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  1. Is this a US made version or Vietnam made version?
  2. Kim's tits still look amazing despite how bad her face looks. Megan Fox looks good regardless of the photographer trying to make her look like white trash.
  3. Maybe you can try parting it out? I just don't think the pickup configuration is very desirable for most people (not trying to be a dick).
  4. Don't forget about the DigiDelay. I just bought one in brand new condition and ac adapter for $55 shipped to my door. The DigiDelays are great pedals with a lot of flexibility. I just saw one in a thread here for $50 shipped.
  5. Hey I had trouble following which pedals you sold and which ones you added. Could recap which overdrives are left?
  6. Man I'm not picky I would take either. Side note: Kevin Rudolf plays a Classic with the green inlays.
  7. One more question. How long are the leads on the PAF Pro and Air Zone?
  8. Are the Cruisers for Strat or Tele guitars? I can't really tell. Since they are still in the box I'm going to assume they have not been installed yet and have full lead wires?
  9. Love this video. One of my favorite covers. [video=youtube;zfnBUvWEF-M] In love with her lol. [video=youtube;Qt-mcuEbNhA] Other love of my life haha [video=youtube;1IZR0VpLCeE]
  10. That's awesome. I love pink guitars! I really want one of the 80's pink floral Strats.
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