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  1. Been playing about 37 years. I own or have owned at some point about every model of mando Gibson's made, along with Rigel, D'Angelico, Kettler. Some tasty pieces. I dig arch top guitars, and have a nice R-18. Have an Arnold flat top and an old Mossman. I bought it mostly for the inlay. I am surprised it sounds and plays as well as it does. I'd probably get another one, as it really is an eyeful. As this one is older than the ones in the other reviews, it definately came from the Taiwan factory. He has another factory in Saigon (Oops- Ho Chi Minh City), and I can't speak for or against any differance in quality. I was impressed with the mandolin from the start, as I was just expecting eye-candy. Much better instrument than I anticipated, and well worth the price.
  2. I have been playing semi-pro since '73. I currently play about 60 gigs or more a year. I own more gear than a hundred monkeys could wreck in a thousand years. Gibson mandos from 1914 up to the Monroe model. Nick Lucas guitar, Epis Teles Gretschs, Ricks, oodles of boodle. I know my guitars. I love my guitars. I bought this to see how any one could sell a solid top F style mando for an E-Bay "buy it now" price of$89. Also to use as an experimental platform for pick-ups. Mine was used, still cheap, and customized. It has been perfect for that. Were it stolen, I would give someone a bob-war enema. I don't think I could find another mando this good this cheap. I love that it is 100% solid, sounds great, and cost almost nothing. I hate nothing about it. My favorite feature is the "What the heck???" you see on Bluegrass Nazis faces when an obvious POS shuts them down. I compared it to nothing else. Only curious as to how a solid topped mando could be made so cheap. All I wish it had was a built in camera to take pics of the jerks that assume it is a POS, and then hear how good it is. This is a crude rude instrument, but it has the stuff, and really delivers.
  3. I thought this guitar was stunning to behold and a pleasure to play, and well worth the price. I didn't plan on buying a guitar that day, but it blew me away. I own several guitars. From a Harmony Sovreign to a John Arnold dreadnaught, although I am mostly a mandolin player. I know I could have probably haggled the price down considerably, but considering the quality of the materials and workmanship, the price was fair. If it got gone I'd get another one if I could find one this nice sounding and this pretty. I am irked about the intonation though. Otherwise it would be an 11.
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