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    born and raised in TN. built guitars at Gibson, Steinberger, Tobias, Warrior, J Backlund Design, & Now I work for Judah guitars.


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    building tube amps


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    Luthier.. some say "Master", but the pay is s***

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  1. Dave, I have to tell you a story from Summer NAMM 2010 in Nashville. So I was just hanging out in our J.Backlund Booth and I see this rather large kinda scruffy fellow standing in the middle of the aisle way he's staring pretty hard at all the J.Backlund Design guitars. and he's kinda looking this way and that way, cocking his head to the side.. looks like he's got something to say. So Steve Lewis our CEO at the time, slides up beside him and says " So, what do you think?" The guy turns to Steve and says in a strong Irish brogue, " I think ya've done something RRADICAL!..... that doesn't offend meh" ( the extra "R" is to denote that he rolled his "R"s) Best line to describe the J.Backlunds I ever heard.
  2. ALL of them... including every hand built custom I've ever made. its over 6000 guitars.... seriously, NOT even kidding... and don't even ask about the Amps or Pedals.... When i think of all the money that I've lost.... (shudders) oh well, it was a fun ride!
  3. Not meaning to contradict you John, but there is an erroneous conclusion in your statement. likely cause by all the "proud customer" posted photos of a few models that happened to be modified at time of sale. The Retronix guitars all came as shown in the above photos. with a pair of black open coil "Dracowyre" pickups factory installed. chrome covered humbuckers and EMGs were added by customer request only at an additional cost, as well as the addition of the speed lines to the PG.. I only did that on just a very few (less than 5) Retronix instruments total, and I did them by hand as I filled each order.. I still have all of the order paperwork stored here. and not to put too fine a point on it. but, I had more than enough reasons to remember these details very vividly.
  4. yes, that would likely be a Retronix R-800 version, those all came without the 3 "speed lines" on the pickguard. here is a front back shot of the Korean made Retronix R-800 with fixed bridge and maple fretboard. these were available with a tremolo and rosewood fretboards as well.
  5. Google " MIRC Franklin TN" a well kept secret in the industry.. until now. they buy up as much of all the factories broken or damaged guitars they can, and they repair them and stamped them "used" on the back of the headstock and resell them to places like MGR and other small dealers that just want to have some well known name brands on the walls without the huge Dealer Minimum buy ins required by the Manufacturers. They do excellent quality work and there is nothing to fear, except for maybe the pricing. some models, depending on the repairs required, can get darn close to full retail once in the stores..
  6. I don't remember the company, but it was called a B-52 Dive Bomber Tremolo. I actually purchased one new in the box back in 1981 and I want to say it was made by Rockinger ...Maybe? not sure about that. But I installed it on a Hondo Deluxe Series 752 Explorer. Terrible tremolo. held tune for about 2 songs. finally tossed it and bought a Real Floyd Rose and never looked back. EDIT: After some deep Net research, It seems that these were made Overseas Under Floyd Rose Patents... Could have been made by Gotoh or Reliable Hardware, but they were probably NOT designed By Floyd Rose. but I DO know that I purchased one in the box that was sold as a B-52 Dive Bomber and came with a Behind the nut locking clamp.
  7. This is the only Purple JBD-800 we ever built. Metallic Royal Purple, Although I thought it was a great looking color, it was not as popular as the Teal Blue Metallic that we so often got asked for.
  8. poor Quality Control sounds like. Never heard of Solar as a brand name. but seems like they need some better eyes at the QC station Send her back.
  9. ya know, there is reason why the Fender BASSman amp is called the holy grail of GUITAR amps. 410 tweed , blackface and silverface versions.. So ya got that whole idea "bass" ackwards
  10. Gary Moore regularly used EVM 12L speakers in is Marshall 412 cabs. Claimed that was where some of his tone came from. I can confirm that its a good speaker choice for guitar
  11. I've been lurking around for weeks .. and haven't been able to get a "blow" yet.
  12. cool Designs! .. maybe I'll try making one of these for myself. 😉🍀
  13. I'm willing to put that sentiment to the test.. Howdy Ya'll
  14. https://www.mojotone.com/kits/BrownfaceAmpKits_x/Mojotone-Brownface-Deluxe-Style-Amp-Kit I can build this out for you for $1299 shipped. and I have lots of examples of my work on my website www.bennettmusiclabs.com under "Past Projects"
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