Sound and Torpedo Studio), a unique non-linear convolution processing capability that is able to reproduce the distortion of the speaker when pushed hard. And there is there’s no difference in quality between the current WAV files and the new Two notes’ format files. Customers get the same highly accurate speaker tones, simply in a format best tailored to the Two notes environment. Furthermore, adding Celestion IRs to the Two notes environment means users also get the Celestion quality tone re-produced using five additional microphones: AKG C414EB, AKG D12, Beyer Dynamic M160, Coles 4038 and the Neumann U47. Customers can still use Celestion’s standard WAV format IRs on Two notes’ hardware and software as before, but without the full functionality and additional microphones offered by the Two Notes proprietary format. The new Celestion Two Notes Ruby Impulse Responses join the collection of other IRs available in Two Notes format such as: Neo 250 Copperback (Two Notes,) Laney cabinets (Two Notes,) Orange Cabinets (Two Notes,) Suhr Cabinets (Two Notes,) Celestion Blue (Two Notes,) G12M Greenback (Two Notes) and Vintage 30 (Two Notes.) See the extensive collection of other genuine Celestion Impulse Responses, with guitar speaker IRs including the A-Type, Celestion Blue, Celestion Cream, Celestion Gold, Classic Lead 80, G10 Creamback, Heritage G12H 55Hz, Heritage G12M, G12 EVH, G12K-100, G12-35XC, G12T-75, G12-50GL Lynchback, G12-H150 Redback, G12M Greenback, G12M-65 Creamback, G12M-75 Creamback, G12H Anniversary, G12-65, Neo Creamback, V-Type, Vintage 30 and bass impulse responses such as the BL10-100X, BN15-400X, BN10-200X, BN15-300X, PULSE10, PULSE12 and PULSE15. About Celestion Impulse Responses Celestion IRs, which capture the essential behavior of the cabinet in the specific space in which it was recorded, including the frequency and phase response of single drivers as well as the interaction of multiple speakers, offer the user significant benefits. In both recording and live production, Celestion IRs enable the desired tone to be precisely and consistently reproduced regardless of the music recording or live sound environment. And IR users can escape the limitations of a single mic and cabinet setup and explore a universe of possibilities to create the perfect tone. Once you find a tone that you love, it can be precisely recreated, in the studio or on the road, time after time. And the IRs allow Celestion customers to audition specific models before purchasing one or more physical speakers. Celestion IR digital downloads are available in uncompressed, industry standard .WAV format at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz sample rates at 24 bit depth, in lengths of 200 and 500 milliseconds Once the files are downloaded and unzipped, users simply load the IRs into a convolution plug-in in their DAW or into other processing hardware. These formats will work in all known hardware capable of loading IRs, and for the most popular hardware Celestion have already grouped together the correct formats. Guitar processor manufacturers supported include (but are not limited to) Atomic Amps, Fractal Audio Systems, Kemper, Line 6, Logidy, Positive Grid, Two Notes, Headrush and Yamaha. The Celestion IR files may be downloaded in the sample rate and length appropriate for the hardware being used or as a complete package of all rates and lengths. Certain third party hardware requires the files to be converted into a proprietary format before use. Celestion Plus. About Celestion and Celestion Guitar Speakers An important element to essential British guitar tone since the birth of Rock & Roll, Celestion Guitar Speakers are famous for their lively and vocal midrange character with plenty of sparkle and chime. With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass loudspeakers, and high-quality professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. Contact Celestion at: info@celestion.com and visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/celestion. www.celestion.com
  20. TAMPA, FL — ddrum introduces the Dominion Standard Shell Packs, the latest addition to the resurrected 2020 Dominion Series. These four Dominion Standard kits, each in the popular 5-piece configuration, offer newly introduced birch shells and four high-quality PVC finish options. Extremely versatile, esthetically appealing, and affordably packaged, the Dominion Standard Shell Packs offer something for every player, regardless of playing style or experience level. Like other ddrum kits, the Dominion Standard Shell Packs are designed to be tonally consistent and ready-to-play right out of the box. Whereas ddrum’s previous Dominion Series explored the tones of maple and ash, the resurrected 2020 kits use birch wood, which is remarkably versatile and sounds great in both studio and live applications with minimal EQ adjustment. The Dominion Standard Shell Packs marry this new sound with throwback looks, including four killer finishes: Brushed Blue, Midnight Black, Red Sparkle, and Silver Sparkle. Extra touches on the Dominion Standard Shell Packs include a matching snare drum for an extra pop; an integrated 3-point tom suspension system for secure support; 2.3 mm triple-flange diecast hoops, including on the snare; and a full suite of Remo heads with pinstripes for the toms, a reverse dot on the snare, and a clear Powerstroke® P3 bass drum head with a resonant side and a 10-lug batter for a deep kick aesthetic. Classic Dominion-style box lugs