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  1. I have long enjoyed stopping into guitar stores and playing whatever I had a hankering to try out. Over the years, I bought and sold so many guitars that I lose count. Each one I have had was great in its own way but nothing hit on every cylinder. Silly me; no one guitar could. Then I bought a Martin 000-15M followed not too long afterwards by a 1983 Larrivee L-07. They are both powerhouses in their own way. The Martin sound great and it's deep woody tone is perfect for fingerpicking. The Larrivee rings like a bell and I use it more for strumming. Now, I find that every song I want to play sounds just right on one or the other and my interest in trying out guitars has waned significantly.
  2. I had a Taylor for a while. It was easy to play, looked pretty and sounded nice but something just wasn't there. I wound up trading it in towards a Martin 000-15M and there was that "something" that was missing - projection, warmth and a great bottom end.
  3. Wow! That is really beautiful. I wish I could hear it, or better yet, play it! Beautiful work as always, Freeman.
  4. Eastman's are great sounding guitars. they really project and have a very sweet tone. Congratulations!
  5. OK; Challenge accepted. I have tried brass bridge pins in many guitars over the years. So long as the bridge was not slotted so that the ball end of the string didn't actually hit the bridge pin, I have found that brass bridge pins increased the sustain and made the tone brighter and boosted the treble. Ebony pins made the tone darker. On some guitars over the years, the change was salutary and I kept them on; On others the guitar sounded better with the existing pins. ​​​​​​​Of course, YMMV.
  6. That was great!. As a lover of old Yamahas I am thrilled to see that they can get neck resets. Thanks for posting all that work.
  7. I tried out a couple of the new Red Label FGs today - one had on-board electronics and the other didn't. They both felt like the old FGs and both had nice tone and nice sustain but, frankly, neither one sounded as good as my old all-laminate FG 340 II and I can't see where they are worth $1000.00. I am a big fan of Yamaha and have owned many over the years, but these seem over-priced to me - just saying.
  8. Whoa! Beautiful. Congrats and enjoy.
  9. Nabisco


    Congratulations! Enjoy your new guitar when it arrives. Which finish did you get it in?
  10. FWIW My FG500 was made in 1972 and my FG340-II was made in 1979 and neither neck needs a reset and neither has any bellying.
  11. Beautiful job! Thanks for letting us watch this come to be.
  12. D'Addario Phosphor-Bronze have worked for me. They sound great and are less expensive than Elixirs.
  13. Read what Phil said, then stop searching and start doing what he said to do. That is how I taught myself to play and it worked. Good luck.
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