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  1. I play alternative and hard rock. This thing rocked my world for awhile. However I already had my desired distorted tone so I sold it for some cash. It was fun while it lasted. I almost contemplated keeping it because it was such a neat little box. It totally shreds when you crank the tone knob to full and rip it up on the high registers. On the other hand, if you throw the tone knob the other way, and play some palm muted Drop D powerchords, you'll have sludgemania. This thing is unbelieveable for $15. This is probably the BEST distorted tone you can get in this price range. It totally womps the Danelectro T-Bone; that thing is a shame to distortion pedals. It also sounds better than the DOD Death Metal and Grunge pedals. I wouldn't pay more than $30 for this though, you might be disappointed. The $15 smacks you pay for it is worth the curiosity alone. And hey, if worse comes to worse, and Musicians Friend won't take it back, sell it on eBay for a profit! I did!! ;-) God Bless!!!
  2. geek_usa

    MXR Phase 90 Mod

    I think this is a great phaser, if the Phase 90 is your type of thing. The best way to describe a Phase 90 compared to a Small Stone is that the Phase 90 lightly peeks through your guitar signal, saying "don't mind if I just stay a little while", and the Small Stone comes through the door and takes over your guitar signal. In other words, if you're looking for a Phaser that doesn't totally take over your signal, but rather lightly shades it in, adding something to it, the Phase 90 would be right down your alley. But if you're looking for a phaser that likes to take charge and make itself evident more than the guitar tone itself, go with a Small Stone. They're both entirely different animals, like I said. I own both. If you DO decide to get a Phase 90 though, may I suggest you get a vintage version or at least have your Phase 90 modded (or DIY) for the script mod. And if possible, get a toggle switch like mine. It's soooo cool. God Bless!
  3. I play a lot of hard rock and alternative. This pedal just didn't seem to fit my bag. I love Mesa/Boogie and Marshall Stack sounds. The best dirt box I've played through would have to be my vintage japanese Boss SD-1. Never fails me. Excellent pedal. If this were stolen or lost, I probably wouldn't take another chance on it. I know some people are absolutely head over heels with this pedal...it sounds good on Sugarcult's "Palm Trees and Powerlines" album. I guess it's just in the way you use it and certain amps it sounds good through. God Bless
  4. I'll almost play anything and everything. I couldn't see this pedal being used by or for anything more than : a) a cheap nashville-country imitation guitarist in south dakota b) a paperweight to hold your setlist down. I really did not enjoy this pedal very much. I am now less of a man for having owned it. Please stay away from this pedal, because it is dangerous, and gives good sounding reverb a swift kick in the behind and a bad stereotype. Blessings
  5. geek_usa

