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  1. glad it went well and you had a good time. looks like a good turnout as well!
  2. looked like some fun! sounds like some good gel going on there too!
  3. I do need to update my post for the church sound. Its slowly getting there
  4. I'm doing well man! still doing sound for that church. things are getting better sound wise, at least until i get some funding from the church to get the band into in ear monitoring. don't have a crossover yet either, but will do that when the band goes in ears so that will free up an amp to do subs.
  5. Thank you for your input heath! yes I have actually just got done building stands out of 4x4s and 2x6s to get the speakers up 48" from stage level. This past sunday was first time running sound since the change. I noticed that the front few rows are not being blown away with the highs but the vocals were still pretty clear. I still have not gotten the tops and bottoms separated with a crossover yet, as still not having funds to do so, but am working towards it as i can. The sound of the system is very good, and almost weekly I get compliments from the congregation on how well it sounds. Yes 108 is loud, I had just been doing testing to see how loud I could push it. we run more like 98 to 100 with bumps to around 102 for the most intense parts of songs, but not often. I check in here every couple of days, but as I need to get a pic of the stage set up as it currently is with the speakers now on stands(they are affixed to the floor on all 4 posts).
  6. Thanks for that suggestion, I will check it out Wed before practice and will report back what I find out. We did have some sound out of his amp again this week, probably about halfway between what was first noticed and last week where there was very very little.
  7. sorry i hadn't gotten more information on this since my previous reply. It is a carvin amp, the speaker he runs off the amp itself has just a slight buzz/hum, but the DI out is quite loud in the mains. This past Sunday I went back to the previous channel and mic cable as changing channels the week before did not get rid of the sound. I did have just a slight buzz/hum from the bass, but it was pretty quiet. even turning off the gate it was there but not very noticable even if it was quiet between songs. I don't know what would have changed. His gear was plugged in to the same outlet thru the same extension cord for his gear. I am considering an ISO block to try in between the amp di output and the board to get rid of the buzz/hum. But with the lack of issues this past weekend I am unsure what to do. I am going to see what happens this coming sunday and see what happens then.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated. If at some point I get more funding, I will probably leave the speakers in the stage there, and just put the subs on the stage and the mains on top of those. Until then, I will probably make some sort of speaker stands for them for now. IF i can figure out the best way to build them.. I have an idea but want a bit of input on the structure of the stands before I build anything.
  9. I will look into his amp some more, but I cannot say if it is a balanced DI out on his amp head or not. I don't hear the buzz/hum when standing by his gear or whether hes playing or not. I will def look more into his amp and find out if it actually is balanced xlr outs on it. Even so, i may still get an iso box. I thank you both for your thoughts and suggestions, and will try to post an update tomorrow afternoon, and go from there.
  10. hello folks, I am in serious need of help. With some changes in the worship band at the church I run sound for, we have a different bass player than before. I had mic'd the previous bassist amp, as that was what the worship leader at the time wanted and had no issues with buzz or hum. Now when they left, they took all of their equipment with them, so I had to scramble to get the new bassist into the system, and he has a DI out on his bass amp head. I just plug in an xlr from that to the snake to the board. I cannot for the life of me get rid of the buzz/hum at all. Plugged his amp into a different circuit breaker, changed power cord, tried ground lifting his amps power cord, using the ground lift on the amp itself, changed xlr cable, tried a different channel on the snake, and mixer, and nothing makes it better. Now I will say that the sound from the speaker has just a TINY hint of a buzz/hum, but when it is ran thru the mixer it is WAAAY loud. I have run his channel thru a compressor with a gate and turned the gate up to try to hide the buzz/hum, but therein lies another issue. depending on the song being played, he plays softly, and I have to lower the gate to let that thru, but then the buzz/hum is there and its quite loud during a quiet song. What else can I try??? I would like to go back to mic his cabinet, but don't have any microphones to do that with, and no cash to buy one either. Would a DI box work? Do they even make a DI box with xlr input and output? And how much would that run me? Thanks for the help!
  11. Happy new year and belated Merry Christmas to all. I know its been a few weeks since I've posted, and wanted to give an update/ask for suggestions. We had a bit of a mess a few weeks back as someone decided to quit doing worship music, and they took all their gear with them, which included quite a few mics and most all of the mic stands, and we were left with old clunky ones. We have filled some of the void, and I am working to get us back into a good spot again. I have our mains as the community cabinets sitting on edge of stage where they yamahas had been, along with the mtxs where they are in stage yet. I'm still running both in full range, as finances have not been available for a crossover or subs, so thats on hold yet. Now that the system is quite a bit louder, there is some complaints about it being too loud, and back where i'm at FOH land my spl meter hits a max of around 102db (a weighted). I know it was suggested to get the horns higher, and I am looking into how to do that with those monster community cabinets. I am considering building some wooden stands for them, just not sure if i should use 2x4s or 4x4s for the legs. I planned to use 2x4s for around the top. I also planned to used angle brackets (at least 1 per leg) and screw them to the legs and floor, as well as some straight brackets to secure the cabinets to the stands. Does that sound good, or should I use ratchet straps to hold the speakers to the stands. I know it needs to be secure, I want to make sure the weight is supported well and nothing would happen to fall. I feel brackets would be a better bet as i could use 2 or 3 per side and a couple along the back on the speaker to the stand. Thanks for any input you may give.
