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  1. I own 2 guitars and they're both Les Pauls; this Classic and a Studio model. Well by giving it a "10", it would be "fantastic value." This guitar, at 2 grand is NOT fantastic value. The bottom line though is that this is professional level Les Paul and I love it to death. The sound on it is killer and I can't imagine playing another kind of guitar anymore. I love the effortless playability, the killer sound and the fact that people drool over it :-) Even though there were some issues when this guitar was 1st purchased, I absolutely love it and don't foresee myself getting rid of it.
  2. I'm not going to lie, I'm probably very biased. I play guitar guitar because of Slash and have wanted a "real" Paul ever since I started playing 10 years ago. I'll be honest, the Epiphones I've owned have been great guitars and I really don't know if Gibson Les Pauls are THAT much better, but there is just something intangible about this thing. The guitar players and the chicks both swoon over it :-) It just plays like and sounds like a dream. I don't foresee myself ever getting rid of this thing.
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