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  1. This is one of the two guitars I had before I joined HC in 2002. Now I have 13
  2. I LOVE my Charvel. I'm always looking for another one at a good price
  3. Because I know who Dweezil and ZDZ are... And, I just happen to have the DVD right here... Dweezil Zappa in Zappa Does Zappa. I don't have the DVD to look though.
  4. According to this article, it's about 31% as loud as a 50 watt amp. Cool article
  5. Well, ok, your speakers aren't gonna knock the volume down any... Damn I'll go to a couple music stores this weekend to see if I can find any 1 watt amps then I'll plug them into a cab loaded with V30's and see what I get.
  6. put an eq pedal on the floor... zoom zoom! True...
  7. i've played some 45 based hifi amps and some WE 421 based amps that were freakin LOUD with a 99+ db/w pair of speakers... but the killer ant runs off two 12ax7's, IIRC.. sounds pretty badass through a fullstack.. That was pretty cool. I saw the Killer ant but I don't like that it only has a volume knob
  8. I like early breakup so that's ok and the speakers in my 2x12 are WGS Veteran 30's. I could also use my Hiwatt 4x12 which has the original Fanes. I have a Hotplate but I don't like the sound of the Blackheart through it (I don't like the 3 watt mode either lol).
  9. I'm going to be moving into an apartment in a couple of months and I don't think my neighbours would appreciate me blasting my 50 watt head . I have a Blackheart little giant (5watts) and it's still pretty loud when I dime the volume. I've seen a bunch of 1 watt amps available and was wondering how loud they would be through a 2x12 cab? Also, has anybody had any experience with the Zvex Nano Head, the Suprise Sound Rock Block, or the Bumbox Lead 1?
  10. Everybody that has a Charvel, please post PICS dammit!! K I love this thing so much. It was a great buy for $300
  11. I totally regret selling my PGM But I baught my Warmoth with the money I made so I guess it's ok. The PGM was upgraded with Dimarzio Tone Zone, HS2 and Humbucker from Hell pups just like Gilberts guitars.
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