  12. I forgot to add to that last update post. I def need a crossover, and some actual dedicated subs. I think I will get a behringer super-x pro cx3400 crossover. I just need to figure out what subs to get without breaking the bank as I am buying as I get paid from the church. All of the gear i've gotten for the church I have gotten from ebay and gotten pretty good deals on things. I was thinking of going with 18's for subs, probably 2 18's per side under the community cabinets. Any suggestions on true sub speakers? I am thinking of going passive subs and get another 3402 to run them, just not sure what ones are good without being too expensive that I would need a few months to collect funds to purchase some. Subs seem expensive to buy from ebay as they are so large and heavy. Would buying something new be an alright option? Yamaha's double 18s look to be a good value for double 18s vs over single 18s of their same line. I have never heard or used the behringer speakers so i'm hesitant to get those, unless someone chimes in and says if they are reliable or sound good. I think i would like jbls over yamahas yet i'm not sure if i could afford to do that unless doing there low end subs and still would cost more as it only comes as a single 18, vs the double 18s of the yamahas. Any insight into this is most appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the information. I actually was able to score a 3402 on monday for 400 bucks and no shipping as it was local so picked it up tuesday. Last night I was able to get the community cabinet repaired and swapped out the rmx 1450 for that. Yes the rmx was able to run 2 ohm, but it couldn't keep up very well. Now with running the communities and mtx cabinets together as I had with the yamahas/mtx was night and day difference. It was like i flipped a switch and it sounds LOUD. I have a handheld spl meter and on the rmx amp running the yamaha/mtx I could only get to around 102 db "a" weighted and that was hitting the clip lights when kick drum would hit. When I got everything set up and a good mix running, I went and checked the amp to see how she was handling things, and I wasn't hitting the clip light, so I went to make sure the mix was at 0 unity on the mains out and grabbed my spl meter. I left it run for a good while as the band was finishing a song and getting into a new one, and once they got into the chorus a bit i looked down and seen I had hit 108 db. I knew it SOUNDED good, and could actually feel the bass and some of the kick, but I was floored it was 6db louder than before. I pushed the system slowly until i would occasionally hit the clip and that was roughly 2ish above 0 on the fader, so about +3 on the output. After practice was done, the band was like, what did you do? It sounded amazing. Their stage amps and monitors was loud enough on stage they couldn't hear anything from FOH speakers, but last night they could definitely hear a difference.
  14. Thanks for the reply. And yes trying to KISS as possible while having the best sound I can get as well. I am currently the only person running sound, and want to get as much of the stuff set up and dialed in as I can before having someone else start working with it who may not have any clue about whats going on. The more I get set up and dialed in, the less someone else may need to mess around with outside of setting up gain and mixing on the board. I think for now, I will just get a crossover, and a 3002 for the community cabinets now that i have funds for an amp and possibly crossover. Once I get that situated, i may try selling the 1450 and get another 3002 for the mtx to use as subs. In the future sometime I would like to get some actual dedicated subs. Looking at possibly using a pair of single 18s per side or a single 2x18s per side. Those will probably be the hardest part to find without paying a boatload for shipping or a boatload for new, as well as to get ones that will sound good. another thing i'm working on is to get some more compression channels for the drums, bass vocals, etc. i'm currently using a behringer multicom pro which is a 4 channel compressor. It works, I just would like a couple good compressors for vocals, and some decent ones for drums bass etc. I am thinking of the presonus acp 88 for drums etc, but cannot decide what would be good for vocals. Need 4 channels for vocals. The presonus acp88 was a great compressor when I used it long ago. What helps me out is that we have the same group of people in the worship band from week to week, so i can mostly set things and forget it. I appreciate all the time you have been helping me with this as well. I will try to remember to get pics of my FOH set up, plus the amp rack, and mess of a stage we've got right now. The stage will get cleaned up once I am able to get the amp and crossover, and take a saturday to work on setting things up and cleaning up the stage. Gonna tape down all the cables and cords and power to keep it organized).
  15. As an update. I had time to to a test with a wire, and wow, it worked. It sounds just like the other speaker, so I went ahead and got 4 bulbs on order and will swap out the bulbs in both crossovers so that I won't worry about the other ones bulbs going out on me. From what i can figure out amp wise, I am looking to try to score a used plx 3402 or 3602 for the community cabinets, as well as a decent crossover. Use for now the qsc rmx 1450 for the mtxs as subs. Does that sound alright? Or should I be looking into picking up a plx 3002 for the mtx speakers? Yeah i know I've got a qsc amp fixation, I had used them back long ago when running sound and they were very good amps and sounded good to me as well. Behringer super pro xl 3400 a good crossover? I like the built in limiters, phase inversion. I believe from what I can read up on them they also have a bit of time delay on them as well. Cant tell if its for the subs or highs though. Been a while since I've dealt with having to set and dial in crossovers.
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