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  1. The most used vocal mic in the studio is my Shure SM7B, it just works so well on most of the type of things we record. Now as to what works best on my voice…it's an odd choice, but I don't sing, I use it for VO and narration as that is my primary income source, Sennheiser 416. Another mic I like on certain voices is a Peluso P12(AKG C12 clone). My dream mic that I would like to have in my locker is an AEA 44c…or a refurbished RCA 44BX. I had a pair of Neuman 87's years ago and ended up getting rid of them, I know it is sacrilege to say so…but I just didn't like that mic for many applications and always found myself reaching for another mic in the locker….so I sold them and with the money got various other mics and a few mic pre's.
  2. I got mine for free! Freshman year of high school they were tossing out a bunch of old audio PA gear(got a Bogen PA head as well) and miss. I got three of the 545's but only one worked…I think it was brand new still in the box. The janitor let me take what I wanted.
  3. Would you sell the 6V6's separately, are they blackplates or greyplates? And when you say NOS, are they in the amp currently, and if so how long have they been in there?
  4. I actually like the sound of many low budget cheap amps from days gone by…but since cheapo guitars can be difficult to intonate and keep in tune, I have to say the guitar. If only because that is the interface between the music in your head and the air. You can make music on an electric guitar and no amp, but without the guitar the amp doesn't do anything but provide a bit of hiss/hum and a place to put a beer.
  5. I have an old 545 that I've used to mic my guitar amps with for almost 30 years. Never knew Brian used one for lead vox.
  6. My portable set up is a Apogee Ensemble and an API3124+ which gives me 4 super clean pre-amps and 4 somewhat colored API pre's and all my AD-DA and i/o to track 8 track at once. Running ProTools 10 on a Macbook Pro. All fits in a nice portable two space rack with a shelf. Also have 4 older modded DBX 160xt's for compression in a 4 space portable rack. My portable mic locker is a pair of AEA R84's a Peluso P12(AKG C12 clone), an AKG 451, a pair of 414B-ULS's, a Shure SM-7 and a Senheiser 421….(the mics change but that is what I bring out as my standard rig to track a small band live). If it wasn't for stands and cables…I could load in/out in one trip!
  7. If you really stink at it…there is always this. http://www.waves.com/plugins/reel-adt
  8. Happiness is a Warm Gun duplicated as many times as it would fit on both sides. It is my favorite Beatles song and my favorite rock song of that decade. I'm not even sure why, I just love that tune and the production.
  9. As Phil said magnetic media near magnets is sketchy at best, there has to be a better spot in your studio for it. I mean it is mini!
  10. Clapton recorded a song in honor of Jack's passing, but it sadly doesn't sound like he put much effort into it.
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