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I had a shot at a 57 ES175 Dot d yesterday


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I went to a estate sale yesterday ...For what was advertised as a gun and watch collector..But there was also 4 very nice guitars there and a couple fiddles..


The guitars were a very nice Hohner National ,Alvarez 5059,Alvarez Banjo and the prize a Gibson 1957 ES 175 Dot D, A series orange label serial number A26835..In what i would consider a heavy 9 out of 10 condition..I mean this guitar was in as close to mint condition as you could get..


Now just to clarify this my pockets are not deep enough for this type of guitar but the guy i was with has very deep pockets and was willing to loan me the money on the guitar to a point of $4,000 plus the $800 i had on me..Which i really could not afford to spend but what the hell it was a chance in a life time..


The bidding started slow but then gained movement pretty quickly..


Next thing i know it stalls at $4700 on my bid the caller started the final call..Man i mean my heart was hammering ..Going once going twice..Hammer raised bam bidding took off again ..I was heart broke i only had $4800 to spend..


The guitar sold to a man from Louisiana for $7500 (this was in rural Missouri) so i really wasn't that close but for those few moments it was a rush ...


I did end up getting a few very nice harps ..But that was about it at the end of the day.. It was still a heck of a good time..It was also a memory just to have the chance to handle a play that 57 for the few minutes that i had with it ..It will be a life memory...

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well, the "A" is the key on these, and the type and color of label it was printed on, as well as the location of the label.

according to gibson's 6th edition serialization guide.

the last such gibson made in 1957 was s.n. A26820
the last such gibson made in 1958 was s.n. A28880
the last such gibson made in 1959 was s.n. A32285

which actually puts it 1958, by just a month or so.

mine is s.n. 290XX, which according to their guide makes mine a 59'.

(i also recently had this confirmed by gibson as well. a fella named "oscar")


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