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  1. "phil collen" model. Got one?
  2. can you email me a copy of that schematic?
  3. I called the parts department today and they said they don't have 'em at all. Didn't have the schematic either. It's a 7-pin connector. There are other peavey pedals with that connector, but they don't work. The footswitch is the only way to be able to switch and use the CRUNCH channel. It also lets you switch to clean and turn on the reverb. Don't care much about those. Want that crunch channel though. The transtube pedal looks the same. Peavey sells those. I've heard it can be rewired to work with the ultra and triumph. Trying to get the info. May just try and buy one and experiment. If anyone has or knows the info on doing this, please post it.
  4. I'm in the same boat and can't seem to find a solution. I emailed Peavey and they said they didn't have a schematic for the pedal! There's got to be a DIY solution out there. I find lots of people online looking for this footswitch.
  5. looking for one with original coffin case.
  6. I had a lee jackson modded Marshall in the late 80's early 90's for a few years. I personally didn't like the sound too much. I ended up doing the same as the guy above and using it as a slave for a MP-1, which it did very well. I switched to a 70's JMP with a master volume mod and never looked back. I bought the head from the guitar player in Dangerous Toys. I think it's the one he used on their first album. After it going through a few people after I sold it, a buddy of mine ended up with it. I told the dangerous toys guy and now he's got it back again after all these years. The only thing wrong with the head was the Lee Jackson mods. They didn't hold up at all. To me...it was thin high mid fizz type of sound. Didn't have balls.
  7. What's the cost on an sg like yours from lowell?
  8. Originally posted by Narcosynthesis in reality you just thought it looked cool Totally busted!!!
  9. I've got a 70's Thomas Organ Crybaby that I've had for years. Back around '90 I put a "jimi hendrix" crybaby pot in it. Gave it a bigger sweep and I love the sound of it that way. I bought the Dimebag one because I liked the idea of the bigger/variable sweep. Liked all the other built-in improvements/mods as well. I do dig the pedal and prefer it to other Dunlops I've played. It just seems to be a tad sterile sounding or something. I could live with it, but thought maybe there would be a way to warm it up a little.
  10. I've got a Crybaby From Hell Wah. I dig it...but wish it was a little more "warm" or "smooth" sounding. Any mods I can do to help this? Also, can I make it "true bypass"?
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