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Anyone Using a Timefactor?


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I got a Timefactor last week, plugged it in and decided to sell it or return it.


I decided to give it another shot last night and actually read the manual. Now that I have I am ditching the delay I have had since probably 1990 (Ibanez AD-9) and will probably never use my Echoplex again either.


I am not really one for the modeling stuff, but since this was from Eventide I gave it a try.


The vintage delay is spot on to my Ibanez. I can put them side by side and not really tell which is the other. You can make it fatter/dirtier if you want.


The Tape Echo is great. You can control the tape speed and even the amount of wow and flutter. So it can sound like a nice echoplex or one with an old tape.


I am running mainly through a 60s Marshall JTM-50 combo amp and an old 50s Fender Deluxe. Neither have reverb and there is a reverb type delay that lets you add some of that.


All in all, it's a little pricey ($340) but it does a lot, lets you switch between two presets on the fly, choose bypass type (buffer, true, etc...).


There are stereo ins and outs and also a Line/Amp switch, so you can use this in your recording rig as well.


When you figure in all it does it's a deal!


You can also control any knob voa expression pedal and do midi in to sync your tempos.


Lastly, I should say it's easy to get a good sound out of, but you do need to use the manual at first. After you get the basic idea of how it works it's easy.


If you're looking for a delay check it out.

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