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  1. I really dig the Tonelab LE's tones and 'all-in-one' usefulness. I use it all the time for gigging really, and get many compliments on my tone....but most importantly I like the tone and it makes me play better IMO. But I hope a new unit comes out and addresses some of the things I would like to see changed... - USB connection for patch storage/loading - pedal can be a volume pedal and when stepped on turns into a wah...then back into a volume (like the Pod XT Live) - less limiting the effects you can use at once (I like compression and a wah on my clean channel, but I can't have both) - XLR outs ??? (like the new Pod floorboard unit) Basically, I love the sound and feel of the unit, but it needs to jump into the year 2009 and offer the things other competitive units are offering. I find it quite limiting at times and wish a newer version would come out to replace it and offer more flexibility to the patches...I don't care if it costs and bit more, it would be worth it!
  2. I like running my acoustic with built in pickup through a DI direct to front of house and put it in the monitors...I recommend something more full range than a tube amp for acoustic. You'd get a nice darker sound probably through an AC30 but it wouldn't sound like an acoustic is supposed to.
  3. I was curious how to get to the tube in the Tonelab LE. I took the bottom off and it still seems buried under the circuit board....I didn't want to take the whole thing apart. Is there an easy way to get to it? Thanks BTW...loving the tone/feel of it, a lot better then my Podxt Live.
  4. Funny, I was speaking with a "VERY" experienced amp tech here in Canada today. He has been fixing amps for the last 30 years or so. ALOT of top name guitarists use him. He also builds custom amps. He HIGHLY recommended this amp. (this is why I did a search here to see if there were any reviews) He said they are EXTREMELY well built.... this particular model This guy is pretty picky. He said he refuses to work on Peavey's, NEW Fenders, etc.. A lot of the mass produced amps shock techs when they work on them...the way they mount tubes and things....destined to fail.
  5. At gigs this amp sounds good and cuts through with the mids. At home, I got a 2x12 cab under it and a danelectro fish and chips EQ. I pull down the 800hz slider to remove the boxy sound. This gives a very full sound. I don't have a band right now, so it will be a while before I try this set up at a gig. I'll compare this set up with a Mesa Mark III instead of the Traynor and let you know what I find.
  6. You obviously haven't read most of my other posts. That was a pretty late replay so here's my late reply back.
  7. I only read page 1 of this thread. For some killer Traynor heavy tones, check out my friend's band Tones For Twilight. The whole album was recorded with one of those Traynors and it sounds amazing. www.myspace.com/tonesfortwilight Sounds great for that style. Nicely made music, sounds good, nice singer too.
  8. How would you say the ycv blue stacks up to the jcm 2000 tsl 122. Im in position to get one for a steal (not much more than a ycv) and i'm trying to figure out if i should snag it. If you can get it for a steal, then the good thing is you can probably flip it if you don't care for it.
  9. I guess I'll go ahead and post this here. I've got a Brand NEW in the box Traynor YCV50 Blue for $525 shipped and also a BRAND NEW in the box matching Traynor 1x12 Blue Closed-Back Cabinet with a Celestion Vintage 30 for $240 shipped. Best of both worlds with this set-up, one open-back and one closed-back. PM me if interested. How does it sound with that whole setup there?
  10. The Legacy can be either open back or closed back... the back is removable. I've never tried that...I bet the mids would open up nicely, gotta try that some time...I'm not so much into low thump, more into big mids.
  11. Hey Randy, I got one last question. Is there a significant difference between the blue's live sound and it's recorded sound? Does it sound better one way or the other? Also, how does it stack up to the legacy? It's sounds a lot like the recording in person, but because it's an open backed combo, it will sound different depending on the stage/room it's in. Open backs are more finicky and sound amazing in some places, but just OK in others...closed backed combos (like the Legacy) will have a more consistent sound in different settings I find. The Legacy is smoother in the mids than the Traynor, which isn't a good or bad thing. The Blue can pull off a heavier Marshall tone compared to the Legacy, but add a pedal to the Legacy and it's a new beast...it has more girth (lows) on stage than the Blue but it's heavy to slug around, closed backed 2x12.
  12. I'm not exactly sure what Marshall it sounds most like, but I can tell you what Marshall it sounds WAY BETTER than, and that's the DSL401. I bought a used DSL401 as a back-up amp because the price was right, but I traded it soon after because it sounded like complete A$$ when I A/B'ed them. The Traynor blows it away in every way. The DSL401 is by no means the best Marshall out there, but it's definitely comparable in terms of price to the YCV50. All IMHO of course ... Has Marshall ever made a great sounding combo? (since the JMP years)
  13. Wow.....that first clip is just a killer piece of playing! Had I been able to try one of these amps myself, I might not have bought my Hughes & Kettner. That puppy cost me 650USD. The Traynor amp sounds a lot like mine when I add a pedal or two. A Marshall on steroids wouldn't be too far off the mark. Thank you very much...I agree, it does kind of have that Marshall on steroids thing going on for a small open-backed combo.
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