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Rig and Family pics....

Marc G

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I finally have put together a rig I feel can pretty much do anything I want... once I get a M9 I'll be golden.... ok.. too much words and not enough pics


First up my main axe...SG Classic



When I need some spank in my tone I go for this guy...G&L Legacy



when it's time for the mellow side of things I reach for this little lady.. Alvarez PD410C



My board with a healthy dose of dirt....



and they all go this bad boy...



now some family shots for good measure..




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Sweet setup.

How are the cleans on that Renegade?

The cleans are great IMO... you can get all kinds of clean tones, really wide range to play with between the EQ, bright & deep switches and the tube mix (which really does make a difference in the tone and feel). What was a pleasent surprise too was the reverb, its digital but it sounds pretty good... good enough for me to kick my Verbzilla off my board!

I'm still learning the amp but so far not one ounce of buyers remorse

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