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  1. D'Addario XL. They are cheap enough to change often.
  2. $1300 for a new Harmony guitar?!!! I think I will pass on that.
  3. It appears that right wingers can dish it out but they can't take it.
  4. Oh, just the on topic ones huh? Well, that changes everything. In the future I will only try to derail on topic threads like you. My bad.
  5. Ned does it all the time so I figured he wouldn't mind if I did it. I didn't figure you would mind either so I'm real sorry about that.
  6. Hey, did ya hear about the whistle blower complaint? No? That's okay, you wouldn't care about that stuff anyway.
  7. That some deep schitt there. What it means I don't have a fargin clue. Rehab is covered by most insurance plans and they have wifi. You should check it out.
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