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  1. Big Sugar, I like it! Would be a great name for a blues artist! 🙃But yes, the situation you describe does suck and I sympathize. Things would be entirely different if the other gubernatorial candidate had won- the one that was found passed out in a hotel room with a male prostitute and meth.
  2. My state has a dedicated phone # for self-employed PUA, but it still takes as long as 1-2 hours sometimes to get through so it's still hellish. We're roughly 1/7 the population of FLA so maybe that makes a difference. I would keep emailing, it seems that eventually they would at least have to give you an answer. Check out your state's dept. of employment security page (FLES?) on FB and maybe if you wade through the noise and nonsense you can get some idea of what to do.
  3. leftyjay, you have to request to backdate (retroactive) the PUA before they will do it, and then they won't backdate any more than 3-4 weeks at most. I know you have probably done this, just making sure.
  4. It looks like things have changed (at least in MS) to where you now have to document a work search when you file to get benefits for the previous week. You're required to apply at 3 different places per week, same as regular employees..ok fair enough. Was wondering how others here (all 3 of you!) are handling it for gig employment (assuming rules are the same for your state). A friend of mine furnished the names of 3 venues she had played pre-COVID, and checked the box "left resume, didn't get hired". And it was accepted. That's not Kosher (she didn't actually contact the places or send a re
  5. @GGM1960, so sorry to hear - and see-that🥺! Sounds like you're handling it well already though. Best of luck!
  6. Last weekend I happened to run into a former BSWB active poster, who asked about this place and told me several of the posters had migrated to coverband central. I believe he said it was a FB group.
  7. It's been 30 years since I got my BA in business from CowCow U, so I may be fuzzy about some things. It's my understanding that an annualized 32.9 % drop in GDP for 2nd quarter means that if that same % drop (which was actually around 10%) remained the same for the next 3 quarters (a whole year) it would amount to a 32.9% drop for the entire year. Hopefully daddymack or Notes or somebody intelligent can verify that and explain it better.
  8. The supposed 32.9% drop-off in 2nd quarter US GDP, trumpeted in all the major media headlines, is annualized. The actual downturn in 2nd quarter US GDP was closer to 10%- less than that of Germany.
  9. MS is currently being hard hit but life still seemingly goes on all around me. Several of my friends are regularly doing gigs (mostly outside) but in the metro musical community on FB, which is admirably close- knit and supportive, I don't know of a single gigger that has contracted COVID (ok, one couple early on, but they didn't get it from gigging). As for myself, I have a couple of weddings this month..I'll skip the obligatory detailing as to why, but they are on the safer end of the gig spectrum. Glad to have them but it's not jamming with my friends. This recluse musician stuff sucks, I'm
  10. So there you have it. If you gig, you're being uncivilized and not compassionate. People whose propaganda conditions them to believe civilization will be destroyed by a disease with a mortality rate of less than .5% (continually revised further down as many are discovered to be asymptomatic), to be terrified of a world dripping with coronavirus, can't stand that not everyone else is similarly conditioned, that not everyone thinks that a really really long, really really safe (really really boring) life is the ideal. With the grand prize filling up your Depends in a nursing home in the last yea
  11. No Newman, all this is on topic now. Because until there is a vaccine, the only valid reason to talk about live music on musicians' forums is to persuade people not to play live until one is developed. But posting any data (such as your charts showing the continued downward trajectory of COVID deaths even during rising cases), that downplays the unprecedented deadliness of this disease, will get crickets on musicians' internet forums. It's not the preferred narrative.
  12. Congrats, Road Ranger! My old house band, at a close- by American Legion, is going back to playing Saturdays, starting on the 11th. Unfortunately it looks like I will miss out on the 1st night back as I've been asked to sub with another previous band- this after a month of no gigs. Glad that my area is allowing music, though.
  13. It's transmitted through the air, but seems to be much more contagious indoors vs outside, where the droplets or aerosols are diluted to where they carry a much less potent viral load. Any remaining doubt about this was erased with the growing expert consensus that the protests did not spread the virus. This also shows that public health experts were correct, almost clairvoyant, in informing us as the protests were beginning, that the protests were worth the risk. Which could only mean that they knew there was very minimal risk. How they knew this without hanging out on hobbyist musicians' in
  14. As it is written: "In the last days there shall be gigs, and rumors of gigs". In the last 3 weeks I've had rumors dangled in front of me, but no gigs. Currently one dangling for July 11, as a sub with the band I quit last December. It turns out they're gigging (outside) more than any other local group save one.
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