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  1. the SLX is a 900 and IMO one of the top 5 best marshalls ever made. Agreed.
  2. I bought an Alnico V Fat MINI HUMBUCKER from 'em to put in an old '64 Melody Maker. I get compliments on the tone of that guitar from everyone that hears it. The pickup worked real well with the guitar.
  3. The sound was a natural progression from "cheap sunglasses" on Deguello, then the El Loco album. El Loco to Eliminator isn't a stretch. Also, MTV was still real new in '83 and hairbands hadn't taken it over yet. It was still fairly eclectic. Def Leppard had the pyromania videos around the same time. So ZZ top wasn't "jumping on the hair band wagon".
  4. No. No local techs. I can drain the caps and take all safety precautions. I've done some basic amp work. I just don't fully understand EVERYTHING. I can change a component though. Not a big deal. Have done it before.
  5. I can totally do the soldering job. Any help on which one to get?
  6. yeah, I'm gonna do it myself. Just need to find a replacement one to order. I'm guessing Mouser is the place to go. I just wanna get a better one for a replacement that hopefully won't fail again. That's kind where I need help. Don't know which one to order. Any help? http://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx?FS=TRUE&Ntt=*bridge*+*rectifier*&Ne=688737&N=4932236+4294738554+1323038&Ntx=mode%2bmatchall&Ns=P_PART+NUMBER%7c0%7c%7cP_SField&OriginalKeyword=bridge+rectifier&Ntk=Mouser_Wildcards
  7. Looks like I need to replace the bridge rectifier....maybe with a beefier one that won't fail when heated. Any suggestions what would be good and best place to order? Thanks a ton.
  8. Can you reccomend a tech that I could ship it to?
  9. OK. Read a little bout the KT77's. Sound like something I might like. I usually am an el34 guy....but think the KT77's might be a good fit for me and this particular model marshall. I TOTALLY dig the sound the SL-X has. Can't wait to hear it with some fresh tubes.
  10. Well, I actually live in San Angelo, TX...which is 3.5 hours from Austin. I looked up info on the master volume mod on the net and just decided to do it myself. Did the PPIMV. Cost me $5 for the parts. Seems to have worked great. Will be able to practice with the (new to me) '71 Marshall now. Gonna be fun!!! p.s. Before the mod, I played the amp for maybe 6 minutes and my ears rang for over an hour afterwards. And I LIKE loud guitars!!!
  11. can you email me a copy of that schematic?
  12. I called the parts department today and they said they don't have 'em at all. Didn't have the schematic either. It's a 7-pin connector. There are other peavey pedals with that connector, but they don't work. The footswitch is the only way to be able to switch and use the CRUNCH channel. It also lets you switch to clean and turn on the reverb. Don't care much about those. Want that crunch channel though. The transtube pedal looks the same. Peavey sells those. I've heard it can be rewired to work with the ultra and triumph. Trying to get the info. May just try and buy one and experiment. If anyone has or knows the info on doing this, please post it.
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