and chrome hardware provide stability and help to ensure excellent tone. Each Dominion Standard Shell Pack is comprised of 8’’x10’’ and 9’’x12’’ toms (6-ply), a 14’’x16’’ floor tom (6-ply), 18’’x22’’ bass drum (8-ply), and 7’’x13’’ snare drum (8-ply). The industry-standard 45-degree bearing edge creates a wide surface area while producing excellent attack and sustain for drums that sound bright, lively and modern. The Dominion Standard Shell Pack includes the 5-piece shell pack only at a street price of $599; cymbals and supporting hardware are sold separately. Learn more at www.ddrum.com. About ddrum Led by CEO Evan Rubinson, ddrum is a musician-run enterprise, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry on the biggest stages and in the best studios all over the world. Since 1983, ddrum has been the standard in electronic triggers, and creates acoustic drums for today's drummers. www.ddrum.com
  21. TAMPA, FL — With the introduction of the Dean NashVegas Select Series, Dean Guitars delivers four new models with a classic look but plenty of original attitude. These guitars are killer professional axes with exclusive, tonally versatile pickups. Available in two finishes, Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin, and with multiple signature appointments, the Dean NashVegas Select Series is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. The Dean Select Series is designed by professionals for professionals, which is reflected in the stage-readiness of the Dean NashVegas Select guitars. Dean begins with their classic NashVegas body design in basswood and offers a flat top with an arm cut for enhanced playability. The bolt-on neck (25 ½’’ inch scale) with dual-action truss rod provides an extra mid-range punch with its bound 22 fret ebony fretboard and maple neck outfitted with a 12-inch radius that’s smooth and stylish with pearloid dot inlays. Grover tuners provide reliable stability that keep the tuning right on point. Dome black knobs and black hardware round out the sleek aesthetic. Two of the NashVegas Select models offer the high-end Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo system which enhances tuning stable as players throw down any style of acrobatic playing. The other two fixed-bridge models offer a more traditional two-piece hardtail with Dean’s exclusive Cadi tailpiece for ease and sustain. Plugged in, the exclusive Seymour Duncan APH-1N and TB-5 pickups deliver all the desirable tones, from high-gain metal to sparkling cleans and everything in between. The APH-1N at the neck is sensitive to pick attacks and makes the highs sing and sound thick, and the lows sound warm and buttery. The TB-5 is an overwound PAF-style bridge pickup with a bright upper-midrange, helping the notes jump out when playing clean, and provides greater harmonic content when playing with gain.[1] Tonally, these Seymour Duncan pickups are one-of-a-kind and esthetically, their zebra parchment finish and sand-blasted pole pieces set their look apart from the rest. The volume and tone knobs on the NashVegas Select guitars are positioned traditionally, but the 3-way toggle is uniquely positioned on the horn of the guitar for a consistent Dean vibe. So, while these guitars have a classic look, they’re 100% Dean from top to bottom. The Dean NashVegas Select Series is priced competitively, with the Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin set at a street price of $749, and the Floyd Black Satin and Floyd Metallic Red Satin at a street price of $849. Learn more about the Dean NashVegas Select Series and other Dean guitars at www.deanguitars.com. About Dean Guitars Led by CEO Evan Rubinson, Dean Guitars is a musician-run enterprise, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry on the biggest stages and in the best studios all over the world. Since 1977, Dean Guitars has catered to musicians in all genres, at all skill levels, and has the most recognizable headstock profile in the industry. www.deanguitars.com
  22. Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar Embraces Industry Trends with Debut of HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series WAIKOLOA, HAWAII (Jan. 17, 2019) — The debut of the HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series from Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar proves that high-quality materials that are rich and resonant can also be warm and sweet. Inspired by recent trends in the acoustic guitar market, the HUG Ukulele Solid Mahogany Series offers all-solid sapele construction and styling that’s classically refined and sleek. Any one of these ukuleles is an ideal addition to a guitar collection, especially for the discerning acoustic player. Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar has been a retailer of fine handcrafted instruments on the Big Island since 2011, and is thrilled to unveil its very own product lines at the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. As a new brand, HUG Ukulele bridges the divide between time-honored traditions and modern preferences, as evident in the selection of the sapele body. This African tonal wood is closely related to mahogany both in appearance and sound. All-mahogany acoustic guitars have been trending as players discover their comparatively warmer tone and full rich mid-range. In a ukulele, sapele translates to a rich, clear, bright tone that is both full and sweet. To enhance this tone, HUG Ukulele & Guitar uses a matte nitrocellulose finish, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance. Balancing strength and symmetry, Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar uses a fanned top-bracing pattern and sturdy C-shaped mahogany neck. Mahogany is also used for the beautiful bridge and 18-fret fingerboard with 3 mm mother-of-pearl dot inlays, along with a bone saddle and nut. Each ukulele is crowned with HUG’s signature etched Ocean Wave headstock. The natural wood is finished in a matte nitrocellulose, applied as thinly as possible for maximum resonance. As the HUG brand implies, Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar wants the player to embrace the sound and individuality of the ukulele that’s right for them. That’s why the HUG Ukulele Mahogany Series offers multiple styles, including Pineapple, Pineapple Aumakua, Soprano, Super Soprano, Soprano Aumakua, Concert, Super Concert, Concert Aumakua, Concert Cutaway EQ, Tenor Aumakua and Tenor Cutaway EQ. On each model, enclosed-gear tuners have the proper tuning ratio for the Aquila 10U New Nylgut Tenor Ukulele Strings. These strings are made in Italy from a patented synthetic material that’s close in sound to authentic gut strings. To learn more, please visit www.hugukulele.com RETAIL $299-$569
  23. Gibson: Musicians And Partners Unite Across The Globe For #HomeMadeMusic To Support Musicians And Spread The Healing Power of Music GibsonTV “HomeMade Sessions” Launches Worldwide The power of music unites us all. Stay in, make music and connect. We’ll get through this together: #HomeMadeMusic, #GibsonHomeMade NASHVILLE, TN (March 24, 2020) At Gibson--the iconic, American-made instrument brand--we’ve been synonymous with shaping, creating, inspiring and contributing to the ‘share of sound’ for 126 years. Although the current crisis is disrupting our everyday lives, it has also reminded us of what is most important. “As world leaders in music, we are stepping in and bringing both legendary and new artists, music brands and industry partners together across the globe to launch ‘Gibson HomeMade’; a worldwide program to unite music lovers everywhere and spread hope through tough times,” says Cesar Gueikian, Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson. “The goal of #HomeMadeMusic is to immediately support our musicians and their current projects while they are at home,” says Beth Heidt, Global Head of Entertainment Relations at Gibson. “Artist performances, intimate interviews and conversations from all over the world can be watched and shared from anywhere starting today, via all Gibson and Epiphone digital platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gibson TV on YouTube. We’re doing our part to bring the music community together to spread hope, inspiration and joy” adds Heidt. The “Gibson HomeMade Sessions” featuring exclusive, full-length performances of original content from Gibson and Epiphone artists, will be available on Gibson TV. Tune in to see appearances, performances and messages of support and love from Gibson, Epiphone and Kramer artists. “I first discovered guitar when I was a kid in Stoke on Trent, England. To me, guitar was the most exciting component of rock ‘n’ roll music. Which is the music I was weaned on. My Dad was a big enthusiast. And his brothers, my uncles were very serious rock ‘n’ roll aficionados. And that was my introduction” says Slash. “I find my emotions are best expressed through the guitar.” “Tune in, sit down and enjoy a heaping course of Gibson Home Made Sounds! …and feel free to join in to add your own flavor of sonic sauce and stay safe" says Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. “When times are tough and uncertain, music provides a comfort and dependability we all need” says Warren Haynes. “Music unites us all, even when we are apart and ‘socially distanced.’” “No matter where you are in the world music is our universal language. Creating and listening to music keeps us connected and we need it now more than ever,” says Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. “Stay Home, stay safe and we will all get through this together.” “In unexpected times like these, we all need to step back and focus on what is truly important in life and strip away from our day to day worries and see the bigger picture,” adds Jared James Nichols. “Spending time with loved ones and playing my guitar are the biggest joys in my life. I’m taking this time to enjoy just that! Nothing but love to my Gibson family for their dedication to unite us all with the gift of music!” Together with our artists and industry partners, Gibson is working to shine a light on the important work of MusiCares (The Recording Academy). Gibson TV will be heavily supporting the new MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. The MusiCares fund offers financial assistance to musicians, production crews and music industry affiliated workers and creators. For more information and to donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, visit: Here. Playing and learning guitar has been proven to positively benefit the mind and the body with effects that endure even after the playing has ended. A neuroscientific study from McGill University in Montreal discovered that playing guitar and listening to the music you are creating alters brain chemistry triggering the release of dopamine--the feel-good chemical. Reducing stress and anxiety, mastering a new skill, increased focus and confidence, and even raising your base IQ level (University of Zurich study) are just a handful of the many benefits that can result from learning to play music. Gibson is working in solidarity with our network of retailers and distributors around the world to donate, promote and support all musicians as now is the time for everyone to stay healthy at home. For all things Gibson: GIBSON.COM | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | GIBSON TV Epiphone: EPIPHONE.COM | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE Kramer:  KRAMERGUITARS.COM | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE About Gibson: Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and the Gibson Pro Audio division KRK Systems. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  24. Carl Tatz Design® Employs IsoAcoustics® Technology in New PhantomFocus Monitors PFM 1000 Series Professional Reference Monitor performance enhanced by custom integration of IsoAcoustics pistonic decoupling system Nashville, TN: Studio designer and monitoring expert Carl Tatz, principal of Carl Tatz Design® (CTD) (creator of the PhantomFocus™ line of Precision Monitoring Instruments), and Dave Morrison, president and founder of the IsoAcoustics® line of speaker isolation products, have announced the custom integration of IsoAcoustics’ award-winning pistonic decoupling technology into the new PhantomFocus PFM HD-1000 and PFM UHD-1000 Professional Reference Studio Monitors. “Dave and I dialogued for a couple of years about how our two companies could work together, and the new PFM 1000 Series Professional Reference Monitors are the fruit of that collaboration. We could not be happier,” comments Tatz. Dave Morrison adds, “We are very pleased to work with Carl to integrate IsoAcoustics into this exciting new series of monitors and be part of his mission to provide remarkable acoustic imaging and performance.” Tatz continues, “The PFM 1000 Monitors are presented by our company as the zenith of near-field monitoring, and IsoAcoustics’ continuous R&D successes in the world of acoustic isolation blend perfectly with our mantra of sonic excellence.” PFM HD-1000 Professional Reference Monitor with custom integrated IsoAcoustics decoupling modules PFM UHD-1000 Monitor About Carl Tatz Design Carl Tatz Design (CTD) is an award winning studio design firm offering design and consulting services to homeowners and entertainment industry professionals in areas of: Recording Studios, Monitor Systems, Home Screening Rooms, Dedicated Listening Rooms, Acoustic Analysis, Tuning, and Sound Isolation. Carl Tatz is also the inventor of the industry acclaimed proprietary PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) monitor tuning protocol. CTD’s many resources combine knowledge, experience and expertise in sound, picture and design to serve its clients worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.carltatzdesign.com. About the PhantomFocus™ System Carl Tatz Design’s proprietary PhantomFocus™ System monitor tuning protocol offers clients a unique opportunity to have a truly world-class monitoring experience in their room, no matter how modest. All speakers interact with the room they’re in, and the PhantomFocus System allows any monitors to perform at maximum accuracy - in any room - with a full 20Hz-to-20KHz frequency response and pinpoint imaging in what some owners have described as a “holographic sweet spot.” It is a new level of sonic accuracy that engenders easier, better and faster mixing that translates well in any environment. There are approximately fifty steps in the proprietary PhantomFocus System implementation protocol, including phase alignment, system damping, speaker decoupling and isolation mounting, careful assessment of engineer/speaker placement relative to primary axial room modes, proprietary laser-calibrated speaker distancing and angle alignments, digitally-controlled crossover points and slopes for pass filtering, and, proprietary, multiband parametric equalization. Hardware solutions can include monitor stands, concrete, Sorbothane™ and other isolation and damping materials, custom floating plenum mounts, subwoofer systems and custom digital processors. The PhantomFocus System evaluation and implementation is a full two-day process and can be applied to near-fields, mid-fields, and large soffit mounted monitors, regardless of manufacturer. Carl Tatz Design installs the PhantomFocus System in existing control rooms and in all studios that are designed and built from the ground up by CTD. The result is like the aural equivalent of HD TV. Once you experience a PhantomFocus System, you can’t go back. About the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® The Carl Tatz Signature Series™ by Auralex® family of control room acoustic modules (now featured in a dedicated section on the Auralex website), emulates the look and acoustics of Carl Tatz's custom designs at a fraction of the cost. When paired with the acclaimed PhantomFocus System, it becomes the CTD MixRoom™, the sonic performance of which is unrivaled anywhere, defining a new standard for the audio professional. The MixRoom can quickly and affordably transform a simple rectangular room into a world-class mixing environment without peer. "We're honored to work with Carl Tatz, one of the top studio designers in the industry, on this exciting new Auralex offering. This new series makes Carl's signature style easy and affordable enough for any serious studio owner. Now virtually any room can benefit from the same aesthetic and sound control enjoyed by top hitmakers like Rascal Flatts and others," says Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex Acoustics. For more information about Carl Tatz Design LLC and the PhantomFocus™ System, please contact Carl Tatz Design, 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite #1109, Nashville, TN 37205 Office: 615.354.6242, Direct: 615.400.5479 Email: carl@carltatzdesign.com Web: www.carltatzdesign.com Store: www.phantomfocus.com