    Ibanez GRX40

    I've been playing for just about two years now and I have been BLESSED with: Three guitars (Fender Stratocaster, Taylor Big Baby, Yamaha FG412-S) One Amp (Behringer GM110) Effects Pedals galore (Boss SD-1, Boss CE-5, EHX Small Stone, MXR Phase 90 [w/script mod], DOD Classic Fuzz, Arion MDS-1, Arion HU-30, Ibanez DE-7) and a bunch of other stuff. When I picked up this axe and a few others at the house, I stopped and I thought about all that I had been Blessed with. I mean, wow...my guitars kicked all of these way out of the park. These axes are pretty sweet, but man I just feel at home with my instruments. As I said earlier, this guitar is mainly a knock-around guitar, something you don't ever take out, but you use it around the house with that dusty old amp that always crackles when you turn it on and adjust the pots. Who cares if you're rawking out on the roof and you fall off, damaging the guitar right on the pavement? As long as you're okay, right? I wouldn't recommend this as a main guitar to most people, but those who can tolerate this instrument as their main guy, hey, more power to you. I'm just saying that I wouldn't really trust gigging out with this to any place serious. As a budget axe at a budget price, this really isn't TOO bad of a guitar. Your basic cheap, indonesian craftwork at hand. One tip though -- if you're looking to buy a strat, buy a STRAT. Don't buy a knock-off, thinking that you'll achieve the same sound on your favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn records. It doesn't work that way. Save your pennies if you're looking for a real instrument, but if a knock-around, beginner guitar/thrash master is your bag, then by all means, this is your dream ride. God Bless
  6. Taylor Big Baby Yamaha FG412-S Fender Strat
  7. I've been playing for about 2 years, and I currently own a Fender Stratocaster, a Yamaha FG412-S, Taylor Big Baby, a Behringer GM110, and my effects are constantly changing, but I usually have an assortment of Boss, MXR, Electro Harmonix, Ibanez, DOD, Arion, and Danelelectro effects pedals. I tried to get them to knock down the price $50 or so, so I didn't have to walk out of the store with my tail between my legs so to speak, being ashamed that I paid almost twice as much as some of these guys paid. However they didn't budge, so I decided to pay full price, since I loved this guitar so much. They offered to throw in some free picks and my choice of a strap or a set of guitar strings, hehe...I reached my hand in the pick bowl and grabbed a handful, and went over to the elixirs, grabbed the most expensive pack and went on my way. One thing I do wish it had was an internal preamp, so I could plug this thing in. But I guess the best things in life have their shortcomings as well, for now a soundhole pickup will have to suffice. This is really a great guitar, I mean, wow...I know I got ripped, but it was worth it. I congradulate Taylor for marketing such a well-designed guitar at such a low price. You don't see that too often these days, the only brands I can think of that really do that are Fender and Ibanez, and maybe Takamine as well. The Taylor Big Baby is one of the best values on the market today, and I would encourage anyone who is putting some serious thought into them to go up to their local store and try one out. Seriously, I think you'll be in for a big surprise. I played this next to some high-end Taylors, including the 110, 214, 310, 314ce, 414ce, 510ce, 712ce, and even the 814ce -- the holy grail guitar for many famous acoustic artists. I compared this to every Taylor guitar in the store, and this one just could not be beat for the price. The only Taylor that sounded better was the 814ce, but only by a fraction...and I couldn't really justify paying $2k more for an instrument that was only 35% better than the one I was holding in my hands with a price tag I could afford. Sure there's no cutaway or preamp. But who cares? I can get along without them for awhile. Maybe if I become a big time rock star, I'll buy one of those fancy KOA Brazillian Rosewood All-Solid wood guitars for $35k from eBay with a cutaway and a preamp that I probably won't even use half the time 'cause I'm enjoying playing my 'little cannon' so much. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go try one out. They're the biggest bang for the buck on the market next to the Fender Stratocaster. Way to go, Bob Taylor. God Bless!
  8. I've been playing for around 2 years, and I believe I specified my gear above. This amp rocks!! If it were stolen, I'd have to find the guy and laugh in his face, because an amp at this cheap of price shouldn't even be worth stealing!! Sure I'd buy another one!! The only cons about this amp is that it gets really nasty sounding at medium to high volumes. Like I said earlier, unless you are using it with a high-grade P.A. system, I would skip this if you're looking for a gig-able amp or even an amp to mic up. The speaker is just too hokey. I've used this amp at P&W (Praise and Worship) nights quite a bit and it has never failed me. It just doesn't like those loud volumes, and can't compete with the other guitarists, pianists, drummers, and even vocalists! It gets drowned out too easily! Reverb WOULD be cool, but I'm not complaining. I don't use reverb too much anyways, I get my REVERB from GIGANTIC ROCK ARENAS!!!jk A foot-switch would be extremely convenient, but oh well. for 99 smacks what do you expect?! A great amp, great price, absolutely outstanding for running through a P.A. and quiet recording/bedroom practice. Behringer has done an outstanding job on this particular unit. Too bad it's been discontinued!!
  9. I have been playing for about two years, and I own a modified Fender Stratocaster, a Yamaha FG412-S, a Taylor Big Baby, thru a Behringer GM110, and a colorful assortment of pedals. My influences fall around Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Soundgarden, Tool, The Spice Girls (just kidding), and Coldplay. The Holy Spirit has been moving me to write some Christian-based music as well. This pedal fits in just fine, I don't have any qualms about it. It does throw in a bit of a high boost, which I don't particularly like, but otherwise it sounds good to my ears. I've heard many chorus pedals, and I considered getting a Voodoo Labs Chorus to replace this one, but then one afternoon I decided I would sit down and mess around with the controls. It turned my world of subtle chorus into a versatile one! I found new sounds that I never even knew were in this box. There is almost an unlimited number of the kinds of effects that can be achieved in this box. Vibrato and a light flange are also obtainable quite easily. It helps me make music sometimes, and it adds depth and resonance to my sound. I would recommend this to anybody looking for a good, solid chorus pedal. Ten times better than the plain-jane CH-1 SUPER CHORUS. Blah. Have a nice day!
  10. I scored this on eBay last summer and actually, I've went through two of these things. I sold the first one because the rate knob was fidgety, and bought the same model in brand new condition that same week that I sold my first small stone. I don't use this frequently, but it comes in handy once in awhile. I rarely hook up my pedals anymore, I just play guitar > amp, unless I'm playing out, P&W, band practice, etc then I hook them up. The only thing I really dislike about this unit is that once you click on that switch, it sucks your tone about 1db. It's really annoying, and sometimes the thing takes up to five seconds to actually activate. That is one regret I have about buying this unit. Otherwise, it's an awesome unit, if I had to do it again, I would, except maybe I would buy the USA version next time around. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good phaser, and is tired of the same old Phase 90 cliche. It's a nice phaser at a nice price, it doesn't burn a hole in your wallet!
  11. geek_usa

