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  1. My opinion is...oh wait: Who gives a {censored}?
  2. I'm an athiest but I will be praying anyway just in case. Massive mojo to you and your boy.
  3. If you can't find a better place to play, go to the music department of your school, make friends with a professor or clerk, and use one of the practice rooms when its not occupied to make a lot of noise. As a student at the school, you should feel entitled to use those soundproofed rooms as a resource. Plan B, which is what I'd do, is buy a jamhub. (I've never tried one but I'm gassing for one.)
  4. I've weighed in on Radiohead in the past, but here's a summary: I loved "OK Computer" (it was the first I'd heard of them besides their crap song Creep) Someone gave me "The Bends" and I loved it even more. Still do. I liked Amnesiac...until I realized it was a whiny-kids aria. I began to lose my sanity listening to Kid-A, mainly because it was so full of itself. I'm hoping that a deranged fanboy will stab me before I have to hear "In Rainbows." In short: Radiohead was a bright star that faded for me.
  5. I've said this before, and been flamed horribly for it, but here I am again putting out the straight troof: A Fender strat is a strat is a strat. Pick the one with the specs you like. Get it adjusted to your specifications. Don't look back. You'll be happy.
  6. The great thing about CL is it is a true, old-school Bazaar, straight out of the Middle East. Buyers are under no obligation to be polite or follow the strictures of the seller when they make an offer, sellers are under no obligation to humor a buyer who returns with a stupid bid. Its a free-for-all wherein, if a consensus can be found, a transaction will occur. Its a new culture for Americans. All the bellyachin' (which I do myself) is just that.
  7. Why is it that the telecaster gains votes in the wee hours of the night, and the stratocaster gets votes during people's lunch breaks from the office? Because Teles are experiencing a kind of Renaissance at the moment and people on the West Coast of the USA are hipper to it?
  8. Hipsters are too "holier than thou". That annoys me. Whenever people accuse me of being a hipster, I promptly make doodie in my drawers. No matter what locality or epoch one happens to be in, pooping one's pants is never hip.
  9. I got a Galveston 5 string bass as a sweetener in a bigger swap. I'm going to defy the critics here by saying that it was a decent player. Granted, the pickups were as noisy as a Chinook Skycrane stuck in a tinfoil hat, but I had fun with the thing for awhile. As for build quality and long term value, who cares? If you get one, upgrade the pups, play the crap out of it until it breaks, and (for the price of buying one decent guitar) you can buy half a dozen more.
  10. I hear what the OP is saying. The structure of Old Timey blues is simplistic. There is no denying that. The chord structures are predictable and the melodies mirror those of basic hymns, from which they undoubtedly derived. What gives it its flair is the texture & charisma added by the various players, who brought it out of its early simpler incarnation into its myriad modern forms. I'm a big fan of some blues rock (Knopfler, Hendrix, Cale, others) but I don't like others. For example: as much as I revere Stevie Ray Vaughan for his magnificent abilities, I don't actually like the sound of his music. *shrug* No harm, no foul.
  11. I paid $125 for a 5 string Galveston bass. It was a kickass bass that had horribly loud pickups. No big deal. It was probably made by Chinese prison labor, but it rocked. If they were once made in the US, cool. I doubt any US made Galveston would ever be worth money, though. Just enjoy the ride, wherever it was made.
  12. I agree with several posters here: the smaller radius boards are easier for chords, and I really like the feel. I bought a 7.5 inch strat neck awhile back and truly loved it (it was vintage yellow, which I also love). However, I realized very quickly that it had a fatal flaw for me: I couldn't bend the strings as far as I was used to (they would "fret out" or whatever). I sold the guitar, but not without remorse.
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