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  1. with over 11,500 more cases today in Florida, it looks really grim for music to return to inside venues this year, let alone next year. I am fortunate to have a couple years of contracted bookings for my private parties. Eventually, it will be possible to play those inside parties again, but, I'm not planning on this winters bookings to hold up. The contracted parties will soon cancel as things keep going down hill. this is my guess......Florida will be up to 15k cases daily by July 18 or earlier. I hope not, but so far, there has been nothing to slow it down. And with 50% of the people not taking it seriously, the other 50% cant stop it.
  2. I had a buddy that had a motown/funk band here in SW Florida. As soon as the bars reopened in May, they went back to playing. Most of their gigs was in open air/tiki bars. They would post live feeds on facebook of their gigs. I didnt see many posts as of late, so i started searching for their schedule of events. I found out the lead guitarist has died of covid. the drummer is current in ICU with the virus, and the bass player and his wife are both struggling at home with it. They were all unbelievers of the severity of the virus. They said it was nothing more than the flu. i mentioned on one of their live streams that the crowd wasnt wearing masks, and people were right up against the band dancing. They let their guards down, and it finally caught them. this makes 11 musicians i know that has caught the virus. 4 have died. they all caught it after the states reopening. their ages averaged 56.
  3. i guess I'll fall back to painting guitars for people in my down time. I can spray a mean metal flake. Plus, I've collected quite a collection of lefty guitars over the years. I can always sell one here and there to for pay home insurance, property taxes, etc. Unemployment never panned out for me, though i'm still trying to get it. i've uploaded everything they wanted, but still they say my income status for 2019-early 2020 is incomplete. i've sent them last years tax form, 1099s, contracts, contacts. Time for plan B. guitar building/refinishing. selling some of my herd
  4. I was really hoping for one by Fall. But, when/if it does finally get ok'd for use, the medical workers will be first, then the essential workers. Maybe the elderly will be next. Then the average person will get the chance for the vaccine. That will be some time next summer.............if they create a usable vaccine by January. I'd be happy with a useful prescription analgesic. I dont want to go to ICU before they give me something that works. Most people wont have any severe issues with the virus. I had a tough time with the flu a couple years back. This virus will kick my ass
  5. I've been receiving email updates regularly from the local private clubs I play at. Here is an email i received from the American Legion I was scheduled to play. Hi Jay, Sorry about all the emails. The Executive Board just met this morning and decided to go ahead and cancel entertainment on July 18, 2020. We have been open for about 3 weeks now and revenue does not justify the expenses for offering entertainment. As of this morning on the news, with the increase of COVID cases reported, the board is inclined to believe the members will not visit the post under any circumstances. We have canceled all other entertainment for the months of June and July. We will be watching any developments in regards to August and will notify accordingly.
  6. I was asked to come back to the Elks and American legions. BUT...they want me to take a cut. Sorry, but I'm not going back for 1/2 of the pay. I'm not ready to come back into tight quarters with people right beside me. I told them to get someone else, and I'll be back "maybe" in October if things calm down. Right now, we are having higher case counts then we ever did in Florida. The only difference is, it's now the 18-35 yr olds. They are the ones that think they are bullet proof and don't "have" to wear a mask. They will certainly spread it to the eldery. I play for an older crowd, and they dont feel comfortable going out to inside venues. There was a bunch of solo/duo acts that started back in early June. They are now sitting at home again. The mayors are cracking down in their cities on bar crowds, social distancing, masks. Fines are being passed out to people who dont follow guide lines. Places have been shut down in Tampa that didn't follow the guide lines. I dont really have a lot of places to play from May till September. No biggy for me sitting around till October. But, once October gets here, I'll be back to my private parties/concerts/gated communities and 20 gigs a month. These are ticket sale venues. Not open to the public. Hopefully, by then, they'll have something to ease the severity of the virus and ease the mind of the audience that come to my gigs.
  7. i've seen many duos and singles that went back to playing are now posting their dates are cancelled again. this will be happening for "at least" the next 5-6 months. Florida had the highest number of cases in one day. 3822 cases. it is definitely not going away. the Gov said the cases are because of testing. OF COURSE. if they didnt test, there would still be 3800+ cases, but we wouldnt know it. sorry to hear Bob
  8. Gov Ron Desantis says 97% has been paid. sorry to say, there are 100s of thousands that got incomplete payments. some just got a couple payments, now there is a hold on their payments. there are many that have received nothing, even though they've completed the paperwork. then there is a small few that got paid in total within 7 days of signing up, no rhyme or reason. Also, Desantis claims the virus was not bad in Florida. He thought he should be praised for the job he did (kind of like you know who). Truth is, we're averaging 1600 new cases a day. Dont take long to accumulate 10,000-20,000 new cases. It's not going down. It's still raising. The thing is, the ones that got it now are the younger people that are not worried about getting it. Most people that are getting the virus are from friends they visit or are hanging out with. as for me, i'm in solitude. I dont see anybody. I talk to my family/friends on facetime or on facebook. thats it.