    Austin AU341S

    When I got sick of the instrument, I tried returning it to the pawn shop I bought it from. I claimed I bought it there for over a hundred dollars, and you know what they said they'd give me for it? FIFTEEN DOLLARS. What a rip! I traded it for an Ernie Ball Mono Volume pedal, which I now sold that, and with the extra cash I threw a down payment on a Big Baby Taylor. With that aside, it was my first acoustic and my mom bought it for me as a birthday present. I learned on that, and even though my fingers hurt so bad, I kept at it...trying and trying and trying. The inspiration that I learned one new chord every couple days kept me at it, and now I play all over the place. I wouldn't recommend this guitar to anyone though, since there is so much more out there now than this. You can buy an entry level squier affinity stratocaster for less than $75 on eBay, get a little 10 watt amp for maybe $10-$15, and you're set. Then after you learn on that, you can start buying your Marshall stacks and your Gibson Les Pauls, your Taylor 310s, your Fender '52 Reissue Telecasters, and your Record Contract. This acoustic was almost a nightmare to learn on, because of the action, but if I can do it, you can too. Just don't pay more than $50 for this piece, it's not worth it!! God Bless!
  12. geek_usa

    Alvarez Strat Copy

    This guy was charging FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for this hunk of junk. WHAT A JOKE!!! What's even worse was that he had it marked down for $500 and then scribbled that out and knocked it down a hundred bucks. Who in their right mind would buy something like THIS when you could get a standard fender stratocaster for LESS?!?! I went up to the guy and I told him that his prices were WAY too high and I don't even think he listened to a word I said. I feel sorry for the poor sucker who gets ripped on that guitar. I thought pawn shops in my area were bad, sheesh! but anyways, this guitar is sub-par at best. It didn't feel that good, the sound was too flat, and the parts were all from the junkpile. Like I said, I wouldn't pay much over $40 for this thing, and even then the seller would be lucky. If you encounter this instrument for like $25 cash down walk out price, I'd take it for a beater or something to give to charity. Otherwise, just leave it alone. It's probably one of the worst sounding and set-up strat copies I've played. PEACE!!!
  13. I have been playing approximately 2 years and I currently own two guitars (though at one time I owned five guitars and then some). My acoustic right now is a Yamaha FG412-S which really is a great value. This Big Baby has me sold though. I love it. I think I'm going to go in and play it once more, then throw it on layaway. Seriously, it has me sold. And I believe that if you find "THAT ONE", that you should jump on it, because chances are, you won't find it again. I still love the 314ce, still my favorite, but for $458.00?!?! GET REAL!!! Big Baby equals BIG VALUE. God Bless!
  14. I play alternative/hard rock/ambient/expiramental/noise-making, etc. I've been playing guitar for roughly two years. This pedal is currently my top pedal in my chain. I love it to pieces. It doesn't sound too digital or harsh, and it's not murky or dirty. It sounds just right. It fits right in my chain : Fender Stratocaster > Boss SD-1 > DOD Classic Fuzz > Boss CE-5 > Electro Harmonix Small Stone > Ibanez DE-7 > Behringer GM110. Placed right after every effect, the closest to the amp. This pedal is better than the Boss DD-3, the Boss DM-2, the Arion SAD-3, almost any pedal you can think of. I love this pedal because of its versatility and the great bargain. I chose this one because I felt it would suit my needs the best and I was right! Sometimes I can't turn the unit off! When I first got it, I played with it off and on for about three hours before I packed up and put my guitar stuff away. And matched with a volume pedal is just the king of all guitar fun. I love it. I sold the volume pedal (EB Mono Vol), but this one is here to stay! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a delay pedal - hilbillies, hard rockers, noise makers, or just plain guitar players! What are you waiting for?!?! ;-) God Bless!
  15. geek_usa

