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  1. I think you would be very happy with the keybed. I love it, it's fast and responsive. I'm primarily a piano player but it also works better than any other hammer action I've used for playing organ.
  2. Really liking the CP73. For the samples but especially for the finger to sound connection, the Nord Electro 5 I used to gig with left me cold in that regard. The keyboard action is just about perfect. I can play organ on it much better than I can play piano on the Nord action- not that the CP73 organs make me want to do that, but I can park my HX3 organ module on the top right. Really like the Wurli EP's, Rhodes are great too. The acoustic pianos make me wish for the 88, but the form factor and somewhat more EP- like action of the 73 will come in handy.
  3. Because 73 keys fits better on crowded lounge stages.
  4. Did you play an 88 or 73? Mine is taking forever to get here, my order got overlooked for a few days. But when I contacted the seller he made it up to me by swapping out the B stock I ordered for a brand new unit with the longer warranty, IMO that was decent of him.
  5. I play piano at restaurants 2-3 nights a week, usually it's as if someone puts up a "Do NOT make eye contact with the piano player" sign outside but every now and then someone gets emotional. A few months ago a well- dressed lady started bawling after she asked me to play "The Way We Were". I was a little embarrassed and her husband seemed to be, also. Guess it goes with the territory.
  6. Hi Outkaster, I ordered a 73 (B stock) a couple of days ago. Hoping it will be a good solution for a compact stage piano. I was intrigued by the Wurlitzer and the upright piano samples, also like how there is some room on top to put my organ module. Fingers crossed.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed. Mostly for the performance clips, and how it showed Freddie's love of cats lol. I wish it had shown more of Freddie's formative years with his formal music training, and the drama for the final Live Aid concert scene was overdone IMO so far as showing uncertainty about how Freddie was going to do, I can't see any hint of shakiness in the actual footage. But of course, it's a movie.
  8. RE John Deacon's love of R&B, I remember reading that he was at a show where a top level funk band was playing, was taken by the bass line on one of the songs and told the player "I like that! I'm going to steal it"..which he did for AOBTD. Don't remember which group or song he lifted it from, though.
  9. Haven't played the P255 but I don't ever see myself getting rid of my CP300. Due to the 73 lb weight (150 lbs in it's road case!) I keep saying it's going to stay at home, but still keep taking it out on some gigs. The speakers are best I've heard on a DP and powerful enough that I rarely need anything else for cocktail work. Plenty of room on top, and stereo 1/4" line ins to accommodate a smaller keyboard or module, which comes in handy because the thick, fat Yamaha piano sound doesn't work the best for all acoustic environments.
  10. Hey there guido61 and Notes! I wandered into a GC a couple weeks ago and they had the new Yamaha P125 on sale for not much over $500. I thought it was a cut above, for both the action and sounds, of any other budget Yamaha DP I've played, including the P45 and P115 (which I currently own as a back-up piano). I also was surprised to find it had a good B3 patch- something I have not encountered on any Yamaha DP so far. It also had a good clav patch- other Yamaha DP's in that range just have harpsichord and pipe organ. But I was frustrated to see that it, like my P115, had no MIDI out other than USB MIDI, deal-breaker for me because I like to use modules on gigs, or MIDI into my Nord Electro. Another entry level but more expensive (currently about $700 street) DP worth checking out, which I also own, is the Kawai ES110. It does have MIDI in/out, but IMO is a better home piano than stage piano, mostly due to it's too-weak output.. It has a nice medium-light weighted action and an appealing, organic piano sound. It's speakers are OK. EP's, Rhodes in particular are decent although I prefer Yamaha's. Other patches are so-so IMO, strings almost unusable. I kind of like it's jazz organ patch though- with the internal Leslie effect disabled it sounds good through my Vent. My 2 cents..good luck!
  11. I'm not affiliated with Divirsi or Keyboard Partners, just a customer waiting on delivery of an HX3 Mark 5 and DB-c.
  12. . I say stay away from the Ferrofish. I have only read negative comments RE it's not-so-Hammond-like tone. Best bet IMO, for a self-contained organ module, would be a used Roland VK8-m or Nord Electro 2 rack, although either would be $100-200 more expensive. Keyboard Partners has a highly spoken-of HX3 module, but unless you already have a B3 clone with drawbars you would also need to spring for their drawbar controller (DB-c), which is an additional $340 if bought with the module. Newest version of HX3 is the Mark 5, $765 from Diversi USA. They may have a refurbished earlier version, Mark 4, available at $500 (One-year warranty).
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