  9. been asked by the 2 Elks clubs to come back at the end of the month, but they want me to take a cut in pay to help them out.....sorry ...i told them they would be lucky to get 30-40 people. the average age is 70 during the summer. the snowbirds are gone. all we have is the elderly neighborhood that comes in for 1 hour, then leave. i told then to get a DJ or Karaoke for $100. I wont play for it. told them if things improve by October, and they have some meds to battle getting severely sick by then, then the crowds will come back. Im watching the sporting events. when they allow crowds again, I'll start back up. in the meantime, i'm working on new songs and eating 100% at home. didnt know how much less i spend by not eating out everyday. lost 16 lb. eating healthier. not spending money on useless crap. go to the store every 10-12 days. i can see me doing this even after things get somewhat back to normal. oh yeah....still fighting the unemployment DEO mess in florida. cant talk to a real person. they do not offer callbacks. they just hang up. there is no help online. my application has been ok'd, but they want more information. i'm suppose to read their mind to what they want me to upload to them. i've sent in last years tax form...all my 1099 forms...all my contracts that were cancelled...all my venues names and phone numbers...still they want more info....i've sent 4 emails to them saying i need help with the online app. still no response..... i'll wait till its over and i can talk to a real person. the DEO website sucks.
  10. that seems to be the scene at most outdoor venues over the holiday. the inside venues still dont have the ok to let social gatherings happen. i've just got word from all my summer venues that June is a "no go". in SW Florida, most venues are set to 25% occupancy indoors. the outside tiki bars are busy. no signs of masks anywhere but the waitresses. after a month of trying, i've finally applied online for unemployment. the online website was not "musician solo act" friendly. i had to ask a gov employee to help me register. now i'm waiting on the next step...dont know how long it will take for them to contact me so we can proceed to getting benefits.
  11. just a nice powered PA speaker 12" with horn 400-600 watt, small mixer 6-12 channels, multi fx pedal for electric guitar. acoustic goes direct into mixer, use the built in fx in the mixer for your acoustic. been using this setup for the past 20 years. you'll also have room to expand or when others want to join in. plus you can send a signal out for a house pa and use your speaker for a monitor
  12. I've seen a couple outdoor venues have duo/trio last weekend around town. According to then musicians, it was dead. Maybe 20 people all evening including the help. And those people were setting at the Tiki bar together. You'd think they would not want people setting around the bar. oh well. The bar owner did not pay what they were getting. He said "until things go back to normal, i cant afford regular entertainment". In the meantime, if you want to play for 10 people and make $40-50, those jobs will be there for you. I will wait it out till fall. By then, they should have something that will ease the virus symptoms. People need to feel safe before they come out to venues. Maybe the 10% that have no fear of the virus will be there. Those people will have no mask and no regard for you, but hey, it's a gig........(sarcastic)
  13. Florida started opening the businesses up, even though I haven't seen a lowering of cases in the counties that surround me. Charlotte County has a 10% fatality and Sarasota County is 13.2% fatality. Average age of death is 66. if it was 85, i would understand because of all the elderly. but 66 is the average. 1 in 10 that test positive die. This aint no flu. I'll wait till the scientists and specialist tell me its ok to go back. I've called it the "Thinning of the Herd" virus.
  14. then the copyright owner can still put ads on your video, or you can take it down so they cant use your video to make money. I originally put videos on youtube to show how i sound to future venue owners. i wasn't expecting to get any money out of it. but, as subscribers increased, and i got a viral video, i decided to monetize the channel. if you are happy with letting the copyright owner stick ads to your video, then you should have no worries. you'll more than likely get an email like this.... Dear Jay Smith, Your video " Just The Way You Are cover by Jay Smith", may have content that is owned or licensed by LatinAutor, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, LatinAutor - UMPG, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Warner Chappell, Sony ATV Publishing, UMPG Publishing, and PEDL, but it’s still available on YouTube! In some cases, ads may appear next to it. If this is your performance of a 3rd party song then you can still make money from this video. Click here to change your monetization settings. This claim is not penalizing your account status. Visit your Copyright Notice Page for more details on the policy applied to your video. - The YouTube Team
  15. Its a thing called 3rd party copyright. Because I performed all the music to their tune, I can actually get 1/3 of the benefit. They get 2/3. as long as I don't use their actual recorded song, it is possible to do covers. But I also have dozens of originals mixed in. If you do make a video of somebody else's song and post it on youtube, you will likely get an email saying you are using copyrighted music, and they have the right to either take down the video, or add advertisement to your video so they can make money on it. you can then agree to 3rd party copyright usage and get a chunk of the pie if you are monetized.
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