    Korean P-POS

    uoh i luv this part. i hev ben playin fore 2 hours since dinner but i tihnk it has ben probly three monts since i strted palying alltogethir. oh wait. unckle buba fixed it up fore mee so et was gone for threee weks since he telles me hea is a buSy manns. so ubout mabe two monts since i started playin. i realy like this geetar cause it is thee only 1 that i have and daddy says that i ned to git bettar before he byes me a new oens. i droped it down the stares a couple times and it got hurt but i think he's okay. bubba does a grat job at fixing thhings up if uu want his service or fixes or number its 1-888-BUBBA-FIX or eles call 555-7125 if u want to talke to his person. once again, grat geetar, graet unckle bubba! bye it now before it disapears!!! !2
  16. this is a very professional sounding mic at a budget price. this mic has an on/off switch, a unidirectional polar pattern, and is dynamic. a 1/8" cord extends from the bottom, making it perfect to plug straight into your soundcard or your computer. It does however come with a 1/8"-1/4" jack so you can plug into a mixer board or the like (which has come in handy). I use this mic for both vocals and guitar cab mic'ing. Vocals aren't spit clear, but they do come through without much distortion or fuzziness. this mic doesn't "ess" very much either, which is a plus. On guitar cabs, it's a different story. The sound is okay, but it's marginal at best. I often find myself having to turn up the treble control on my amp because the mic doesn't like to catch all of the areas of sound. It focuses more on the bass and mids than the highs. When mic'ing guitar cabs with this mic, it's best to either point it facing towards the cone, or to place it just a little bit away (5 or 6 inches) if you want to capture more layers of sound. I've also used this by placing the mic in the middle of the room, and mic'ing our band rehersal on a wav form and the outcome was actually quite decent. This mic also excells on acoustic guitar too. A condenser would probably work better in most cases, but this one does a good job. I did a demo of my $300 acoustic guitar with the mic about an inch from the strings pointing directly at the soundhole. I strummed the strings more towards the bridge instead of directly over the soundhole. The sound was excellent. I sent the clip to a few friends online and they said that my guitar sounded like a high end acoustic, like a Taylor or Larivee perhaps. When I told them that I recorded it with my budget acoustic and a $20 mic, they freaked. They said "no way, that sounds like a thousand dollar guitar with a bunch of pro quality mics". Nope! Just my Yamaha and this Audio-Technica! So in closing, it's a great mic for project studios, four track demos, and mic'ing at concerts, but there's sure alot more out there for good quality mics! Don't stop here! (although you may want to!) God Bless!
  17. geek_usa

    yamaha FG-412S

    This guitar is one of my best friends, next to Jesus. I'd even let Jesus play on it if He wanted. I doubt I'll be getting rid of this guitar soon, even if I do get a "better" guitar, it will have to be at least five times better than this one because this suits all my needs as of now and covers any territory that I throw at it. I have owned ALOT of gear in my two years of playing, including strats, SGs, Les Pauls, Austins, Yamahas, etc. This guitar is right up there with the best of them. My Fender Stratocaster is a great guitar, but the build quality and sound doesn't even match to this guitar. I've had to take my Strat in once, and it needs ANOTHER set up...I have not had to take this guitar in AT ALL. None. Finito. It's as flawless as it was when I first got it (except for the hairline crack and the smudges). Like I said, this guitar is a workhorse. It sounds excellent unplugged and even better when you mic it up for recording. You know how those bands that record their albums, before they were totally famous and it was their first or second album...and the acoustic guitar tone is so good on there but you're positive it wasn't a higher-end acoustic (Taylor, Martin, Gibson, etc) because they weren't famous and had a strict budget? That guitar tone is most likely something like this Yamaha or a fairly low-priced Takamine. Excellent value, great sound, great playability. Need I say more? This guitar rocks my world.
  18. [Comments] these pickups are great for what I use them for. If I had to replace them for some reason, I'd probably throw on a different set...maybe noiseless pickups or an actual set of '57/'62s. I want to get a strat with lace sensors...but If I did that then it would probably be a cheap strat and the body wood would be a swimming pool so I'd be investing in crap anyways. I love the nice, round, mellow tone these pickups put out. They're nice, but that's all. They're not amazing, nor are they heavenly. I like them though...better than my stocks. you can buy these on eBay for less than $20 if you find the right auction...i kind of got ripped, but oh well. it was worth it.
  19. geek_usa

