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  1. Soul Food into my Wampler Euphoria is amazing or Soul Food into Wampler Ace Thirty will give you that Brian May high gain lead tone.......
  2. Anyone read this or use this thread any more? I'm looking for a trade! I want a boutique Muff type pedal: Skreddy, Musket, Hoof etc. etc. I have a Wampler Ace Thirty Overdrive for trade for one of these types of pedals. Thanks
  3. LOve the ZT Lunchbox! I've used one for quite a few blues jams and it's been amazing
  4. Lotta new EHX stuff out there as well! Anything on the new end you be digging? That new double big muff with mid shift looks interesting
  5. I'm back. Went purist for a while (guitar, cable, amp) been busy with life, working a lot and raising teenage daughters. Finally went and bought some real nice pieces of gear (a real nice PRS McCarty, Custom Shop Strat, and a vintage Fender Princeton Reverb) Now I've gone back to pedals. Forgot how much fun I had building boards and drooling over others boards. I do a lot of lead playing with a friends recording project so I basically have a ton of dirt pedals and a several Wah pedals. I've gotten a Zoom Stomp pedal with the iPhone Apps you can download to the pedal so that helps with the GAS! I've really gone nuts over Wampler Pedals too, I have 6-7 of 'em now, I hadn't been around here forever. I was on a FB site for pedal boards and it reminded me of this place so I came back to see how it's been around here
  6. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Wampler+Velvet+Fuzz&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=B59E22EB3C160D7108F4B59E22EB3C160D7108F4
  7. Lets get back on track here. THIS is my go to fuzz now. SO many amazing sounds in this pedal.................
  8. Went and changed it! Moved the Ditto Looper off to the left where I can get to it easier
  9. My current board as of today, will probably change as I just drank the Kool-Aid and bought a Soul Food! I use a lot of dirt.
  10. The Tight Metal is pretty much THE pedal we go to in the studio. For playing heavy stuff I haven't found anything better and we go through a lot of pedals! The beauty of it is the amazing gate combined with the endless tone options. Bomb proof build quality too
  11. Fuzz Factory. He actually has several guitars with Fuzz Factory custom installed into the body. Very cool.
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