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My fourth and final Love Rock video


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okay, okay...sorry, sorry! lol. i guess i'm used to the songwriter's forum where if you only have 3 posts in total, you don't tell people to go and listen to your music that's going to be on your next CD; you spend a little more time IN the forum first. Obviously, etiquette is different here.

sorry if
offended anyone. (though i'd
suggest not doing that in a songwriting-based forum...fair enough?


now, i'm off to smoke some more quaaludes. (CAN you smoke them?)


I dont think you can even GET them anymore, but I guess you could try to smoke them if you could get them.:lol:

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YeaH? The Spam comment? Dude must be smokin quayludes.

I think the REAL critique would be, we would love to hear more from you if this is the kind of stuff you are going to post, and dont be a stranger to just jump in interacting with us on the forum. You could probably share some good wisdom with everyone. Sometimes people are leary of new people to the forum. I like to give someone the benefit of the doubt. You came out of the gate swinging, in a GOOD way. Always room for more of that here. As much as you want to share with us.

Dude needs to look up the defenition of spam and troll.

Dont sweat it. It doesnt seem like you are sweating it.

Loved that youtube clip.

Give us moar!!!!




i think he has been spending his spare time being good and not wasting time talking abouts guitars like i do. My playing sucks, but my breeze shooting is superb.

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