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  1. Morley GL Tripler Like New, never left my studio GFS Greenie Classic Tube Screamer clone with JCR4588 chipset like new Modtone Chorus like new Tom Scholz Power attenuator / power soak - works great! vintage 1980's SKB PSB 3 space rack with pedalboard hard case, REALLY cool setup What am I looking for? Pickups (SD HB's JB, RTM, Custom 78, Custom, Full Shred) Single Coils for a strat project Duncan, dimarzio, lace etc 12ax7 tubes used or new (older, not new manufactured please) 6550 power tubes 6l6's Strat body mij preferably, loaded strat body (dont need a bridge) Let me know what you're interested in Otherwise feel free to make offers!
  2. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours guys..... very much so pulling out of playing. If you're local to the charlotte area, Can pair it with a very nicely kept angled 4x12 marshall 1960 a/c
  3. Nazgul, these amps are very under-rated. I used one of these exact amps on my TV show as the primary tones. I frequently was playing Ratt, Dio, Van Halen without issue and got heavily complimented on my tone. Hope that helps.
  4. bumpage for some cool offers but really could use some cash money
  5. Thanks bro, she's definitely a heavy, tone belching beast who sadly, can't tell the stories because just from mine, she would entertain the next owner for a lifetime with some of the "Here's what had happened..." Conversations
  6. anyone have the transmitter (xdt4) or full setup for a good price? I desperately need one as my transmitter {censored} the bed...... Also could use a reasonable set of in ears, struggling but they're a necessity at this point! Have trade bait and maybe cash depending watcha got!
  7. Here is Michael himself doing a demo of the amplifier before I purchased it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8jAmHvjK-g Okay guys, here's the basics then we will get into some details: 1984 Marshall JCM800 2204 Modified by Lee Jackson Autographed inside the chassis internals when he modified it Amplifier functions flawlessly Since I acquired it, I have made the knobs all the standard marshall design instead of the goofy knobs that were on it. The head looks exactly the same and sounds great. PLEASE understand, this amp does NOT sound like a Splawn, or a Boogie, nor an ENGL Egnater Voodoo etc... getting the hint? It's 1987 in a box, very 80's sounding, can do a great bluesy crunch and can be very stock 800 like if you keep the pre amp low but this amp is the LOUDEST 50 watt Marshall I've ever heard/played in my life and I have no idea why. It really has balls. Please feel free to ask questions, I'm entertaining cash offers inside the US unless you Bring it with your offer overseas (just shipped a jcm800KK over to Brazil and it cost me nearly $350.00) I "MAY" entertain trades for a Splawn Quick Rod / Soldano Hot Rod, something voiced a little differently... not sure. I definitely do not need guitars unless its an absolutely killer Les Paul with the smaller profile neck.
  8. Like the title says. Okay I have a Modified 1987x Plexi up for grabs here Amp is in excellent condition with the exception of one tear in the tolex in the corner where a corner had an issue with the previous owner. The amplifier sounds AMAZING. No trades, just paypal gift option and I'll send it your way. I have 144 Ebay feedbacks (100%) and countless transactions here, at Kramer forum and Marshall forum... Here's a soundclip of this amp:evil: http://davidbrayamps.com/mp3s/arthurjames.mp3
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