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  1. They released them on CD I bought them on eBay a couple of years ago. for like $5. The new thing will have the EP's all collected. The interesting thing is the Isn't Anything remaster because appprently the mastering company de essed the whole album for some reason haha "whats all this wierd feedback? np we can get rid of it"
  2. So i've heard but have not been able to find them (especially hard since i don't have a record player), its sorta crazy they have never reissued them on cd they were on cd when they came out
  3. i have got the lobster claw effect too so i know what j is talking about. my hand muscles are all bloated and lazy and my arm hangs limply at my side, it's weird
  4. ambient psych noise drone clatter folk
  5. does the guy in raccooo ooo oon play a sg?
  6. How old are you? Seriously. That's a hate word. There are so many other derogatory words you could use that aren't hate words. Be more creative dude. i was using the word he used, to match. and it's not a hate word anymore; it's become divorced from homosexuality and is mostly used to describe a particular kind of disposition and behaviour
  7. search for one of their song or album titles
  8. Metal guitar techniques- false harmonics, tap harmonics, and tapping have all made their way into the alternative rock world and become something more than metal guitar techniques. so have fags
  9. they used to use alot of old studio effects that cost thousands of dollars now
  10. GW: Do you like that? Seeing them squirt? JM: Yeah, I do. KS: Me too! ...
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