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  1. I really dig the Tonelab LE's tones and 'all-in-one' usefulness. I use it all the time for gigging really, and get many compliments on my tone....but most importantly I like the tone and it makes me play better IMO. But I hope a new unit comes out and addresses some of the things I would like to see changed... - USB connection for patch storage/loading - pedal can be a volume pedal and when stepped on turns into a wah...then back into a volume (like the Pod XT Live) - less limiting the effects you can use at once (I like compression and a wah on my clean channel, but I can't have both) - XLR outs ??? (like the new Pod floorboard unit) Basically, I love the sound and feel of the unit, but it needs to jump into the year 2009 and offer the things other competitive units are offering. I find it quite limiting at times and wish a newer version would come out to replace it and offer more flexibility to the patches...I don't care if it costs and bit more, it would be worth it!
  2. I like running my acoustic with built in pickup through a DI direct to front of house and put it in the monitors...I recommend something more full range than a tube amp for acoustic. You'd get a nice darker sound probably through an AC30 but it wouldn't sound like an acoustic is supposed to.
  3. I was curious how to get to the tube in the Tonelab LE. I took the bottom off and it still seems buried under the circuit board....I didn't want to take the whole thing apart. Is there an easy way to get to it? Thanks BTW...loving the tone/feel of it, a lot better then my Podxt Live.
  4. I've been in at least half the States and I find y'all are really good people, and when I say I'm Canadian it almost always gets an even warmer response but... Your beer is not the best Your wimens is mostly fat Alot of ya ain't that brite Kinda uninformed about the rest of the world Your wimens is really fat Ya ain't that brite fat wimens not funny smelly I better stop now.
  5. Bomb it. Especially Texas. Nothing but steers and queers and people walking around in the streets going, "Draw!" LOL
  6. Can't tell from the picture, but I bet Courtney Love has a burnt tube... She's um..........not hot. She could carry around her change in her belly button.
  7. Originally posted by Ed DeGenaro Well...a they say, there is no bad PR. Oh yes...you are getting lots of PR today...people who've never heard of you are hearing of you now...it's been proven time and time again, any PR is good PR.
  8. Originally posted by critter cam So...Elton has moved beyond gerbils? BTW...He's one of my favorite songwriters...ever! His seventies stuff kills!
  9. Originally posted by favata5 Could someone please explain to me why legislation couldnt get passed to ban flag burning but its ok in some states for Homosexuals to be married and in most schools children cant say God?? What the hell has happened?? Makes me wish I could turn the clocks back to the ol fashioned times..you know when God mattered,and men worked while the women stayed home and took care of the domestic jazz,and children had a monny and a daddy! Today its just getting twisted it used to be Adam and Eve in the Bible,,whats next Adam and Steve???? We (as a world) are taking steps forward, and you want to go backwards. Some points, the way I see it... - there were homosexuals back then too. - I know lots of moms that stay home...it's just preference. - there has always been people that aren't religious...yet in the past, they had to say a prayer every morning before class...I think it was wrong to make them do that...freedom of choice, it's a good thing.
  10. Originally posted by Attila SPAM is one of the cool things on this board --- many good deals to be had from fellow forumites here. -Attila I agree. It's cool that members offer gear cheaper here than on ebay...the spam thread sticky just gets wat too huge, I wouldn't bother posting anything I have for sale in there...nobody will look through all that...I don't...there needs to be a better way. Guess I can't buy/sell gear here anymore with my forum friends.
  11. Originally posted by JamesPeters Hey dood, I sent you a package of whale blubber, using Terrance and Phillip Express Courier. It'll arrive at your igloo Monday. Check your e-mail for the tracking number and more details. I tried calling you yesterday (by cupping my hands, putting them in front of my mouth and yelling), but you weren't home. I emailed you back eh.....and thanks eh... I heard you, but I was in the outhouse eh... Big Hugs Adam
  12. Originally posted by cloudnine Roadside hug bombs the horror of 12 canadians wanting to give you a big ol' hug.. LOL!!!! We suck!!!
  13. Originally posted by vlad Sweet! Red! The color of Commies everywhere! Vladimir! the sleeper cell!!!
  14. Originally posted by vlad Toques
  15. Originally posted by vlad I suppose... Or you'll be Canadastan... Americans running for Canada...begging for toques...saying "eh" like they mean it...
  16. Originally posted by vlad Yes... The US is the root of all that evil... Thread closed. What is Canada gonna do when the USA is all bombed and mangled? ..looking like a pulled tooth. We'll carry on somehow.
  17. Originally posted by vlad Let's get off of mothers... I just got off of yours... That's kind of gross.... I like it.
  18. Originally posted by JamesPeters Hey Martin, It's me, Peter. Adam Adam
  19. Originally posted by -=MYK=- Yeah... Umm.... I'm going to go play guitar now... :idea: :idea: That's a ... Write a song for your mom.
  20. Originally posted by -=MYK=- -=MYK=- Signature guitar!!! It must be white...
  21. Originally posted by -=MYK=- :o You have no sig.
  22. Originally posted by -=MYK=- I won't even see her until tuesday. I'll give her your regards..
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