    Rogue GS-20R Combo

    this is a great little amp for what it's worth. I can't see myself ever using it as a main amp...but as a backup amp it has worked pretty good. I think I would go mad if I had to play with it for six months though. too much subtleness. You're either clean, or you're overdriven. Not much inbetween. Besides the fact that the OD lies within the boundaries of the DOD Grunge, I think this amp kicks out enough goodness for even a pro to use just around the house or as a carry along amp on the road in between tours. Does it compare to my Behringer GM110? No. But it does fulfill its purpose as a practice amp. And any amp that inspires creativity (i.e. my new fuzz tone), has GOT to be a good amp, somewhat. I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs an extra practice amp, perhaps one who has an amp and guitar in every room so they don't have to go around unhooking and hooking stuff back up every time they go to sit down and play; or even as a beginner's amp. This has more than enough options than a beginning guitarist needs. I'm sure you can't beat the price either, whatever it was. Overall, a pretty good practice amp. God Bless!
  20. I had heard so many good things about Gibson Les Paul Juniors...I had never tried one, and when I finally saw one for the first time in my life, I thought I'd die. Finally I'd get to try out this alleged "king of all tone and mojo" guitar. Never have I been so disappointed in a "higher end" instrument. I never thought a $700 guitar could play and sound as poor as this one did. Boy was I wrong. Just because it says "Gibson" on the headstock it doesn't mean that it's going to be a miracle worker. Heck, I picked up a Samick Les Paul COPY sitting right next to it and it played and sounded twice as good for half the price. And here's a little secret on Gibson's economy-based "Epiphone" series : Epiphone is manufactured in the same factory as Samick, Essex, Agile, Silvertone, Johnson, Rondo Music, Squier, and Aria and built with the same parts from the same people but marketed at double, sometimes triple the price of the other guitars. So when you're buying Epiphone (not the Elite series, those are different) you're actually buying a Samick or Johnson guitar for 2x or 3x the price! Wow, did you get ripped. Epiphone DOES market different and more advanced guitars than those other companies though, but you're still getting the same craftsmanship and the same parts for more moola. what a surprise. However, I wouldn't doubt that this Gibson was made by some factory worker who had to take a pee so he hurried up and produced this instrument at mach speeds so he didn't go wee wee in his pants. just kidding. however, maybe it was only a dud. maybe all hope is not lost for the Les Paul Junior series. All I know is that I would not pay seven hundred crisp bills for something that played and sounded as poor as that did. I'd be better off with a kazoo.
  21. This is by far the best volume pedal I have ever used. And the fact that it's mono shouldn't scare people off...I mean, who uses a STEREO volume? I guess panning effects would be cool, but let's get serious. This pedal is top notch. I've seen this pedal on so many regular gigging musicians boards and even professionals' boards it's not even worth talking about. Unfortunately, GAS struck for me and I have to give this pedal up. I saw a BEEEEAUTIFUL Essex Gold Top LP and I have to make room. I used it at a Praise and Worship meet last night, probably for the last time ever, and it suited me fine. I got "ooohs and ahhs" at the sound of the violin-like sustain and haunting echoes I got from this unit. Can anybody say E-UNIT?! Three cheers for the Ernie Ball Volume! YAY!
  22. Good tuner for a five dollar bill. Pay a penny more and it's a ripoff. Like I said, it doesn't tune right all of the time, and the grief it put me through with my fender stratocaster, I'd be hard pressed not to do something mean to it. I think I threw it at the wall once, or slammed it on the floor because it wouldn't tune right. I'm not sure if that fixed the problem, but hey...I like funny dancing pandas! Weeee...
  23. Overall, it's a nice box. The chorus kind of blows water but the flange makes up for it. There's alot of unuseable sounds to be found in this box, so if you're willing to expirament and FIND a use for them, then tally-ho to you, young gentleman. Personally, the thought of this pedal abruptly quitting on me scares me, but I've gotten rid of it anyway. The self oscillation is unlike a delay unit's self oscillation in that it just makes noise. Very annoying noise. And the way I have to disconnect it and hit it on the back to make it quit working is ridiculous. However, it's a very rare pedal, and if you're a pedal collector you might consider buying this. It looks like I'm the only one who is willing to review this unit, so as an overall opinion and a final word, i'd like to say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure", meaning if you don't like this box, somebody else will (and vice versa). cheerio!
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