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  1. grimes is legit. visions is a great listen.
  2. update: crashed in a race and am out for what looks like the majority of the season. separated shoulder, broken scapula, minor concussion, plenty of road rash, and a broken S-works carbon frame. its been a couple weeks now. been getting in a an hour a day and a couple hours on days off. feels great to be on the bike again. hopefully, i will actually get to race the tail end of the season=) in the mean time.... with injuries keeping me off my training plan... i actually am playing guitar! haha. and enjoying it!
  3. KORG EMX-1 - 265 AVRI jazzmaster-mastery bridge included. will trade. make offer. maybe for a gretsch or gibson style hollowbody
  4. in. really into cycling. it basically became priority number one after most my gear got stolen a while back. i guess im just another roadie in denver.
  5. KORG EMX-1-$270 M-audio firewire solo interface - $75 Nikon D40 - no battery or charger. everything else stok and hardly used. make offer.
  6. box is a bit bent. manual and power supply included. never got the most out of this thing since im basically a caveman. lulz $260
  7. box, cables, software, manuals ETC all included. i have no use for it. steal it from me. $100 obo, no idea what to ask on this one.
  8. havent posted in HCFX in forever! loved the rendtition... i agree with the previous comment 100% love to hear some more of your covers/originals! post em up on Youtube!
  9. oh... like... love....gushing
  10. yay man! have fun! fixed gears are so great! but they have their own place.
  11. aewsomeness. howd you get a picture? aren't they crazy fasst?
  12. robo is from CO? i've been out of HCFX for so long! haha! nice! do it man! get involved! i think its great. just wish i had more time! cycling is so time involved.. like the worst part about 80-90 mile rides.. it it takes so long!
  13. denver. cycling scene is strong. city supports cycling and boulder (30 mintues north) is a huge center for cycling music is lame. most residents enjoy jam bands.
  14. Pretty nice. You race eh? When I was really into my cycling a couple of years ago I was getting upto 80-90 miles every weekend. I must've been very fit. yea.. the clubs around reno have races the rotate every week. there are time trials, road races, and crits. BUT! im moving.. so im excited to try track racing. and... in the winter... cyclocross! 80-90 are great numbers man! just to the point where you know you got the job done without killing yourself! i hear cycling for fitness is pretty tough in the UK. simply cause its hard to get outta the congestion?
  15. exactly! i have friends that went out and bought a nice bike! just two sizes too large or small! when it comes to really bonding with the bike and spending hours on it... you want something that fits your body. bit should fit you.. not you fit the bike ya know?
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