  25. Waves Audio Now Shipping an Updated Version of the OVox Vocal ReSynthesis Plugin Knoxville, TN, March 24, 2020 — Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, has released a new update of its OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugin, now with a new highly anticipated MIDI Out feature, NKS compatibility with Native Instruments controllers, SoundGrid® real-time compatibility, and hundreds of new presets. Update features: MIDI Out in real time (including Voice-to-MIDI) SoundGrid-compatible for real-time performance NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine 250 presets added, including 150 artist presets OVox’s new MIDI Out feature enables you to play any virtual instrument (either by Waves or other manufacturers) using your voice, in real time. Whether you sing or hum melodies, OVox will convert your voice to MIDI, then send the MIDI out to the other instrument. You can also use the Note Mapper to quantize your MIDI to scale or generate hundreds of chord progressions easily. You can even route the other instrument as a carrier back to OVox, and then use OVox’s formant filter to modulate the other instrument. This strengthens OVox’s standing as the world’s most robust and feature-rich vocal synthesis tool for 2020, with even more creative vocal synthesis and sound design possibilities than ever before. The new OVox update also adds 250 new presets, including 150 artist-presets from the music producers of Bon Iver, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Cardi B, and many more. In addition, the new updated OVox is NKS-ready for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and Maschine, and is now SoundGrid®-compatible for real-time performance with a SoundGrid system. Waves OVox is the next-generation voice-controlled synthesizer and vocal effects processor, powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis® technology. Use OVox as a plugin or standalone app to transform any vocal: Create rich vocoder, talkbox, harmonizer, pitch/tune, vocal arpeggiation effects and beyond, with superior sound quality and instant results. OVox’s workflow is instant, with none of the difficult routing typical of other vocoders and vocal synthesizers. Just insert OVox as a plugin, or fire it up as a standalone app – sing, hum, speak or beatbox into it, and hear the magic happen. You can experiment and discover unique results with OVox on drums, bass and other instruments. It’s also an amazing sounding synth in its own right, even when not triggered by vocals or other external sounds. Whether you’re a producer, musician or engineer, Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis enables an unprecedented palette of vocal synthesis and vocal morphing creativity. Video: “Build Songs from Your Voice: Waves OVox MIDI Out Feature”: https://youtu.be/DxML5kRESlU Learn more: https://www.waves.com/plugins/ovox-vocal-resynthesis#ovox-next-generation-voice-controlled-synth \ User interface for Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugin About Waves Audio Ltd.: Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio DSP solutions for the professional, broadcast, and consumer electronics audio markets. Since its start in the early '90s with the introduction of the Q10 equalizer plugin, Waves has gone on to develop a comprehensive line of over 150 audio plugins, including industry standards like the L1 and L2 Ultramaximizers, popular vintage console models, and innovative mixing tools like Vocal Rider and the Artist Signature Series. For its accomplishments, Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in 2011, and the Q10 was selected as an inductee into the TECnology Hall of Fame. In 2016, Waves released the eMotion LV1 mixer, a revolutionary live digital mixing console that provides real-time audio mixing for front-of-house, monitor, studio and broadcast engineers. Waves technologies are now used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post-production to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics. Waves has over 25 years of expertise in the development of psychoacoustic signal processing algorithms that leverage knowledge of human auditory perception to radically improve perceived sound quality. Waves’ award-winning processors are utilized to improve sound quality in the creation of hit records, major motion pictures, and top-selling video games worldwide. Waves offers computer software and hardware-plus-software solutions for the professional and broadcast markets. The company’s WavesLive division is a market leader in all live sound sectors, spearheading the development of solutions for all live platforms. Under its Maxx brand, Waves offers semiconductor and licensable algorithms for consumer electronics applications. Waves technologies dramatically enhance audio performance and are used by industry leaders such as Dell, Google, Fitbit, Acer, Asus, Hisense and more. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Waves. Web: http://www.waves.com
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